Tiger breeders in the southern province of Binh Duong in Vietnam have said they are willing to hand over 41 tigers to the authorities.

“I’m willing to hand over my tigers to the government. However, I wonder how they will be after I give them to the authorities. Will the authorities take good care of them as I do? We have the best conditions here for their development and reproduction,” says Ngo Duy Tan, the owner of 23 tigers.

Tan, who is director of Pacific Beverage Company, says if he is allowed, he will take care of his tigers under the supervision of authorities to keep them healthy in Di An District.

Another provincial tiger breeder, Huynh Phi Ngoc, who has raised seven tigers, is also ready to give up his tigers to the authorities.

The provincial head of the forest watch department Doan Van Trang says the department will immediately collect these illegally-bred tigers as soon as they receive an official letter from the Government.

The total number of illegally-bred tigers in Binh Duong Province is now 41 and they have been raised by four individuals and companies, according to Trang. These individuals and companies have bought and kept the tigers illegally.