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by RICHARD BATSON A total ban on using whips to punish competition horses in Britain is being called for by a Norfolk equestrian group. They say the nation should follow the lead of Denmark and Scotland in outlawing the use of a whip and spurs on a horse failing to perform at an event. Full […]

BY ABBEY ROY FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP — Sporting an ear-to-ear grin and a neon green Shrek helmet — complete with ogre ears — 9-year-old Michael Marple is a standout riding his horse around the small dirt arena at the Licking County Equestrian Center. A three-year veteran at the Friends of Citizens with Disabilities Pony Express Horseback […]

It was a common sight throughout Newfoundland and Labrador for centuries, and played a major role in helping farmers, woodsmen and fishermen. Now the hardy Newfoundland Pony is being recognized for it’s contribution to life in the province with a stamp. Canada Post officially unveiled the stamp during a ceremony at Government House yesterday afternoon. […]

Horse rescue organization and specialist transporter, PRP Rescue Services, has become a formal partner in the equine rescue initiative launched by the British Horse Society (BHS) and the British Equine Veterinary Association (BEVA). Jon Phillips founded PRP Rescue Services in 1986 after a colleague was left stranded following a horsebox breakdown. Despite being a member […]

by DEB PETERSON • Bulletin Staff Writer • May 6, 2009 There is little doubt the Black Stallion Literacy Project is successful at inspiring young readers. What may be surprising is that it’s becoming increasingly clear that it also does wonderful things for the horses. “It’s great for the kids,” said Karry Bass, owner of […]

BY MAUNETTE LOEKS WORLD-HERALD NEWS SERVICE Horses rescued from a Morrill County ranch are fairing well a week later, an animal rescue official says. Animal rescue workers and law enforcement officers seized 211 horses and burros from 3-Strikes Ranch over three days last month. Morrill County authorities have charged owner Jason Meduna with felony animal […]

By JUDY MASTERSON JMASTERSON@SCN1.COM GURNEE — Children with autism and other disabilities are finding help on horseback through a Gurnee equine therapy program. Diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder at age 3, Charlie Sims had difficulty interacting with people. He didn’t even like looking at them, said his mother, Annamaria Sims of Lake Zurich. Sims and […]

Posted: Thursday, Apr 23rd, 2009 BY: Ruth Heide Several years ago I put $20 down on a horse. No, I wasn’t betting. Or maybe I was. I was betting that this horse could have a better life. As I recall the facts (and my fact-recalling abilities are less pronounced than they once were), the sheriff’s […]

By VALERIE KALFRIN | The Tampa Tribune Published: April 23, 2009 TAMPA – Justice was served at the Krispy Kreme doughnuts shop on Kennedy Boulevard this morning. The Tampa Police Department horse nosed his way through the drive-through at least twice for an apple-cinnamon-filled doughnut to help kick off the department’s annual fundraiser for the […]

By: PR Newswire Apr. 16, 2009 07:02 AM PHILADELPHIA, April 16 /PRNewswire/ — Nationally syndicated humorist Mike Ball has temporarily put aside the jokes and picked up his guitar to help Angel Acres Horse Haven Rescue in their quest to save American horses from abuse and death. Angel Acres has made it to the “Top […]

BY JAIMEE LYNN FLETCHER First of two parts The frigid January air seeps through their clothing and stings their skin. Fatigue settles in their arms and legs. It’s been 30 hours, but the two women and a man standing in a Huntington Beach stable manage to ignore basic human needs for things like food and […]

By Ben Leubsdorf Associated Press Published: Saturday, April 11, 2009 10:28 p.m. MDT DEARBORN, Mich. — Seeing-eye dogs are a nonstarter among many Muslims who consider the animals unclean, but a horse the size of a dog just might work. “This is a really awesome little horse,” Mona Ramouni said this week as she put […]

… when so called miracle instruments/objects/products as-seen-on-tv are presented to me. I am the sort of person, like many of you I am sure, who thinks right away: “yeah, right, like this is *the* miraculous next thing that will work”. I’ve been looking online at a lot of advertisements and pub and even read through […]

Credit: Don Iannone (Scarce Because of Business) An exquisite photo. Check the photographer photo stream!

