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A HEDGEHOG who had this very new surgery consisting in rebuilding its face has recovered completely and has been sent back home to her babies. The operation was carried out by Dr Jonathan Hadley. The surgery is thought to be the first one done in such a local place. The hedgehog had its surgery at […]

Credit: law_keven This *kitty* seems to wonder who is that beautiful feline there on the other side!

A nice slideshow of dogs and puppies.

These animals show the world how it can be done. Yes, we can,; if they can, we can!

MUMBAI: A thief who agilely climbed the walls of a six-storied building to steal from a flat on the 5th floor lost his balance when a dog barked at him. The thief who fell from a height of about 50 feet is now trying to make sure he didn’t steal his own life away at […]

If they could talk….

Credit: jpockele The Temptress Maximus rabbit is fully equipped to extract edible gifts from its humans by slightly titling its super cute fluffy adorable head… <sigh … gets out treats>

Step BACK from that keyboard, back! Drool can seriously damage your keyboard, kthxbai!

Credit: yasmapaz & ace_heart Seems like an appropriate title, “Melting With Puppy”, as this 16 day (!) old Maltese puppy is sssooooo adorable!

Credit: MarinaAvila Lua the baby hamster is just too cute in this pic, looking like she either realized something really really bad or is ashamed

#4 is my favorite! …. and #6… oh and #10 ! and…. oh well…

Credit: Toronja Azul [gasp!] have. to. post. …. falling. over. cuteness. too. much! [boink!]

Credit: gamenerd Autumn has arrived so what better than to dip back into Spring with a photo of the cutest, softest, cuddley-bundley-iest ducklings?

13 gems of wisdom. Great to share with your friends.

Ouch! Too. Cute. Raw footage from Canadian wildlife cuteness.

Credit: foshie Hey, if the stores can put out the Christmas stuff, we can post snow pictures, right? Right! Fluffy pictured in this photo hung out a few hours (!) in the snow like this when his owners brought him back in to dry by the fire.

Credit: Brendan Adkins Yeah …. Rrright….

17 slides of animals in love.

Credit: greefus groinks OK, true, all baby animals are cute but when they’re so small you can hold them in the palm of your hand ……

Wonderfully recognizable series of slides on life with pets. The way a dog can be your best friend and a cat your most honest one. The crazy destruction both of them can cause and the “oooowwww!” smile-moments of utter cuteness they give us. *sigh* … OK, I’m a sucker for this stuff…

Credit: iheartsharts These two are SO cute together, I’m seeing all woozy… Or is that photo just a bit blurry? :)

A compilation of the cutest, sweetest, funniest and sleepiest cat videos out there, set to the music of Bjorks, “It’s Oh So Quiet”

Credit: peterastn Welsh rabbit sitting in the grass

Jane Fryer said her kitten Skittles sometimes too closely follows the example of the members at the fraternity where he lives with Fryer’s boyfriend. “[Skittles] will run around the room at full speed and try to climb up everything. He has no fear, just like the frat boys,” Fryer (sophomore-hotel, restaurant and institutional management) said. […]

Researchers are discovering unprecedented details about the lives of Southern Elephant Seals. The work is being done by a group of international scientists, including some from the CSIRO and the University of Tasmania. The researchers attached sensors on 85 elephant seals in early 2003. Mark Hindell from the University of Tasmania says the data has […]

Five people made it out of a burning building in Cincinnati early this morning, thanks to some quick thinking teens. The fire started around 3:00 a.m. in a building at 501 Poplar Street , near Foote Avenue in Bellevue. Two teenage boys were driving by, saw smoke and flames and woke up everyone inside the […]

Brad and Reenie Miller weren’t looking to rescue a horse when they purchased General Longstreet in Schuylkill in 1996. “We were looking for a horse as a pet,” Brad Miller said. It turns out, however, that they were saving him from an owner who didn’t give him proper care. “Something didn’t seem right,” Miller said […]

A photograph of an animal taken on Dartmoor (UK) is “almost certainly” not a big cat, according to a local expert. The picture was taken by falconer Martin Whitley, who stumbled across the creature by accident near Hound Tor. The area inspired Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles, but Mr Whitley said there […]

A startling discovery of two massive prehistoric tusks – possibly the largest ever found in the world – could prove to be a “gold mine” for scientists seeking clues into Europe’s past, say Greek and Dutch researchers excavating the site in northern Greece. The petrified remains of a mastodon – an elephant-like creature – with […]

A study conducted by University of Leeds researchers suggests that proteins that cause mad cow disease may be exploited to protect against Alzheimer’s. In laboratory tests, the researchers observed that high levels of the prions in the brain prevented the accumulation of beta amyloid, the building blocks of Alzheimer’s ‘plaques’. Study leader Professor Nigel Hooper […]

When Dave Gordon’s dog started barking at 3 p.m. last Friday Gordon thought it was the usual bunny hopping across his lawn. But when his 15-year-old son, Rion looked out of the window of his home on East Shawnigan Lake Rd., he saw something not so warm and fuzzy. A healthy-looking six-foot long cougar was […]

