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The facts are stark: On Feb. 18, Matt Bryant, Kate Hanlon, Christina Redl and Bryant’s dog, Velvet, became separated from their five companions, and fell more than 400 feet into Mt. Hood’s White River Canyon. They spent a harrowing night on the slopes of the mountain, and were rescued on Feb. 19, at 10:47 a.m. […]

Jill Feasley typically takes her golden retriever, Carina, out with her on neighborhood patrols, when she and neighbors walk the city paying attention to anything out of the ordinary. While the overly friendly pet is less for protection and more for companionship, dog walkers like Feasley are often the eyes and ears of the city’s […]

Smokey Bear now has a partner in Clermont County: Krieger the fire dog. The 2½-year-old German shepherd can demonstrate to children how to stop, drop and roll if their clothes catch fire. Krieger also can climb a ladder, and he can hop atop a utility shed or other high structure. The dog’s repertoire of tricks […]

At first glance, Glenn and Jennifer Buehring thought the white object falling from the sky above McAlpine Street about 9 a.m. was a bag of trash. A litterbug, they initially scoffed. But when Mrs. Buehring turned her head to get a better look through the drivers’ side window of her Toyota Echo, she knew this […]

A Newaygo County family got an unexpected call from the Kent County Animal Shelter this week telling them they had found their missing dog. The call was unexpected because the dog was gone for more than two years. Dillon, the pet beagle always had a tendency for sneaking off, but the last time he left, […]

A group of Iowans is responsible for saving the lives of nearly twenty dogs that were scheduled to be euthanized. The dogs were to be put to sleep because their shelter in Missouri was closing. But a group of Iowans stepped in and found homes for all twelve puppies and five full-grown dogs, and made […]

Rosie, Sampson and Max are important members of the Chicagoland Christian Village staff in Crown Point. They provide extremely popular therapy at the village for seniors, often persuading residents to come to physical therapy when other staff members fail to provide incentives. Rosie, Sampson and Max also have four legs instead of the two that […]

Deneen Balistere has been told by a few clients that she must be part dog. That’s a compliment to the Rochester, N.Y., native, who recently relocated to the area with her husband and has moved her dog training business here. “I guess you could say I’ve been given a gift of understanding animals and being […]

A dog named RC used his ample body and his straw bed to protect a two-year-old boy when the child showed up from a neighbor’s house in freezing weather. Terry Bard, the dog’s owner, said, “The baby got up and all the straw fell off his head. He was laying on top of the baby.” […]

Japan is a country best known for its groundbreaking technology, its unique sense of style and the wildly popular animated white cat called Hello Kitty. But are the Japanese now saying farewell to Hello Kitty? Not quite, but a growing number in this country welcome a different kind of four-legged, furry friend into their lives […]

With the help of a compassionate vet and a caring owner, Bandera, an 8-year-old German shepherd, has a new lease on life. Bandera uses a cart for her back legs because she is paralyzed by a condition called degenerative myelopathy. It’s an autoimmune disease that attacks the spinal cord, and is similar to multiple sclerosis […]

LABRADOR from Woking has had her paws full since she gave birth to an unusual litter of puppies on Good Friday. After having seven boys throughout the day, proud pooch Honey was set to become the mum of a completely male litter when finally she gave birth to daughter Holly. Advertisementyour story continues below Late-arrival […]

A saga involving Dianne Atkins of Belgrade, who has been looking for Mikey, her Bernese Mountain dog, since Monday night when he was struck by a snowmobile on the Rail Trail in West Farmington, has a happy ending. The dog was found around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday as she went back over the sites searched since […]

Taz and Taser, meet Topaz and Tony. Those are just four of the 10 winning names submitted by children across Canada for the RCMP’s annual “Name the Puppy” contest for pooches learning to become canine constables. The dogs, who train at the RCMP’s facility in Innisfail, Alta., will eventually be teamed up with human partners […]

She may not be Noah and she may not have an ark, but Carlene Taylor brought plenty of animals with her when she moved to Camden County in February. Taylor, a licensed professional counselor, recently joined Family Matters Counseling in St. Marys, which offers outpatient counseling to children, adolescents and adults. However, Taylor also brings […]

India’s Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs Ministry plans to set up a dog unit with specially trained canines to sniff optic discs to combat piracy. Deputy Minister Datuk S. Veerasingam said the plan was prompted by the uncovering of a number of optic disc piracy cases by enforcement officers using two sniffer dogs hired by […]

A Chinese puppy named Dudu has survived being hit by a car and then buried by his owners who thought he was dead. 7 hours after the burial the property office called Dudu’s owner to say that he was sitting outside the door of the apartment block. “I rushed out and Dudu staggered toward me. […]

