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Guinea Pig

By mzeus

Photo taken by Seismic_200

Credit: cjnzja This little piggie..did not go to the market:)

Credit: dora_marie Vanille, a very nice lil female piggie!

Credit: dora_marie


Original link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c3tF_qzKG8c

Credit: Mr Dã Tràng Look at that pretty face, and those tiny paws, and those ears! OMG! He is so cute!!! Don’t forget to follow the link to the original to check more splendid picture by the author.

Credit: extensiblecow ..is my FOOD?:) MOOOOOOM! Food!:)

Credit: dora_marie Don’t give animals as presents for Easter. They are no toys. Give chocolate, in the shape of the animal you adore;)

Cutie and picture belongs to Sue Gerres

Credit: extensiblecow One lil piggie went for a nap…:)

Credit: Slauren2010 Ain’t she the prettiest little piggy ever!!!

Credit: viking.girl3 LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED:)

Credit: skoop102 AND have a nice wheeeeeeeeek:)

Credit: Happygoluckywon We wheeeeeeeeeeeeeek you a Merry Chrsitmas!

Credit: BunnyStudios These Guinea pigs are simply adorable, too cute for words!

Credit: extensiblecow HRH The Piggies:)

Credit: BunnyStudios “I know what you are going through, you can talk to me.” …:)

Credit: BunnyStudios Daisie seems to want to tell her owner (or does she owns her?:) that their friendship is a sure thing!

a href=”http://www.flickr.com/photos/sgerres/3780168744/” title=”OK….just ONE pigture! by sgerres, on Flickr”> Link to the original by Sue Gerres

Credit: BunnyStudios Daisie seems to think this pawpawrazzo is too much for her:)

Credit: dora_marie Now that cat loves to nap with the Guinea pigs: and they live happy like that:)

Credit: ♥j e n n i f e r. Love is all you need!

Credit: cjnzja Little piggy, you are more than cute with your silky fur : you are beautiful!! Have a good wheeeeeeeek!

Credit: dora_marie Gimme a P Gimme an I Gimme a G Gimme a G Gimme a Y I am da PIGGY with a stunning hairdo and attitude! On the picture: Caramel, the cutest piggy girl!

Credit: Isabell’s_pets Floyd is a wonderful lil piggy. Look at his wavy fur, the nice little nose, those piggy lips: no wonder he is a star:)

Credit: marzipanfingers A hunk-of-a-piggy:)

Credit: Dixiesmom2007 Hey cowboy, handsome ride you got there:)..LOL This photo is just too cute, don’t you think?:)

Credits: Sue Gerres

Credit: @->->-{rosaceae}-<-<-@ Have you ever seen such a cute piggy:)

Credit: dora_marie This Easter: buy CHOCOLATE, not live animals. Animals are no toys and will need care for the next 12 years or so. Rabbits live long. They are wonderful companions but they are no different than cats and dogs: they need freedom, love, good care, vet visits etc. Know what you are going into […]

Photo courtesy of Sgerres By the Way, the owner went to get the brother too:) They have happy piggies!

Credit: Boris – guinea-pig Boris is a romantic Guinea pig who knows how to talk to piggy girls:)

This is absolutely endearing!!!

Credit: Boris – guinea-pig BORIS,THE KING OF EVERYTHING!

Thank you Sue!

Credit: dora_marie Vanille the Guinea Pig is trying to infiltrate the world of rabbits. Will she succeed?

Thank you Momo for giving me the permission to post this wonderful video!

When asked if he wants a treat, Gary does a little circle. There’s a small delay between the sound and the video but you’ll get the idea :)

Credit: ryancr Cavies (guinea pigs) Though Toffee & Nougat sharing a baby carrot.

Beaker & the Guinea Pigs, originally uploaded by iLoveButter. The cat seems to be very mellow :)




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