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A Canadian canine turns a near tragedy into a world record. Striker, a 10-year-old border collie from Quebec City, set a new Guinness world record for rolling down a car window. Striker managed to lower the window in 11 seconds. That’s two seconds faster than the previous record, which he also set. The dog originally […]

It only took four long legs and two giant ears to put a smile back on my husband’s face. We didn’t visit Mickey Mouse at Disney World; we welcomed a new dog to our life. It’s only been weeks since Sowebo passed away, and I still start to call her name and have this feeling […]

Jill Logan’s hearty affection for pooches and people speaks through the wet, sloppy kisses that Gypsy — her red-nose American pit bull terrier — lavishes on perfect strangers. Every Friday for three years, the chocolate-colored canine has been her sweet-natured ambassador at the St. Lucie Surgery Center in Port St. Lucie. Here, Logan is the […]

Man’s best friend helped save a tiny cat. A 15-day-old female panther named Milica has been adopted by a Rhodesian Ridgeback after her mother refused to feed her and tried to kill her in the Belgrade Zoo. “The mother panther has killed all her cubs since 1999,” zookeeper Dragan Jovanovic said. “We believe she has […]

A baby chihuahua (puppy) born in Japan with a heart-shaped pattern on his coat becomes a national idol (see video) – almost like the Japanese version of Knut. A puppy named “Heart-kun” was born with a heart-shaped pattern on his coat. Born at a Dog shop in Japan, no make-up or modification has been added […]

A pooch named Eli is being trained as a rescue dog, and the first person he’s helping is his trainer. Tracy Tillman works at a shelter operated for nearly 30 years by the Humane Society of the Branson Tri-Lakes Area. The shelter takes in about 2,000 dogs and cats each year, and through the persistent […]

A 12-year-old cocker spaniel named Precious has a new spring in her step after receiving a pacemaker implant in her neck earlier this month. Her owner, Nancy Luhn, admits she was surprised when Dr. Robert E. Martin suggested a pacemaker. An irregular heartbeat caused syncope (syn-ko-pe) spells that made Precious briefly lose consciousness and fall […]

A Belgian Shepherd dog called Storm has become the world’s first pet to be fitted with a prosthetic paw. It is believed to be the first time that such an operation has been carried out and could provide hope for many humans. What makes the false limb special is that the dog’s skin can grow […]

Dressed in a mesh bodysuit, white hairnet, and purple apron, Litza Flores ran her finger along the top of the 3,400-pound pressure cooker one last time to make sure it was clean. “Are you ready?” Flores asked Susan Gee, the quality assurance manager at the Quakertown dog-food plant. Gee pulled out a swab and dabbed […]

MOST people would describe a dingo as a ginger dog with white paws, white-tipped tail and black muzzle, but the coat colours of dingoes varies widely, Australian National University visiting research fellow Dr David Jenkins says. “They can go from pale yellow right through to a dark biscuit brown, and all shades of ginger in […]

Let’s just get this out of the way at the beginning. All those jokes about Graham Smith’s business going to the dogs or the one about him being barking mad? He’s heard them all and will probably laugh all the way to the bank, anyway. Smith is a former advertising executive who has quite literally […]

A Scottish police force has launched a webcam to monitor the progress of its latest recruits – six newborn cocker spaniel puppies. The public can log on to Strathclyde Police’s website for updates on the progress of the pups, who will be trained as search dogs. Officers installed a camera in their kennels, which will […]

By all accounts, Tahoe is a typical kitten: cute, sleepy and hungry. But his eating habits are far from typical, as the stray’s been nursing from a 3-year-old dog named Lillie. Ever since the kitten was found under the hood of Eunice Collins’ running Chevrolet Tahoe a few weeks ago, he’s been feeding from the […]

A search for a missing toddler in North Carolina last week was successful thanks to the 23-month-old’s dog, whose barking led rescuers to the child. The Charlotte (N.C.) Observer said Monday that while more than 300 people searched for Connor Cummings last week, it was the child’s dog that ultimately helped the toddler be found. […]