A dog in Arkansas is helping to raise an orphaned baby squirrel. The Maltese mother named Pitty Pat has taken in an orphaned baby squirrel as her own. It started two weeks ago, when the Wootton family found the squirrel. For the first few days, the Woottons fed the squirrel by bottle. Until one occasion, […]

Max Laughren remains modest about saving the life of a beautiful black dog named Huskers. The 15-year-old Lively resident rescued a dog from the frigid waters of Little Panache Lake Sunday, April 1 in Whitefish. Laughren, using a kayak and plenty of bravery, rode up on the ice in the kayak to save the 90-pound […]

The dogs and puppies seized Tuesday from a backyard breeder in the city are clean and on the mend at the Humane Society at Lollypop Farm. Investigators found the 28 German shepherds — including 13 puppies — living in squalid conditions at a home on Arthur Street. The dogs’ owner, Genie Schultz, 61, was breeding […]

A Hennepin County sheriff’s deputy who has a soft spot for youth has one for animals, too. Pat Harding, the liaison officer for Rogers schools, climbed into his cold water rescue suit earlier this month during the early stages of this season’s largest snowstorm to rescue a 120-pound dog stranded on the Crow River. It […]

Ever wonder whether it would be safe to approach a dog or not? Well, it seems that what lies between you and those teeth sinking into your skin, is the direction in which that tail wags. Researchers at the University of Trieste in Italy have conducted a new study on man’s best friends, and state […]

Imagine this situation: A dog is hit by a car and injured. A police officer says the dog is beyond saving, and he is going to shoot her in the head to end her suffering. Would you intervene? The dog is named Skye Bleu. Dawn Julian, her owner, got her as a sickly puppy — […]

A former equestrian and computer programmer, Adele Yunck had never trained a dog before when she took her new Australian terrier, Casey, to the Ann Arbor Dog Training Club in 1985. Casey was a wedding gift to Yunck and her husband, and Yunck hoped to competitively show her. Tramp, a flat-coated retriever, soon joined the […]

“I love dogs,” says Lilli Anglin. They’re great.” For her, dogs are more than a hobby. “They’re just part of my life, everything I do, ” adds Anglin. She spends her days and nights breeding Shiloh Shepherds at her business in Maryville. She says this type dog is not only easy to train, but likes […]

The Exeter Fire Department responded to a rescue call for a dog through the ice this morning. Upon arrival, firefighters discovered a dog in the water and the dog’s owner attempting to rescue it with a boat. While firefighters prepared to rescue the dog, the boat began to sink, plunging the dog’s owner into the […]

It was an adoption offer Delhiites were only too eager to accept. All 32 Beagles which pharma company Ranbaxy decided to give away on Thursday found new homes in the city within hours. What the dogs were doing in Ranbaxy isn’t clear. A company spokesman maintained that the animals weren’t tested upon “We had these […]

A plan to use Sutton’s dog walkers to sniff out antisocial behaviour is being hailed as a howling success. The scheme urges the canine’s owners to pass on information on vandalism, graffiti, antisocial behaviour and more serious crimes to the police when walking their pooches. Sergeant Jim Nicholls of St Helier’s Safer Neighbourhood Team, believes […]

A rescue dog led searchers yesterday to a 12-year-old boy scout who had been missing for four days. He was weak and dehydrated but alive, in the rugged North Carolina mountains, about a mile from the camp he had wandered away from. “He was a little disoriented, but he was great,” said Misha Marshall, the […]

To the anonymous donor who gave the money to buy about 150 puppies being sold by “puppy mill” breeders at a dog auction March 10 at Thorp in north central Wisconsin. A “puppy mill” is a term used to describe a breeding operation that focuses on its volume of dogs, as opposed to the quality […]

An unbelievable story of homeward bound for man`s best friend. One lucky pooch went missing from his Lubbock home and was found over 900 miles away in Tennessee. The owners of `Stetson` the dog say he disappeared about a month ago. They spent weeks posting flyers for the Siberian husky. And just a few days […]

There’s a happy ending to what was a sad couple of days for one little puppy in New Jersey. A pair of poodle-mixes are now back together at the “Pets and Supplies Unlimited” store in Hamilton Township. One of them was snatched from the store on Sunday afternoon. The store’s owner said a lady had […]

Warning – this story contains disturbing descriptions of animal cruelty! Two brothers who pleaded guilty to baking a puppy to death in a gas oven were each sentenced to 10 years in prison this February. Justin Moulder, 19, and Joshua Moulder, 17, both of Atlanta, pleaded guilty in January to a 10-count indictment on charges […]

More than a year of work has paid off for Rachel Monahan, 13, of Ashford. Monahan raised a dog to be a guide for the visually impaired. Ink, a black Labrador she raised for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, began a new life with companion Lonnie Williams at a Feb. 17 guide dog graduation. Monahan, […]

