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CBC NEWS An unusual passenger caught an early morning ferry ride to Vancouver Island Friday morning, heading for a beach on the southwest coast Vancouver Island. The passenger was Cow, a 182-kilogram northern elephant seal, who picked up her nickname while recovering at the Marine Mammal Rescue Centre in Vancouver. Cow was heading to the […]

By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 6:25 PM on 14th May 2009 Odd couples come in all shapes and sizes but the story of the primate and the canine who are best friends has proved to be a match made in showbiz heaven. Suryia the orang-utan and Roscoe a Blue Tick hound became friends […]

Credit: -[ Harry Marmot. Be inspired ]- If these cows could talk they would probably say to let them out in the field and enjoy all the freedom they can get for as many days as they can!

Credit: richard.heeks And oh! So tiny cute ones too!

Celebs like Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton and Rihanna have set a trend for fluffy fliers, appearing for boarding carrying the latest designer travel bag complemented by its very own designer doggie. Given the global inclination towards all things celeb related, pet lovers everywhere are following in their flighty footsteps. And why not – if the […]

Credit: digitalART2 All animals, big and small, all so amazingly perfect!

Credit: reggaedori An aDORAble kitty:)

Credit: ViaMoi Fly, fly, little wings!

Credit: Diogo Gasparetto Picture taken by an extremely talented photographer: Diogo Gasparetto

Credit: richard ling Life is amazing in the ocean as well!

Credits to icanhascheeseburger

Credit: dora_marie Too true, indeed. I love that quote!

Yes, today and tomorrow, it will be all about bunnies. Why? Because they are since ages part of the Easter traditions. Having a rabbit myself, I can tell you that they are the best *cats* ever:) Litter trained, they can go anywhere …as long as your wires are safely tucked away..lol Noisette, my bunny, especially […]

… when so called miracle instruments/objects/products as-seen-on-tv are presented to me. I am the sort of person, like many of you I am sure, who thinks right away: “yeah, right, like this is *the* miraculous next thing that will work”. I’ve been looking online at a lot of advertisements and pub and even read through […]

Credit: Don3rdSE Spring has sprung for sure when you see them little critters out in the sun:) Black-tailed prairie dog emerging from his burrow. Cold spring day. Nice warm sun. Taken March 27, 2009 at the Blank Park Zoo, Des Moines, IA. Trying out my new telephoto lense. Uploaded by Don3rdSE on 28 Mar 09, […]

Credit: reggaedori Nothing like a sleeping puppy to have the awwwwwww effect on us:)

RARE tiger cubs at Paignton Zoo are to have their own dedicated in-house TV channel. A hi-tech camera system is to be installed in the paddock in time for Easter, when it is hoped the Sumatran cubs start going outdoors. The zoo says visitors should be able to watch the cubs with mum Banda even […]

Credit: Sarah-Vie This squirrel seems to think that a staring contest can make us back up… maybe: his teeth are sharper than mine:)


Michael Pavletic has removed a butcher knife from a dog’s stomach and tumors from tiny mice. He’s performed plastic surgery on injured hawks. But he draws the line at giving canines body piercings or fat cats liposuction. “That’s just not what I do,” said the longtime head of surgery at Boston’s Angell Animal Medical Center. […]

Australian firefighter David Tree shares water with a koala whose paws were scorched as a result of wildfires in Mirboo North, southeast of Melbourne. Read this wonderful article here: Koala rescue story

Credit: katinha_n Aren’t they just adorable? And to think they are ferocious predators!

Please let me know if you know who wrote this beautiful poem! Rabbit Rescue Poem Author, Unknown I used to be a lonely rabbit, Just looking for a home. I simply had no place to go, No one to call my own. I wandered through the streets and fields, in rain in heat and snow. […]

Credit: Riude Isn’t this the prettiest little hedgehog picture you have ever seen!

Credit: deemacdee No, it is not a dance but Rosemary jumping over Rufus. You would be surprised how many dogs, cats and bunnies get along so well!

E-mail me the link to YOUR OWN video or slide show, YOUR OWN pictures. Maybe you will see your fur friends here one day! Again, I insist that the stuff has to be YOURS. State this when writing me the e-mail. Thank you! Mrs Administration

Credit: dora_marie These mice sure seem to have a great life ! And the digital scrapbook page is beautiful, what do you think of it?

Thousands of animals will be pampered by their owners this Christmas and any pet owner will tell you, this is absolutely normal: after all, the animals are part of their family! Now think of all the good that is done during this season: people give to shelters, help as volunteers and are acting instead of […]

The Tame Silver Fox is the result of close toy 50 years of experiments in the Soviet Union and Russia to try to domesticate the silver pendant of the Red Fox. Interesting fact, the new foxes not only become more tame, but are more dog-like too: they lost their distinctive musky “fox smell”, became more […]

Baltimore’s animal shelter is cutting its adoption fees for the holidays, hoping it will entice people to adopt more pets and for the animals, meaning finding nice homes. “We’re being inundated with healthy, adoptable animals,” said Jennifer Mead-Brause(She is the executive director of Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter). Adding to the usual number of […]

Some people are just back from the barn where they keep abandoned animals in a town east of Québec City. They do not have the S.P.C.A. It is the same man who is in charge and most probably the same crew since the 80’s they said. There were only 4 dogs and about 1 dozen […]

Credit: dora_marie These two love to nap together, and grooming each other is part of their daily routine.

Two cute white tiger cubs were born at Lowry Park Zoo last October. They are now venturing into the public, giving morning visitors at the zoo a glimpse, if they are lucky, of the rare baby tigers. The 7-week-old cubs were kept safely behind closed doors until they started exploring more of the Asian Gardens […]




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