Last week, Deputy Gil Flores of the Twin Peaks Sheriff Department discovered 150 marijuana plants after he investigated a suspicious circumstances call in Cedarpines Park. Kurt Norlander placed the call after his chocolate Labrador, Maple, had eaten a large quantity of marijuana. “We had a new neighbor move in a couple of weeks ago,” explained […]

There’s nothing like a mother’s love, even in the animal kingdom. 3 year-old Muffey, a Shih-Tzu in North County, has taken on the role of mother to four nursing kittens. The mama cat died of heart failure two weeks after giving birth and Muffey took over. Muffey had a litter of pups a couple years […]

TARRYTOWN – Renzo, an 80-pound German shepherd-Labrador mix, lounged on the living room carpet yesterday, taking in some extra attention – and not sure why he got some special biscuits and a new meaty bone. He is being hailed as a canine hero, Lassie-style, after alerting his owners to a Saturday morning fire in a […]

It’s a 4th of July tradition – cities across the country hold parades to celebrate Independence Day. In the city of Comfort, right here in south Texas, we found Army Sgt. Michael Boothby in the back of the crowd. Last year, he celebrated the 4th of July in Iraq. “Even when I was in high […]

Not long ago we adopted Maggie, a black Labrador retriever puppy. It was my 11-year-old son who had initially wanted the dog, but Maggie quickly become a family project – and I suddenly found myself as the newly appointed project manager. One of the first things we did after taking Maggie home was to sign […]

A Great Dane dog in Manchester has given birth to 16 puppies after a grueling 20 hours in labor, leaving her owners perplexed over what to do with the vast litter. But despite Macey’s success, she hasn’t broken the world record of 24 puppies born to a Cambridgeshire dog in 2005. Macey’s proud owners Daniel […]

On a foggy morning in Morro Bay, a 3-year-old golden retriever named Saint is so stoked he can hardly stand it. It’s not just because there are birds he can chase — though Saint certainly likes to chase birds. It’s more because his owner is prepping his board and the conditions today are glassy. At […]

Just call him “superpuppy.” A South Windsor man picking up his children Friday afternoon from summer camp in Windsor found that the family’s 7-month-old puppy, Chewie, was smarter than he thought. The man – who asked that his name be withheld to avoid ridicule – had dashed into Oliver Ellsworth School to collect his two […]

Every morning, 10-year-old D.J. Standley goes out to play with his dog, a golden retriever named Nitro. To those passing by D.J.’s Burlington home, it would look like a normal scene: a boy enjoying time with his pet. But it’s much more important than that. D.J. has a high-functioning form of autism, and Nitro is […]

A CANINE hero stabbed protecting a man from a mugger is back home after surgery. Kaiser the Staffordshire bull terrier was seriously injured on Saturday, while saving Craig Cunningham from an assailant. Mr Cunningham, 31, from Moorclose, Workington, looks after his friend’s pet dog on a regular basis and was walking the dog between 10.30pm […]

Marti Healy believes God gave man dominion over the creatures of the earth with strings attached: Rule with kindness, love unconditionally and listen for lessons of the heart. A lifelong animal lover, Healy has discovered a deep spirituality in her relationships with dogs and cats, lessons she explores in her book, “The God-Dog Connection“. The […]

Aniki is one tough and lucky Rottweiler as he managed to spend 29 days lost in the woods of Mount Seymour before being rescued by strangers. The four-year-old dog was found on Saturday by a female hiker who saw him on her way to Brockton Point on the mountain. She saw the dog before telling […]

Paula Kelley is a reading volunteer on Tuesdays for the Grand Traverse/Antrim Migrant Summer School at Lakeland Elementary School in Elk Rapids. Bear, her golden retriever/collie mix, is a reading therapy dog. They could go by car, but that’s 50 minutes away. Instead, they take a 22-foot powerboat on a 15-minute jaunt across East Bay, […]

