Happy news about animals


Credit: Pockafwye Isn’t it sweet:)) I don’t know if they all are wireless…

Credit: Siana NZ What a MICE way to begin the day:)

from METRO.co.UK This is the amazing moment a mighty mouse took on a hungry leopard – and won. The brave rodent appeared to be unaware of the wild cat towering over it while he tucked into some food. Instead of pouncing on food rival the cowardly bigcat called Sheena appeared to be too scared and […]

Credit: Pockafwye Now that is one cute upgrade from the computer mouses anybody has!

Credit: dora_marie Well, this is no surprise mice likes chamomile:)

Credit: Pockafwye héhéhé:) NEAT wireless one:)

Credit: dora_marie Make a wish: a tiny mouse has kissed you! You know you can be trusted when such a tiny thing isn’t scared of you!

Credit: dora_marie These mice sure seem to have a great life ! And the digital scrapbook page is beautiful, what do you think of it?

Credit: dora_marie Even mice are celebrating it seems on This Holiday Time:)

Cat and mouse may never be the same. Japanese scientists say they‘ve used genetic engineering to create mice that show no fear of felines, a development that may shed new light on mammal behavior and the nature of fear itself. “Mice are naturally terrified of cats, and usually panic or flee at the smell of […]

A mouse munched its way through thousands of pounds worth of cash after managing to find its way inside a cash machine in a bank in Estonia. The animal was found inside the machine after a customer withdrew some money and got partly-eaten banknotes outside the bank in the capital Tallinn. Bank security experts are […]




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