It’s a reality show with a difference. On a visit to Chhatbir zoo the last thing you expect to see is a man atop a tree whistling away to glory, a wildlife guard making loud, strange noises and another one busy beating a drum.

No, it’s not even an effort to recreate a tiger hunting scene from yesteryears. In fact, what greets visitors at the zoo is wildlife authorities pulling off every trick in the animal management book to lure a 11-month-old white tiger to go back to its enclosure.

The tiger is one of the two such cats brought from Delhi zoo some days back and released from captivity on Saturday morning, and has since then been playing hide and seek with zoo keepers.

Probably, it’s trying to convey something — the weather, the living place, or maybe just a day or two of solitude.

Whatever be, zoo officials, after losing a few from the tribe recently, are now too fond of the cat to leave it alone.

On Monday, they tried to push the female tigress near the wire mesh and grills of the locked enclosure, hoping that it may at least respond to feminine sweet-talking.

Field director Dharmender Kumar and zoo warden Neeraj Gupta seemed the most worried of all, finding it difficult to chose from options being suggested by all except those inside cages.

Recent criticism for showing negligent in handling the felines in captivity too proved a hindrance as officials dared not touch any tranquilliser or any other medical aid, fearing the worst.

The official reason, however, remained: “It is only a child enjoying all those mood swings.”