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By Jeanna Bryner (Livescience.com) Dolphins “talk” to each other, using the same process to make their high-pitched sounds as humans, according to a new analysis of results from a 1970s experiment. The findings mean dolphins don’t actually whistle as has been long thought, but instead rely on vibrations of tissues in their nasal cavities that […]

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) – If you are out in the Mississippi Sound or around the barrier islands, you might see more dolphins than usual. Institute for Marine Mammal Studies Director Moby Solangi says Saturday they saw groups of dolphins by the west side of Horn Island, by Ship Island, on the north and south sides […]

by THE ASSOCIATED PRESS SARASOTA, Fla. — Marine researchers untangled a young dolphin from a web of plastic, and now the animal is swimming freely in Sarasota Bay. A team of scientists from Mote Marine Laboratory’s Dolphin Research Program captured the calf on Monday. The plastic was wound around the baby’s body between her blow […]

by Leo Kretzner Just what do we think makes us so smart?? Well, lots of things. We have big, convoluted brains with many specialized nerve cell types; we have language and can understand symbols; we spend many years growing up within large, extended family and social networks; and, perhaps most importantly, we have a sense […]

lbinism in animals is a fact about whom most of us are not aware. But animals can also inherited Albinism from both the animal’s parents. In animals it is caused by recessive genes inherited from their parents. All kinds of animals can show albinism but till now rarely there have been sightings of albino dolphins, […]

The following report comes from International Fund for Animal Welfare’s Sarah Sharp. Sarah is an Emergency Relief officer and coordinates IFAW’s Marine Mammal Rescue Team. September is usually one of our slower months for strandings and as I got out of bed on September 1st and headed out the door for a run, I thought […]

by Jody Bourton Earth News Reporter An elusive dolphin has been sighted off Cornwall three years after being seen much further north in the Irish Sea. The rarely seen Risso’s dolphin was photographed off Mounts Bay in Cornwall in June of this year. Scientists have now identified it as the same dolphin once seen 172 […]

Credit: elvis8ham Dolphins: if only we could speak their language!

by Graham Broadhead | 16th May 2009 IT was hoped the squeals of a young baby would yesterday help reunite him with his mum. The dolphin calf, estimated to be less than two weeks old, was being held in the water with a seven-year-old female, while his mum swam at the western end of Prospect […]

by The Associated Press A young Atlantic spotted dolphin that spent nearly three months recuperating at a Florida Keys marine mammal rehabilitation center was released off Key West Tuesday. Rescuers with the Marine Mammal Conservancy released the animal about 10 miles to the southwest of the island after searching for more than two days to […]

Australian snubfin dolphin fires jets of water from its mouth to round up fish, WWF discovers Tuesday, 14 April 2009 guardian.co.uk © Guardian News and Media 2009 A rare species of Australian dolphin has been found to catch its fish prey by spitting water, according to research by WWF. The small snubfin dolphins hunt in […]

Story Created: Apr 9, 2009 at 9:08 AM CDT BACKGROUND: Prosthetics, when used properly, can assist individuals who are missing arms or legs by allowing them to do many of the things they could do before their amputation. In a very unusual case, Winter, a dolphin, was fitted with a prosthetic tail to help her […]

… when so called miracle instruments/objects/products as-seen-on-tv are presented to me. I am the sort of person, like many of you I am sure, who thinks right away: “yeah, right, like this is *the* miraculous next thing that will work”. I’ve been looking online at a lot of advertisements and pub and even read through […]

8:58am UK, Tuesday April 07, 2009 by Catherine Jacob, Environment correspondent Dolphins’ secret underwater language has intrigued generations of scientists, but no one has come close to cracking the code to understanding their mysterious sounds – until now. A British acoustics engineer claims he may be close to deciphering the clicks and whistles that make […]

A pink dolphin that emerges from the waters of Lake Calcasieu has been drawing people in Louisiana, first spotted by Boat captain Erik Rue, aged 42 in 2007. Thought to be the world’s only pink dolphin with reddish eyes was usually spotted with its dark grey mother. Boat captain Erik Rue claims that it, “looks […]

Credit: Dixiesmom2007 We so wish we could be able to communicate with them in a better way!

