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Teenagers have online cliques at MySpace, students star in Facebook, LinkedIn is an internet networking stage for professionals, and dogs and their human counterparts run with the pack at Dogster. San Francisco-based Dogster is a flourishing social networking website for canines, referred to as “animal companions” instead of “pets” in the politically correct City by […]

Expectation and excitement filled the air outside the Kahuku Public & School Library before it opened Thursday as children waited to read to an audience that was all ears — dog ears. Faces beamed and children trailed behind as a black labradoodle, a black labrador and a Welsh corgi made their way to a large […]

A blind man from Sebec was reunited with his Seeing Eye dog Sunday morning after accidentally leaving the animal in the Augusta Wal-Mart parking lot. Augusta police said the dog was picked up by a delivery driver who found the 6-year-old black Labrador retriever known as Colby after finding him apparently abandoned in the shopping […]

It was a happy reunion for a dog and his owners. Tiffany Garcia’s dog had been missing for three years when she got a call this weekend that her beloved pet had been found. The pet had a chip implanted in its body that helped authorities find Garcia. The dog disappeared three years ago when […]

Call it a case of puppy love — or maybe kitten love is more appropriate. Sprinkle, a 1-year-old white Chihuahua owned by Westminster resident Teresa Coale, considers the newest addition to the household her new puppy. Her new “puppy” is actually a 2-week-old black kitten. Sprinkle regularly grooms the kitten, licking its face and body. […]

A dog missing since last fall has been reunited with her family, thanks to the kindness of strangers. Molly, a basset hound, disappeared on a windy October day after the gate to the Galipeau family’s fenced-in yard blew open. She had gone missing before and was returned after wandering in the neighborhood. This time was […]

People may think Catherine Rapinchuk is joking when she tells how she and her new dog, Toto, came to find each other. She’s not. The key element of that story, of course, involves a tornado. Because of a natural disaster in the town of Holly — Toto’s tragedy — and the disappearance of Rapinchuk’s own […]

“Our mission is to promote humane principles, to protect lost, homeless, abandoned and mistreated animals and to act as advocates for the animals in the community.” That’s the mission of the Animal Friends Humane Society in Trenton. A Hamilton woman would like to rewrite that mission statement — and after she was done, it couldn’t […]

STAFF and customers at a pub have raised the final few pounds to reach their £5,000 target for The Guide Dogs for the Blind Association so that they can sponsor a guide dog puppy. The final push for funds came at a fun day at The Bell, Sandy, where there was a guide dog display, […]

A dog belonging to a fishing enthusiast was treated by a vet with a diet of banana sandwiches in order to remove a fishing hook from the stomach. Candy, a Jack Russell owned by Elwyn Thomas was accompanying her owner on a fishing trip when she jumped into the river after the bait. The plucky […]

Your dog may be a lot smarter than you think, according to a new study conducted by European scientists. Like many animals, dogs have long been known to copy human actions by imitation — for example, for a dog to pick up a ball with its mouth after it sees a human pick up a […]

A family’s pet dog which was recently stolen out of his own yard by two young men has been found and is back home. Tino, a Giant Malamute who belongs to the Tom Morris family of East Lake Drive, was found by Morris on Friday after he received an anonymous tip about where the dog […]

Dog owners who walk their dogs are more active and have less body fat than non-owners and non-walkers, according to a study presented today at the 54th American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting in New Orleans. Dog ownership was associated with higher levels of self-reported leisure-time physical activity in the study, which examined […]

Which came first, the designer or the jewelry? In Dania De Bortoli’s case, the jewelry beat her by about 80 years. The Fairfield jewelry and purse designer creates opulent adornments using beads and intricate cast metal pieces taken from vintage art nouveau and art deco jewelry. A businesswoman with a background in project management, De […]

ENTHUSIASTIC dog walkers went on a four-mile trek to raise money for charity. And those without a dog did not miss out – they took toy ones instead. One person even dressed up as cartoon favourite Scooby Doo to get into the spirit. There were 22 people on the walk, which started in Cemetery Road, […]

A PIONEERING initiative which encourages youngsters to read more has received a warm welcome from education experts, parents and children. Already a massive success in America, Reading Education Assistance Dogs (Read) are specially-trained to sit with children and encourage them to enjoy books and reading. Scotts is the country’s first trained reading dog and he […]

A dog, who went missing after Hurricane Wilma two years ago, was reunited with her family. Chris Devilliers, 14, was so excited to see his 5-year-old dog Bella, that he skipped his end of school party Wednesday. Bella was found undernourished and anemic with white gums, said Miami-Dade County Animal Control Officer Lisa Yambrich. At […]

