Happy news about animals


by Jacqui Goddard He has not been given a name, just a green tag that denotes him as Number One. Though he resides alone for now, there are thousands more green tags ready and waiting for those who will surely come to join him. Bewildered, hungry and still a little sticky, the first bird plucked […]

by Philip Hoare There are plenty of stories of cetaceans saving humans. Indeed, Jonah was rescued by a whale when he was thrown overboard, and there have been tales of dolphins assisting swimmers in distress or shielding them from circling sharks. Killer whales, however — themselves a species of dolphin — didn’t get their name […]

Credit: ld photography 12 How many are left? Will our children and grandchildren see these jewels of the see in zoos only? Let’s protect them and pass the word! The good news is: WE STILL HAVE TIME TO SAVE THE SPECIE!

THE SUN By STAFF REPORTER Published: 30 Jul 2009 A beluga whale saved a drowning diver by hoisting her to the surface, carrying her leg in its mouth. Terrified Yang Yun thought she was going to die when her legs were paralysed by crippling cramps in arctic temperatures. Full extraordinary story and pictures here




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