They saved the life of a river dolphin that had strayed into an irrigation canal. It was a Gangetic dolphin, an endangered species and IT was trapped there for more than 24 hours, people said. It was discovered by the villagers of Tilkhoja. The dolphin’s age was guestimated to be about 12 years old. And […]

When we think about a way to represent sound in a visual form, most of us probably picture those volume-dependent sine waves. But this is not what this man has sound pictures: John Stuart patented something called a CymaScope. And Mr Stu uses it to help us learn more about how animals like dolphins communicate […]

A bottle-nosed dolphin is being credited with rescuing a pair of pygmy sperm whales that had stranded themselves on a New Zealand beach

For a few hours, Golden, Colorado, native Kameron Wolpert was like any other nine-year-old girl. She giggled when the dolphin nudged her chest with its snout, and at the dolphin trainer’s request, she gripped the tiny mackerel and fed it to Nuba. In return, the fish massaged her knees and legs, encouraging her to leave […]

Wine, roses, chocolate; all of these gifts help impress our better halves. I for one am partial to the romantic “gift certificate” for backrubs and other tasks, mostly because I’m forgetful and cheap. Male dolphins in the mood for love need none of these things. It turns out that THE gift in your classier dolphin […]

Kerzner International, international developer and operator of destination resorts and luxury hotel properties and their partner, Istithmar PJSC, a Dubai World company, announced the completion of Dolphin Bay, one of the largest man-made dolphin habitats in the world at Atlantis, The Palm. Dolphin Bay will provide care of the dolphins by an international team of […]

A dolphin, which lost its tail, is now getting another chance to swim. Winter lost her tail a couple of years ago in a crab trap. Now, with the help of a prosthetic, she’s learning to swim and jump. In 2005, Winter was found near Titusville, tangled in a crab trap line. She was dehydrated […]

A large white animal, swimming in the Yangtze River, has been videotaped by a Chinese man. The animal, scientists state, belongs to a dolphin species unique to China and feared extinct. That was made official by Chinese authorities last Wednesday. An international team failed to find a single baiji, the name given to the long-beaked, […]

It’s sleek, fast, cute — and pink. A charter-boat captain from Lake Charles, La., photographed a rare pink dolphin a couple of weeks ago in Calcasieu Lake, an estuary just north of the Gulf of Mexico in southwestern Louisiana. According to Calcasieu Charter Service’s Web site, Capt. Erik Rue was on the lake June 24 […]

A family from Evansville is set to fulfill one of their biggest dreams thanks to the Wish Upon a Star Program. The Adler family’s twin sons got their wish to swim with the dolphins in Key Largo, Florida as part of a therapy program. Adam and Aaron are 18 years old and have battled disabilities […]

Despite the recent loss of a newborn dolphin, a marine mammal acoustic researcher said Sunday the ability to record sounds emanating from the calf as it was born may provide new insight into dolphin communications. “We have his first sounds, which took place about two seconds after birth, ” said Jack Kassewitz of SpeakDolphin.com. Before […]

Something is happening at the National Aquarium, and the dolphins know it. They are taking turns peering through a small opening in the gate that separates their tank from another one. In the next tank is a new dolphin! “They’re really curious animals in general,” Aquarium spokeswoman Hillary Bates said. “They know when somebody new […]

A rare and unique species of dolphin living off the west coast of the North Island of New Zealand could be saved from distinction by a new marine sanctuary being proposed. The sanctuary, which is planned from Maunganui Bluff in Northland to Cape Egmont in Taranaki, will protect Maui dolphins that are down to 111 […]

