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Credit: bel_b Did you spot the bunny…slippers? LOLOL This is too cute:)

Credit: catlu1 Too cute for words;)


Credit: Muggins’ Lover Merry Christmas from all of them to all of us:)

Credit: AleFletcher www.redbubble.com/people/AleFletcher WISHES US ALL HOPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

In japan, They had the most adorable idea: they opened a café where you can come in, sit and pet a bunny! Nice zootherapy:) See the place here

Credit: llulu HOPPY HOLIDAYS?:)

BY ANNIE VAZQUEZ Adoption: Spread some howli-day cheer this year by adopting a new BFF. Miami-Dade Animal Services has rows and rows of purebred and mixed breed puppies and adult dogs that would make a long lasting gift for years. The fee for a puppy is $75 and for a dog is $65 Full article […]

Credit: mbkepp Cid does not approve one bit being dressed-up:)

Congratulations to Sweet Binks of Rhode Island for adopting out its 1000th rabbit today. The lucky bunny is called Maggie. For more info: http://www.myhouserabbit.com/blog/2009/11/05/sweet-binks-adopts-out-1000th-bunny/ Also see Sweet Binks Rabbit Rescue.

Noisette et Océanne- November 2009 Originally uploaded by dora_marie Noisette et Océanne- November 2009

Credit: llulu Close-up from a lovely pet rabbit:) Beautiful picture! Love how we see the texture of the fur!

Credit: llulu

Credit: Saraide That bunny knows how to get rid of the bacterias:)

credit: aloradesigns’s

Credit: meredith910 *faint* This is too much cuteness in one photo:)

Credit: Izzi :) Fluffy and cuddly, cute as an angel! That bunny is an overload of cuteness!

Credit: BunnyStudios I am Royalty!

Credit: bunnyhop Who said animals can’t help around the house!

Credit: boltandfrolic Blackberry is ready fur sure!

Credit: epicnom Adorable wild little bunny!

Credit: j è n n i f e r. He can climb anything! This bunny has rabbitude and derterbunation!

Credit: Doin’ Work! give us our daily carrots, Amen

Credit: Doin’ Work! You are a cute overload of fluffy bun :)

Credit: unaerica The cutest bunny girl in town:)

On dec. 2008, the TELEGRAPH, UK posted this picture This is Vincent the Dutch rabbit, who was born with no ears. Owner John Haigh, 16, from Selby, North Yorkshire, was shocked to find that his pet rabbit had given birth to an earless bunny. I am very happy that his missing ears were not the […]

Credit: dora_marie Is Mimi whispering a secret in his bunny friend’s adorable ear? One thing is sure: they do love to groom each other and nap in the same place…really close together!

Credit: water cress Dodo is one charming bunny:) I am sure we all agree:)

By Kimberly White Daily News NAVARRE – Rows of large wire cages are stacked atop each other in the garage, a large fan cooling the more than four dozen floppy-eared tenants that call it home. As Ann Wetzstein passes by their cages, many rear up on their hind legs and place their front paws against […]

Credit: Saraide What bunny wants, bunny gets!

Credit: Nerida Jones All you need is love! And that is the sort of combo I love: look at them cuties!




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