A family’s dog is being credited for waking everyone up in a burning house early this morning in the village of Mazomanie, allowing the family to escape the flames without injury. The fire happened at the home of Paul and Debra Hoffman, 18 Emily Road, at about 1:30 a.m., said Mazomanie Fire Chief Walter Peterson. […]

The girl was labeled a “selective mute.” Traumatized as an infant, she chose not to speak to people for seven years of her childhood. Her first words, when they came, were directed to a big, furry German shepherd who listened carefully. The boy was autistic. Typical of that disorder, he shunned human contact and the […]

Jonathan Hartzell could not possibly have a better friend than Cojack, a Jack Russell Terrier. The 15-year old was deep in slumber late Thursday afternoon at his home on Lakeview Place when Cojack’s bark roused him to attention. Jonathan was surprised to find himself surrounded by smoke. The house was on fire. Both the teenager […]

She hears the whispers when she walks into a store with Conrad, dressed in a green jacket, at her side. “Theyll say, Shes blind,” Sally Fleming-McCullagh says and smiles. “I usually like to make eye contact with them.” A member of Paws With a Purpose, Fleming-McCullagh is raising one of six Labrador retrievers the valley […]

Hero the dog is en route from Iraq to New Hampshire. U.S. Rep. Paul Hodes says the puppy that Army Spc. Justin Rollins rescued off the streets of Samarra the day before he died has a health certificate and a travel plan for her trip to New Hampshire. If all goes well, the dog is […]

The way Krissie the cat is filling in for Miranda the dog, she just might just warrant a Mother of the Year nomination. Miranda is a dachshund, one of 31 dogs recently plucked away from a Union Grove dog hoarder. Twenty-seven of the dogs were discovered March 25 crammed into dog carriers in a locked […]

It’s a sobering – and sometimes overlooked – statistic from the Iraq War. Of the more than 22,000 troops injured in the conflict, more than 500 have come home as amputees. A New York organization and a Chicago-area teenager are coming to their aid through the VetDogs program, which provides service dogs to such veterans. […]

A long-running custody dispute over two dogs lost in Hurricane Katrina ended Tuesday when the Florida women who adopted the animals after the storm agreed to give them back. “This is what we wanted from the beginning, our dogs being back home,” Doreen Couture said at an emotional news conference. Steve and Doreen Couture and […]

Desperate to deal with her dog’s destructive behavior, Leah Grape turned to popping pills — not for herself but for her pooch. A generic form of the antidepressant Prozac was a way to calm her Kobe, a Doberman mix who suffered from severe separation anxiety. “When he broke off his canine teeth in the crate […]

A 4-year-old Boston terrier is one lucky dog after a duplex was heavily damaged by fire in Vergennes Tuesday afternoon. Firefighters said the fire started in the living room of one of the units near the high school but the cause appears to be accidental. After nearly an hour of fighting the fire, firefighters found […]

A 70-pound Rottweiler that alerted its sleeping owners to a fire in their house has been honored by the Mount Clemens Fire Department with a huge, 2-foot-long rawhide bone. It was the first time the fire department ever presented a heroism award to a four-legged creature, according to fire Capt. Gregg Shipman. “This modern-day Lassie […]

Mable McCormick is going to get her dog back. Toby, the 3-year-old keeshond credited with saving the 93-year-old Greensburg woman’s life as a tornado demolished her home Friday, was located by veterinarians working the disaster Monday. “We’ve got our hero back,” McCormick’s daughter, Donna Hunter, said Tuesday. Toby was with relatives in Dodge City a […]

Torre used to shake as his paws pressed against steel grates like those found on fire escapes. On Tuesday morning, the Czechoslovakian shepherd barely flinched. Handler Alan Bennett, a deputy sheriff with the Broome County Sheriff’s Office, said the Southern Tier Police Canine Association’s agility/obstacle course on Airport Road in the Town of Maine has […]

Nine-year-old jack russell terrier George is being honoured with a posthumous bravery medal for saving five New Zealand children from an attack by two pit bulls. The medal from the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) comes after US Vietnam veteran Jerrell Hudman said he was sending his Purple Heart medal to […]

Turner & Hooch may be the No. 1 dog and human detective team in the movies, but locally, it’s Pam Hawley and her chocolate Labrador, Lilly. Hawley said her four-legged friend has an uncanny knack for finding other people’s money. “He’s got a real good nose,” Hawley said. “He would make a good police dog. […]

RCMP dog handler Const. Aaron Sheedy, 33, and his drug-sniffing partner, Memphis, a three-year-old black Labrabador retriever, search for dope on a Westjet plane being readied for takeoff at Pearson Airport in Toronto. Memphis dashes through the aisle of the empty Boeing 737 as Sheedy grips her leash. She’s sniffing for dope hidden in the […]

A dog purchased by the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office in November 2006 is off to a great start. Mik began attending his K-9 basic training in January and passed his Oregon Police Canine Association just two weeks ago. He should complete his required training course at the end of the week. The dog and his […]