THEY are known for their daredevil antics at the top of trees. But when Winky the baby squirrel became separated from his mum, he was in for a tumble that would test the toughest of characters. Four-week-old Winky plunged 60ft on to concrete from the top of a towering sycamore tree outside Didsbury Village Barbers. […]

A woman who helped rescue an injured cat on the roadside got a surprise when a veterinarian told her it was a wild and potentially dangerous bobcat. Liza Eldred, her teenage daughter and the girl’s friend found the female bobcat Saturday on U.S. 98 in south Baldwin County, wrapped it in a sweatshirt and drove […]

The 3,500-mile partition is twice as long as the Great Wall of China but cannot stop dromedaries in search of a mate. One of the world’s biggest man-made structures, Australia’s Dog Fence, is under threat from amorous wild camels barging into it in search of partners. The 3,500 mile-long fence, stretching into Queens land from […]

Canadians are crazy in love with their pets. According to an Ipsos Reid survey, Canadians would choose their pets over a partner. One third of cat and dog owners said they would not marry, or even live with someone who disliked pets. According to the poll, a quarter of cat owners say they would keep […]

The Maui Ocean Center invites ocean enthusiasts to check out the newest addition to its tanks, a 6-foot tiger shark named Ikaika, whose home is the Open Ocean exhibit, a 750,000 gallon tank featuring a 54-foot acrylic tunnel that allows guests to stand nose to nose with a shark or watching them swim above. “Ikaika” […]

The largest of the world’s “big cats”, the Amur tiger, has bounced back from the brink of extinction after the charity WWF disclosed that it had reached its highest population for more than a century. The Amur is a magnificent beast, its glossy gold and black coat gleaming as it pads its way on huge […]

Freddie Flintstone and his friends in Bedrock won’t be the only persons to see a woolly mammoth alive, if researchers have their way. Palaeontologists are piecing together the complete genome species of long-dead species such as the woolly mammoth and the Neanderthals in an effort to bring them back to life, much like billionaire John […]

Mike and Linda Stabler of Waterloo are two creative people who recognized a need shared with many other horse owners and met it with technical innovation in a market that underwent little change for generations. There are 203,000 horses in Indiana, according to a recent study commissioned by the American Horse Council Foundation, with an […]

There was strange discovery in east Lubbock late Monday morning, when Lubbock Animal Control received a call that a leopard or cheetah was perched in a tree on East Brown Street. The call came from the 1800 Block of E. Brown Street. When animal control arrived on scene, they found the large cat sitting in […]

Janice Burleson is tending a quartet of orphaned baby rabbits, including one with a spinal cord injury. The Oteen animal rehabilitator said this is the time of year of the wildlife baby boom. And with every boom comes either orphans or babies people assume are motherless. “First it was baby squirrels. Right now it’s baby […]

A deer which survived nine weeks with a metal bird feeder trapped in her mouth has had the object removed. The wild deer, which has been named Mary, had still been managing to feed every night in Peter Sluggett’s garden in Plymouth. RSPCA officers managed to catch the deer on Wednesday night and were able […]

THINK your pet is younger than you? Multiply its age by seven and there might be a surprise new head of your household. Veterinarians nationwide have put the spotlight on senior pets this month, as animal-owners often don’t realise just how old their pets really are. A seven-year-old pet is the equivalent of a 50-year-old […]

A woman who helped rescue an injured cat on the roadside got a surprise when a veterinarian told her it was a wild and potentially dangerous bobcat. Liza Eldred, her teenage daughter and the girl’s friend found the female bobcat Saturday on U.S. 98 in south Baldwin County, wrapped it in a sweatshirt and drove […]

A 75-year-old woman who felt threatened by a wild cat rented a trap for $55 and caught the animal. But what’s in the cage? A rogue feline or a cat who just needs affection? A Cedar City animal-control officer compared it to Morris, the cat who appeared in TV commercials for pet food. “There’s nothing […]

Arthur Du Mosch has averted a cat-astrophe. The 49-year-old nature guide was fast asleep Monday, his family and pet cat dozing beside him, when a larger feline hopped in his bed for a latenight visit – a wild leopard, to be exact. Du Mosch, 49, a nature guide, didn’t flinch. Clad only in underwear and […]

Deep in the heart of the Florida Keys, wildlife officials are laying bait laced with poison to try to wipe out a colony of enormous African rats that could threaten crops and other animals. U.S. federal and state officials are beginning the final phase of a two-year project to eradicate the Gambian pouched rats, which […]

A mosquito count scheduled for later this month will decide the schedule for any spraying required to control the pest. Although a tentative schedule has been scheduled for possible mosquito spraying throughout the community, it will not go into effect unless the count done by the county’s mosquito control department warrants it, said Kristi Connell, […]

Lying on a padded, sheet-covered table, Abby closes her eyes, relaxes — and begins wagging her tail. The yellow Lab is getting a massage. Her owner, Patricia Whalen-Shaw, kneads Abby’s muscles, then glides her hands in a smooth, stroking motion over the area she’s worked. Pet massage classes are filling up with pet owners, groomers, […]




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