By Sue Paz

The Whittle family from Bournemouth emigrated from Dorset to India in 1997, to set up a tiger sanctuary.
Geoff Whittle, his wife Cherrie, and sons, Olly and Jamie, had fallen on hard times.
During the recession, their business was experiencing a “trough”, and their property was in negative equity.
They decided to reassess their lives and opted for an adventure that suited their “love of the outdoors”, and enabled them to “give something back”.
Geoff said: “Jamie was nine and Olly was 11 at the time.
“Jamie was quite happy to stay with me and Cherrie and do what we thought was best – not that we really knew what that was – but, Olly was miffed by whole idea.
“He had just got a paper round and was thinking about girlfriends. His initial reaction was ‘what have I done wrong?’

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