Dolphins living off the coast of Wales whistle, bark and groan in a different dialect from dolphins off the western coast of Ireland, scientists have discovered. Different physical environments might have contributed to the mammals developing distinctive sets of vocalisations or “dialects”, said Simon Berrow from the Shannon Dolphin and Wildlife Foundation. Berrow supervised a […]

Filly is young female bottlenose dolphin from Sarasota Bay. The dolphin was first spotted back in December of 2006 and had a fishing line trailing her tail. A month later Filly was seen again still with the fishing line but not algae had attached to the line. This was causing an additional drag and making […]

Five of 17 trained dolphins rescued during Hurricane Katrina and taken to a marine mammal center in the Bahamas are pregnant, officials said Thursday. A sixth dolphin gave birth to a stillborn calf earlier this week, the Dolphin Cay center said in a statement. The dolphins were from the Marine Life Oceanarium marine park in […]

A bottlenose dolphin found stranded near Mile Marker 18 at Padre Island National Seashore on Saturday night by park staff has pneumonia, officials with the Texas State Aquarium said Monday. But additional tests still are needed to determine the overall condition of the 287-pound dolphin, said Sarah Paige, the aquarium’s animal husbandry director. The female […]

For the first time, scientists in Florida have rigged a “chat line” to the unborn calf of a deaf dolphin so the baby can learn how to speak in utero. When marine biologists rescued Castaway in November, they knew the clock was ticking. As a pregnant dolphin she needed to return to the sea to […]

A BOTTLE-NOSE dolphin nicknamed ‘Flipper’ by locals has been trapped in East Ballina’s Prospect Lake for more than a week. Marine mammal experts fear the dolphin could die if it stays in the lake much longer and have planned a rescue operation for this morning to relocate it into the nearby Richmond River estuary. Resident […]

Bicref, the Biological Conservation Research Foundation, is intensifying its support of the Maltese Cetacean Research and Awareness Project with the assistance of sponsors. This year is the Year of the Dolphin according to the Agreement on the Conservation of Cetaceans in the Black Sea, Mediterranean Sea and contiguous Atlantic area (ACCOBAMS). One of the sponsors, […]

MARINE experts have shepherded to safety a dolphin stranded in a small suburban lake in northern NSW. The bottlenose dolphin had entered Prospect Lake at Ballina on an incoming tide eight days ago in search of fish. But the noise and vibrations of a road bridge close to the lake’s entrance had deterred the mammal […]

A MOTHER dolphin and her baby trapped in the Patawalonga could remain in the area for some time, experts say. In a dramatic rescue, the pair was reunited on Sunday night after being separated on different sides of the weir. Residents of Holdfast Shores apartments had seen the mother swim into the Patawalonga lake before […]

A pregnant bottlenose dolphin is deaf and cannot be released into the ocean. The dolphin, Castaway, stranded off Vero Beach in November, but was deemed healthy enough for release Jan. 30, after convalescing at the Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota. But instead of swimming offshore, she returned to the beach three times and was transported […]

Schoolgirl Amy Morris is to realise her dream of swimming with dolphins and riding a rollercoaster for the first time. Because she was born with a rare heart defect, the 12-year-old twice needed emergency surgery and had a pacemaker fitted to her original heart before, in October 2003, she received a life-saving transplant. On Saturday […]

Dolphin tagger extraordinaire Don Hammond went to the Bahamas last week looking to catch and tag dolphin for the Dolphin Tagging Research Project he heads. What he didn’t catch was a break in the weather while fishing out of Highborne Cay in the southeastern Bahamas aboard Makara with Capt. Tom McMurray at the helm. The […]

Scientists conducting the first-ever South American river dolphin census have sighted hundreds of dolphins, raising hopes about the survival of some of the endangered species’ populations. The survey counted 520 dolphins — 321 grey (Sotalia fluviatilis) and 199 pink (Inia geoffrensis) — during a 294-kilometre voyage down the Amazon, Atacuari and Javari rivers in Colombia, […]




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