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by Jaymi Heimbuch In the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia comes a companionship straight out of children’s books. Photographer Anne Young was vacationing at the Monkey Forest Park when she spotted a young male long-tailed macaque monkey that had adopted a ginger kitten, protectively caring for and grooming it while keeping other monkeys away. The […]

Opinion by PETA By Karin Bennett Live and let (die) live: So goes Sir Paul McCartney’s new hit … against NASA’s pricey plan to bankroll the zapping of dozens of squirrel monkeys in cruel radiation experiments. While his animal rights efforts are legendary, many people may not know that Paul also has a ton of […]


By DOUG IRVING SANTA ANA – The latest arrival at the Santa Ana Zoo is a tuft of shaggy fur about the size of a hamster that’s been spending its days snuggled tight against the chest of its mother. The baby saki monkey, born May 18, appears to be healthy, although zookeepers haven’t gotten close […]

When it’s monkey verse man who do you think will win? The answer may surprise you. Researchers in Japan pitted 5 year old chimpanzees against human adults in a memory test. Both groups sat in front of video screens with numbers one through nine scattered on them. One by one the chimps touched the numbers… […]

The newborn black howler monkey at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo seems so small and so quiet right now. But once the pint-sized primate grows up, it’ll be among the loudest animals on the planet. Second in volume only to the blue whale, the black howler monkey is the loudest animal on earth, emitting yells that can […]

Amanda, one of 13 capuchin monkeys at the Alameda Park Zoo, gave birth late Saturday night. The baby, whom zoo staff have named “A.J.,” will spend the first several months of its life clinging to mom as she moves about the enclosure she shares with 12 others of her kind, including a male named Amos. […]

A recent paper published in the journal Science unveiled the entire genome of the rhesus macaque, an Old World monkey used extensively in medical and biological research. Researchers say the development will be highly informative about diseases in humans. “The availability of this genome sequence will enable new and better experiments that will speed up […]

An adventurous baboon who left his troop in Tokai to trek across the Cape Flats, caused much consternation before he was darted on Wednesday. Jenni Trethowan who is with the baboon monitoring group Baboon Matters said it was likely the young male, called David, was searching for a new troop to join. But David encountered […]

Goeldi’s monkeys are endangered. They are native to South America and considered to be a relatively “new” monkey. No one knew anything about them until 1904 when a man named Emilio Goeldi discovered them. Azee and Cinco seem to be very happy living with each other at the Denver Zoo. They arrived here last fall. […]

The discovery of a new monkey species that’s found only in Uganda is being overshadowed by the imminent destruction of much of the animal’s habitat. Primatologist Colin Groves from the School of Archaeology and Anthropology at ANU said his analysis of the gray-cheeked mangabey (Lophocebus albigena) in the small, central African nation has revealed that […]

Keepers at the Joburg Zoo may have found a way to make the dosing of animals just a little easier. The keepers of the ape section, in anticipation of the need to inoculate the primates, decided to experiment on their pair of gibbons, Dodi and Glasgow, and their new baby boy. Learner keeper Faye Robinson […]

A man was convicted of stealing a rare monkey from a British zoo based on blood spilled during a unified attack by the animal’s fellow primates. Marlon Brown was convicted Friday of stealing “SpongeBob” the monkey from the Chessington World of Adventures. Police linked his blood to that of the robber’s found at the scene […]

In the Venkatapuram vIllage in Andhra Pradesh (in India), a monkey is performing unique duties. He is being treated as a trusted member of the family of a shepherd and is taking care of the goats. The monkey named Anji not only leads the goats but also brings them back. The goats have become the […]




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