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Credit: LuLu Witch Sit-ups: iz doin it:)

Credit: ASL Hush lil ham, sleep tight:)

Credit: pyza* A darling little ham! Check this person other pictures: lots of cuties in there;)

Credit: CANDIDNOIR! And Give us Our Daily Peanuts, Amen.

Credit: CANDIDNOIR! Hé!Hé!Hé!:) This cracks me up!

Uploaded on August 15, 2009 by Myst* You can see the original here This Photo belong to Myst

Credit: BunnyStudios Even animals show us how to eat healthy:)

Credit: BunnyStudios I can transport in my cheeks enough food for a day. Can you do the same trick?:)

Credit: Jade C

They’d hate to overwork their hamsters, but then again sometimes those little critters ought to *earn* their keep instead of being cared for all the time. Here’s a Roomba that has been retrofitted with a special mechanism that enables it to be controlled from the hamster ball. In essence, the Roomba will go wherever the […]

hesedetang , photographer

From Debbie New a.k.a hesedetang on Flick r

Big thanks to his owner, Debbie New a.k.a hesedetang (http://www.flickr.com/photos/45931502@N00/)

Thanks to hesedetang for her permission to use her beautiful pictures!! http://hesedetang.wordpress.com/

Credit: oopsilon No wisdom in this saying but it sure is cute :)

ONE HAS TO WONDER exactly why Argentinean boffins were feeding Viagra to hamsters in the first place. What deviant practice had they in mind and would pictures subsequently appear on the web? But putting aside these unsavoury thoughts, whatever the reason, the scientists at the National University of Quilmes in Buenos Aires appear to have […]

A boy who suffers from a rare illness which stunts his growth has shot up two inches – with the help of hamsters. A pioneering treatment using the rodent’s enzymes has given Oliver Moody his life back, according to his parents. As well as the growth spurt, the 12-year- old’s organs are being cleansed of […]

It was perfect racing conditions for some furry, but fierce competitors. It was the annual hamster ball derby at the Petco pet store in Lansing. Using their hamster balls, the rodents raced down an eight-foot track in the general direction of the finish line. It’s all for fun and the thrill of the race. Believe […]

A hamster trapped in a kitchen pipe was eventually rescued by being sucked up on the end of a vacuum cleaner. Henry got stuck in a pipe measuring almost 4in (10cm) wide and 4ft (1.2m) deep at a house in Tamworth, Staffordshire. After the RSPCA failed to reach him, help was sought from two council […]




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