With his head resting on a paw, Mr. Bear sits quietly by the desk of Hernando Human Resources director Barbara Dupre. It’s 11 a.m., an hour before Dupre will head out with the fluffy 8-month-old golden retriever for lunch. Taking the dog with her everywhere is part of raising a puppy for Southeastern Guide Dogs […]

A NEW celebrity wearer of sunglasses has been causing a fuss in Hertfordshire. However, she is not a vain star looking to dodge the camera flashes of the paparazzi, but a poorly pooch who suffers from a genetic disease. Flossie, a two-year-old Cavalier King Charles spaniel from Redbourn, has to wear the special “doggles” because […]

A dog which had been abandoned on the balcony of a Madrid flat for the past two weeks has been rescued by the Civil Guard, firemen, and members of the animal protection group, El Refugio. Eighteen-month old Aruk, a cross-breed dog, was kept alive by neighbours putting food over the balcony. They also managed to […]

An 8-pound Chihuahua named Chico, who was rescued from a New Jersey humane society, is about to make his New York stage debut in Legally Blonde. The underdog himself is playing Bruiser in the musical version of the story of sorority girl turned Harvard graduate, Elle Woods, played by Laura Bell Bundy, The New York […]

A puppy who broke away from her owners and jumped into New York’s Hudson River over the weekend was rescued by veteran firefighters. The New York Post reported on Bubba, the 15-month-old bull terrier who pulled away from her owners as they walked along the pier. The firefighters were finishing a drill on a neighboring […]

A dog show may be the chance for enthusiasts to showcase their canines and talents, but a few Coshocton residents recently made it a family event. The United Kennel Club Performance Pack Nationals were held March 9-11 in Coatsville, Ind. Roy Pasmore of Coshocton attended the event with his two grandchildren, Cayla Wood, 13, and […]

A dog in China, given a drug used for treating human erectile problems, had to be hospitalized after mating with three females in a single day. The dog was given intravenous drip in a hospital in Sichuan, reports the China Daily. Its owner, who considers her pet good looking, had been offering the dog’s services […]

Be-Lona is starting to get used to standing on her own two feet — the only bad thing is, she’s used to four. The 11-year-old sheep dog has had some medical problems recently and because of those problems she lost the use of her two hind legs. Although the dog is small for a sheep […]

No running or jumping for six weeks. But then Scooby should be his old self again, thanks to a pacemaker for dogs. The 6-year-old black Lab was fainting from a heart blockage and given just weeks to live. But then his owners learned about the University of Florida’s Veterinary Medical Center, which inserted the pacemaker […]

Toby, a 2-year-old golden retriever, saw his owner choking on a piece of fruit and began jumping up and down on the woman’s chest. The dog’s owner believes the dog was trying to perform the Heimlich maneuver and saved her life. Debbie Parkhurst, 45, of Calvert told the Cecil Whig she was eating an apple […]

Timothy Duncan house-trained Archie, a shepherd mix, and taught him how to sit. But Duncan isn’t a suburban dog owner who might be spotted taking his pet for a walk around the block. Instead, Duncan is an inmate at the Maine Correctional Center, and Archie is a participant in the Paws in Stripes program that […]

An Exeter, New Hampshire woman who tried to save her dog from the icy Exeter River ended up having to be rescued herself. Susan Henderson called the Fire Department, then grabbed a neighbor’s boat and went into the river on Wednesday to try to save her golden retriever, Zacharias, who had fallen through the ice. […]

Sandy residents Jeremy and Tracie Johnson were pleasantly surprised last month when their purebred Chihuahua, Lacy, gave birth to six puppies. The first three puppies were born naturally, and the other three required a C-section at the Sandy Animal Clinic on Thursday, Feb. 1, because one pup was larger than the rest. “She had a […]

The Calgary Fire Department’s Aquatic Team was called on to make an unusual water rescue Sunday afternoon in the area of the Bearspaw Dam. The Department’s Deb Bergeson says the Silver Spring Station got a call about a dog in the river. She says divers were sent in to bring the pooch to shore. Despite […]

What once was lost has now been found, and Brendan Awe is anxious no more. Beau, the constant companion and helpmate for the 16-year-old boy, was returned to Brendan’s side Saturday afternoon after a fellow dog lover realized that the chocolate Labrador found wandering along N.C. 53 a week ago was the same service dog […]

They’ve given her love, medical treatment, food and a home. Most importantly, they’ve given her hope for a new and better life. Prompted by her eldest son, Nick Foughty, Niki Wright and her boyfriend, Jeff Freeh, recently took in a malnourished, sickly and abandoned dog they found on the side of a Perry County road […]




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