Mar 20 2009, 6:37 PM · UPDATED A lucky 26-year-old horse named Bailey was rescued after it fell down a 12-foot well in Covington this morning. King County Animal Care and Control received a call from a neighbor of the horse’s owner at 10:44 a.m. Animal control officers were first on the scene in Covington […]


KOLKATA: After going through excruciating in pain for hours, a horse which had been most probably injured after being hit by a vehicle, was rescued and is now being treated at the ASHARI: Animal Shelter-cum-Hospital and Research Institute. Some people passing by, who noticed the injured horse in the Maidan area, tried to help it […]

In December 2008 snowmobiler Logan Jack in British Columbia, Canada, happened upon two abandoned horses; the 3 year old mare Belle and the 14 year old gelding Sundance. His sister Toni was able to confirm the horses were in dire need of help. The horses ranked a 2 on the Henneke body condition scale, and […]

A horse in Kentucky gives thanks to some quick-acting firefighters, who freed him from a frozen pond.Rescue workers braved the freezing cold temperatures in Campbell county to free the horse. The horse’s name is Pencil. It took more than twenty firefighters to pull the animal to safety, after several unsuccessful attempts to power lift him […]

Credit: Stuck in Customs Superb shot! Animals and freedom are a perfect mix!

You know, folks, there’s just never-ending excitement in Oak Ridge, especially on the federal environs. A horse was lost last week somewhere in the vicinity of the Wackenhut training range off Bear Creek Rd., and — alas — was found today after spending a week on the DOE reservation eating whatever was available. (Yes, they […]

A Littlecote couple have been banned from keeping horses in a case brought by the RSPCA. John King, 51, and Amy King, 60, were found guilty at Aylesbury Magistrates’ Court of causing unnecessary suffering to a pony named Spirit. They were also fined £2,400 each and both were ordered to pay £2,150 in costs, as […]

Credit: Bеn They are absolutely magnificent! Holland is not only tulips and windmills:)

A three-year-old disabled boy can keep his beloved pony despite a neighbor complaints. The Committee members of the town said the Spiteri family, owner of the miniature pony, can keep the it despite zoning rules prohibiting it, so long as they keep the pen clean. The little boy,Sam Spiteri, has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy, and […]

Horse rescued by 999 crew: Firefighters faced a race against time to rescue a horse which was trapped upside down in therapy equipment. This ordeal happened at a Shropshire equestrian centre. The crew from Baschurch had to haul the horse out of the apparatus while it was under sedation and the men had only a […]

A YEARLING New Forest pony was rescued when yesterday morning, the poor thing got entangled in a wire fence at the foot of a bank on Keyhaven Marshes. Firefighters from Lymington and Eastleigh worked with their animal rescuer and expert, Jim Green, the RSPCA and also the veterinarian vet to save the pony which belong […]

This is most certainly a premiere: the first horse that we could be wrapped up and give as a gift for Christmas! It is probably a new record: the smallest horse to be born at Riverdance Miniature Horses in Australia: the baby is only 15in (3.3 hands) high, a small dog size! A man at […]

If you have or have experienced arthritis pain, you probably feel it more when the temperature gets more cold…so what do you do to help the pain go away? Raymond Petterson is dressing his mare with a little more than the usual horse shoes: he’s banking on a brand new business he says will keep […]

Kentucky was one of the places where the National Rescue Ride campaign took place yesterday. Their ride was the benefit the Kentucky Equine Humane Center in Nicholasville. The ride was done by 30 people on horse, one on foot. It works pretty much like any other charity ride. Riders register to ride and raise money, […]

This just breaks me up; I get a huge lump in my throat. “Stacy would like to dedicate this ride to her dad who went to live in Heaven just 24 days ago. Thanks for teaching me … … to keep trying new things.”

A HORSE was rescued from a swimming pool in Rudgwick , UK. Fire crews from Horsham and Storrington arrived at a house off Guildford Road at around 7.45pm where the animal was unable to get out of the pool. The water level was reduced by pumps and firefighters lifted the horse out with the use […]

Two miniature horses. Two very different worlds. The one they call Mini Horse is a TV celebrity. The one they call Wonder Girl toils in anonymity. Mini Horse lives in California’s Hollywood Hills. Wonder Girl sleeps in a stable. Mini Horse gets all the laughs. Wonder Girl gets all the tears. While Mini Horse is […]

The dreams of many young girls have been granted as D3Publisher of America, Inc. (D3PA) today announced that Horse Life™, an original game exclusively for the Nintendo DS™, has shipped to retail. Horse Life immerses players in the equestrian world by putting a horse right inside of their DS. Available for $29.95 MSRP, players must […]

