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By GARY WEITZMAN Hamlin was a dog nobody wanted. One of a litter of four unplanned and unexpected puppies, he was born in a backyard in West Virginia to a mother of no specific breed. We decided he’s a “mixed hound,” but that’s really anybody’s guess. His owner placed a free-to-good-home ad on Craigslist and, […]

Birds are also very interesting little creatures.

By The Associated Press Per Johansson found moose entangled in neighbour’s apple tree, apparently intoxicated with fermented fruit A stunned Swede discovered a seemingly intoxicated moose entangled in an apple tree. Per Johansson, 45, who lives in south-western Sweden, says he heard a roar from the garden of his neighbour, who was on holiday, late […]

by Patti Lawson Hurricane season is upon us once again, and all dog owners should have a disaster plan in place for their pets. I’ve never been through a hurricane with my dog, but I did experience a house fire with her, and it was horrific. I’d never even considered having a plan in place […]

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If you’d like your child to experience an unforgettable week learning about animals, sign them up for one of the BC SPCA’s summer camps being held throughout B.C. Kids participate in a range of educational and fun activities, including animal-themed games, skits, crafts, guest speakers and more. “The highlight for many of the kids who […]

Lisa Beattie exercises each day in Cherryville by hitting the pavement with a friend and her sister-in-law. The animal lovers have made a few four-legged friends along their route, adapting their routine to bring dog treats and show some attention to three dogs who spend their days chained up outside. But when the women noticed […]

By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: “Spencer the cat is now down to eight lives. The Post and Courier of Charleston reports the 11-year-old gray cat was in a camper that wrecked along Interstate 95 near Harleyville last week. Ann Laubacker of New York was driving home from Florida with her mother, a dog and four cats. […]

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Credit: mikebaird

Credit: علي الحسين A marvelous picture!

By ARA (ARA) – Winter weather can cause challenges for humans, but pet experts say we also need to think about what winter means for our pets, especially those that spend a lot of time outdoors. “The rule of thumb is simple,” says Dr. Stephen A. Brammeier of the Kingsbury Animal Hospital in St. Louis. […]

Credit: .enlightenment. There is just something about this lil guy that attracts the eye:)

Cross-eyed opossum draws Facebook following long before her debut at German zoo She’s middle-aged and gray-haired and stays up all night. Still, Heidi the cross-eyed opossum is Germany’s biggest star, and she has not even made her debut at the Leipzig Zoo. The 21/2-year-old opossum has a Facebook following of more than 111,000 fans, has […]

Credit: dora_marie

Credit: katinha_n No explanation necessary with such a photo!

Credit: dora_marie

Credit: Roeselien Raimond Look at this baby! Who can resist it!!!

From the outside, it looked like a simple matter of moving animals from one place to another. But for our Rocky Mountain Representative Jonathan Proctor, it was a precedent-setting triumph for wildlife conservation on America’s National Grasslands. Proctor worked 16-hour shifts for seven straight days this July, helping trap 120 prairie dogs and relocating them […]

Credit: willowjackie Nice little puppy:)

Credit: cjnzja This little piggie..did not go to the market:)

Credit: dora_marie Vanille, a very nice lil female piggie!

Credit: dora_marie

Credit: Loren Javier TRICK OR…POOP?:)))

Credit: Hotdog Photography Trick or meow!


Credit: dora_marie TRICK AND EAT!

WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD! By WKBW Programming GOWANDA, NY (WKBW) – Inmates at the Gowanda Correctional Facility are giving back to the community after their feline friend was injured. Inmate Stephen Pierce said it all started last summer. “I first saw the little fella out there around July,” Pierce said. Four small kittens made their […]

By SARAH MENNIE THERE are plenty of kangaroos in South Australia but not many of them like cider, playing footy, watching TV and sitting at the table for breakfast. But Beemer, the red kangaroo, does. Each morning he eats a plate of grass with a side of Vegemite toast watched by his adopted mum, Julianne […]

Credit: dora_marie Bunny ready for take off:)

Credit: Svadilfari Thank you for helping, mutt! LOL ( I would not say that in his face though…)

A picture is worth a thousand words… Follow the trail…

Credit: Roeselien Raimond The world is a big scary place when you are a small little kitty!

Credit: Bunny Spice Very nice photo!

By Aprill Brandon A new grassroots organization is forming in Victoria to help rescue and find homes for as many pets as possible. Although the group is still in the early stages of forming, the Crossroads Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation groupwants to people and businesses involved from the start, co-founder Chyanne Lakey said. On Tuesday, […]

Credit: KochkinS Smart, sweet little thing!


By Yesenia Robles The Humane Society of Boulder Valley had their second-largest adoption day ever today, placing 106 cats and dogs in new homes. The line of people waiting to adopt gathered even before the doors opened this morning for a free cat and kitten adoption special event. Most of today’s 106 adoptions were cats, […]

Credit: Pockafwye Isn’t it sweet:)) I don’t know if they all are wireless…

Stories of survival for a horse, a dog and a cute cat Have you ever wondered what happened to a certain animal whose story of triumph or tragedy you read in The Province? To satisfy your curiosity, we caught up with three famous fur-bearers: a prancer, a pooch and a pussycat. SUNDANCE Snowmobilers were stunned […]

Credit: Cuba Gallery Nothing like a window sill to chill out on a nice Summer day!

Credit: Thierry Dacko A sweet baby , well camouflaged, waiting for it’s mom’s return, no doubt!

by Michael Winter Commuting is tough enough, but drivers in northern Greece faced a two-hour wait today because of “millions” of tiny frogs covering a major highway, Greek authorties report. “There was a carpet of frogs,” said Thessaloniki traffic police chief Giorgos Thanoglou, AP reports. Full story and photo here




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