A kayak was key to saving a dog’s life for a former Ontario politician’s grandson Sunday night. Max Laughren, 15, was getting ready to eat dinner at his grandfather Floyd’s when he said his mother came in panicked about a dog stranded out on the lake. “She was panicked and then ran out again,” Laughren […]

A dog with a nose for smoke woke his owners early today when the family house caught fire. Ypsilanti Township Fire Capt. Brad Johnson said the dog “kind of saved the day for them” when it started barking at about 3:45 a.m. He said the dog’s owner got up to see what the problem was. […]

A PET dog was rescued when a blaze ripped through a family home. And it has been claimed that the fire caused much more damage than it should have – because firefighters had no water. Sait Tezgel, 30, returned to his home in Hillfield Avenue, Hornsey, on Monday evening to find smoke billowing from the […]

A dramatic rescue of a four-legged friend ends successfully Wednesday morning. A dog was stuck on the edge of a cliff in southern Pulaski County. Workers at a nearby welding company heard it barking and risked their lives to try to rescue her. Two people, a welder and an animal rescue assistant, clung to the […]

A puppy is recovering after being found tied up in a bin bag under some bushes. The tan and white cross-breed was found by a member of the public walking their dogs in Branston Water Park, Lichfield Road, Burton, Staffordshire. The pets began sniffing in some bushes and it was only when their owner investigated […]

In Wednesday’s bright spot, there’s a lot of puppy love to go around at one nursing home in Cumberland County. An 8-year-old chocolate lab named Ella along with a 10-week-old black lab-golden retriever mix Casey are temporary residents at Green Ridge Village in Newville. A cat also roams the halls there. The animals were brought […]

A Brooklyn man accused of dog-napping a litter of pit bull puppies in Stapleton over the weekend could face up to 15 years in the pound. Cops say Joshua McKinney, 20, kicked in the front door of Jeanette Roman’s Canal Street home Saturday afternoon, wrapped seven 3-day-old pit bulls in a blanket and ran. Ms. […]

A half dozen balls of fluff sat in the glass enclosure at ZooQuatic Pet Center in Christiansburg on Wednesday morning. The puppies pawed at the glass, all but saying, “Pick me.” They rolled on their backs, exposing soft, pink tummies primed for rubbing. They were cute. They were fuzzy. They looked like the perfect thing […]

From her home, a woman watched a tragic situation unfold before her eyes, but then she saved an animal’s life. Daniel Dexter Darling Jr., an ex-con, is facing charges of animal cruelty, police said. Darling’s neighbor, Kelly Ann Vanvoorde, said she saw, Floosie, a 1-year-old Jack Russel Terrier, in a cage on Darling’s balcony on […]

Lynn DeKrey got interested in saving golden retrievers when she saw a group’s booth at a dog show, but she never thought she would be doing it three months after signing up. DeKrey, of Steele, was among volunteers who helped take 83 goldens from the Apple Creek Kennel last weekend. They were removed from longtime […]

SARATOGA SPRINGS * Two local organizations are going to the dogs. Fundraisers for HOPE Animal Rescue and AIM Services Inc. will be held on April 21 and 22, respectively. Walkers don’t have to bring a dog to participate in either event, but well-behaved pooches are welcome at both. All dogs must be leashed and have […]

Fire officials say three people were inside a home at 3506 Hillcroft Ave. SW in Wyoming, when the fire started just after 4:00 Sunday morning. The family dog woke everyone up, getting them all out safely. Family members say there are smoke detectors with batteries inside the home, but they did not go off. The […]

A quick-acting 14-year-old boy most likely saved a dog’s life and kept a house from being devoured in flames Friday. Michael Statler was playing basketball with a friend in the driveway of his grandmother’s residence in the 2000 block of Dresden Avenue when he noticed flames in the living room window of a house across […]

Seven puppies stuck in a Dallas storm drain are safe after quick action by Operation Kindness. The rescue workers pulled seven puppies out of the drain before the rain moved in Monday afternoon. The six-week-old Boxer-Terrier mix puppies are now safe and in good condition. The drama unfolded over the weekend when three girls noticed […]

Formed in 1996 by founder Judy Quinliven,and operated out of her house iRecycled Critter Rescue (RCR) is a small shelter in Northglenn, developed from a need to save healthy, good natured cats and dogs from certain death. Whether on the street or in a shelter, the likely end for most of these animals is an […]

A beloved dog has been found, nine days after being stolen by burglars from a home in Bolingbrook. Officials in Bolingbrook told CBS 2 West Suburban Bureau Chief Mike Puccinelli Saturday morning that the pug named Pixie had been returned. Burglars broke into the home last Thursday and stole Pixie, along with a computer and […]




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