In retirement, Ballard’s been able to fulfill the dream he’s had since childhood of working full-time with horses, training them to be the best horse they can be. He does it with his voice and through a gentle touch and kind, but firm direction. The trusting eyes that follow his every move and the ears […]

Elizabete Gouveia has cerebral palsy, cannot stand or sit up by herself and needs regular physiotherapy. But for the last few months she has been enjoying horse riding as part of her treatment regime. Her father Manuel, from Torres Vedras, Portugal, says the treatment – known as hippotherapy – is proving very beneficial to three-year-old […]

I’ve been driving for an hour and a half on wide and dusty roads and have barely seen another vehicle. Far behind me are the fumes and frustrations of the traffic jams that snake through Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaanbaator. Surrounding me now are only the vast empty spaces and dramatic mountain ranges of central Mongolia. […]

It’s the start of a beautiful friendship. Horseman Jud Carter and 2-year-old stallion Doc meet for their first training session where, inside a circular arena on his 20 acres of land in DeWitt, Carter carefully swings a piece of rope like a lasso and lets it touch the horse ever so slightly. “I’m just trying […]

A team from the Guinness Book of World Records was in Niota over the weekend to measure Tina the horse. Tina stands about 20 hands tall, which is about 7 feet. The current record holder is only 6 feet 9 and half inches tall. Tina’s measurements will be authenticated in London at Guinness’s headquarters. In […]

A rubber horse is the latest training tool being used by firefighters in south Wales to help in animal rescues. Lucky the horse stands at 5ft (1.52m) tall, with a 70ins (1.77cm) girth and weighs in at 70 stone (450kg). He will be used to help South Wales Fire Service’s new large animal rescue team […]

On a warm spring day, you are likely to find Dr. Mike Painter inside a barn treating one of his four-legged patients rather than at his Oakley chiropractic office examining humans. Last week, Painter spent an entire morning at Pleasanton’s Buena Amor Ranch, where he saw two regular patients: a 5-year-old gelding named Meike and […]

A pony that fell into an abandoned well this morning was rescued unharmed after crews used a tow truck from a local auto repair shop to lift it to safety. The pint-sized equine was reported trapped in the well on Parker Hill Road just before 11 a.m. The well was located just outside the fenced-in […]

A horse had to be rescued by firefighters after becoming stuck in a farm gate for more than two hours. The New Forest gelding had tried to jump a galvanised farm gate in the West End area and its hind rear leg caught in the top rail. The horse was given a sedative by a […]

A 27-year-old Chico, Calif. man, who is planning to ride around the world on horseback, is riding through Broome County today. Ezra Cooley began his trek in April 2006. New York is the 11th state he’s ridden through on what he says will be an eight-year odyssey. He plans to finish the United States portion […]

About two decades ago, Kathleen Schwartz says, she felt sorry for a 20-year-old horse named Toby who was so weak and sick from years of neglect that he was not expected to survive much longer. At a time when Howard County animal control was not equipped to handle abused or neglected horses, Schwartz nursed Toby […]

Everybody watching chuckled. The 6-year-old passed the reins of her horse to the judge so she could scratch her head. Though it was an uncommon practice, she still got a fourth-place ribbon after she showed her 29 year-old mare, Taz, at the Huachuca Saddle Club Open Horse Show held Sunday at the Rockin’ JP Ranch […]

Lord of the Rings actor Viggo Mortensen has a veterinarian’s bill after emergency surgery saved Brego, his mount in the film trilogy, the horse’s minder said. A small bowel tear almost did what the films’ villains Saruman, Sauron and the black riders could not – kill the trusty steed of Mortensen’s heroic character, Aragorn. The […]

Running through the fields with her newly-born foals, mare Royal Beatrice has good reason to celebrate – after managing the astonishingly rare feat of producing twins. The 22-year-old New Forest Pony has shocked equine experts with the surprise birth of healthy twin foals because the chances of both surviving are so slim. In nearly all […]

IT has cost £500,000, has all the latest medical equipment and even a spa. . . but this hospital is for horses. The equine sports injury centre is on an 80-acre site at Normans Hall Farm, Pott Shrigley, Macclesfield. Specially designed stables will offer total care on site, with staff on 24-hour call. Veterinary physiotherapist […]

Imagine being 3 feet tall and being able to come face to face with a horse as small as you are. Toddlers in Claudia Campbell’s Little Pony Mommy and Me class get to do just that. The class is the latest addition to Campbell’s packed schedule. The busy mom of 1-year-old Sasha and 3-year-old Arabella […]




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