A stolen puppy found at a Del City apartment complex led investigators to a stash of stolen items, police said. Bethany and Del City police officers recovered stolen items from one of the apartments after questioning five juveniles about recent burglaries in Bethany. If the puppy had not been found, police probably wouldn’t have recovered […]

A puppy found hobbling in the Kuwaiti desert has ended up at Colorado State University, where she might be a candidate for an experimental prosthesis that could one day help humans. Sally, a Saluki, was spotted in the desert several months ago by a volunteer with animal welfare group PAWS and taken to a shelter […]

A member of the Bryant police force retired Monday night at the age of 84, but in dog years. The Bryant City Council honored Velick, a 12-year-old German Shepherd with a plaque during a special retirement presentation. The dog has been with the department since 2001. Velick also served with the Saline County Sheriff’s Office […]

Wednesday afternoon, a 125-pound Great Pyrenees in the Union Valley area became trapped up to its neck in a what firefighters describe as a “quicksand pit” made up of water, sand and mud at least four feet deep. The treacherous pit formed because of all the rain the county has received in the past few […]

Who’s in charge at your house? You – or your dog? If you answered in the latter category, you’re not alone. Maria Ryan, who has been training people on training their dogs for a decade, says the biggest mistake pet owners make involves exercise. Most dogs don’t get enough. “If more people would walk their […]

Bob the Bernese mountain dog doesn’t know how lucky he is. Abandoned shortly after birth, Bob is on his way from Mankato to a new home in Vancouver, British Columbia — via a ride to northern Wyoming with a Good Samaritan. Waiting for him will be two little girls and their parents just aching to […]

Each week one third-grade student at Fountain Lake Elementary School leaves class for 30 minutes for a special time with Buddy. Buddy is a beautiful collie who recently moved to Hot Springs Village from Madison, Wis., with his owners, Carla and Howard Olson. He has been trained from the time he was a puppy to […]

For nearly three weeks, employees spent hours unsuccessfully trying to locate a dog they heard yelping from somewhere in the mountains above the Hawaii Nature Center in Iao Valley. On Wednesday, persistence paid off when Steven Fischer found the emaciated female heeler mix on an 8-foot ledge above a 400-foot cliff. “I knew there was […]

Before coming to the rescue of others on the silver screen, Ginger, the Spa City’s newest celebrity, had to be saved herself. The spunky Irish terrier and star of the film “Firehouse Dog” became a famous rescue dog only after she received a second chance at life as a puppy. Now, after months of acting […]

It’s called Slentrol and it’s the first drug aimed at helping pudgy pooches shed some pounds. Those at CSU College of Veterinary Medicine say it’s due out in May, but they’ve gotten a chance to take at a look at it. “I don’t think this is a huge marketing ploy because when you have half […]

Like all other rare and endangered non-domesticated animals, baby White Tigers require extremely species-specific nutrition and care. They, require feeding every 2 hours, 24 hours a day for the first 3 weeks of their life. The mother of these tiger cubs in El-Mahdia, Tunisia refuses to feed them or doesn’t have enough milk. Local veterinary […]

A rescue team navigated flooded farmland in a boat to save a 70-year-old woman and her dog from rising floodwaters and made another critical rescue, a pot of stew from the woman’s stove. Geneva Taptto frantically began calling for help Wednesday when she realized her rural home near Walters was surrounded by floodwaters. Local sheriff’s […]

Friday was a very lucky day for Pedro, a 2-year-old black and white Havanese dog that had been missing for two weeks. Although a little disheveled, many ticks and a limping hind leg the little critter greeted his family with a wagging body and kisses. The New York City canine had accompanied its owner Jeanne […]

For 18-year-old Darah Gerou, it’s a matter of pride. Gerou, who uses a wheelchair, has worked for months to make her senior project at Poway High School the most awesome one in her class. So determined is she to prove to classmates – and perhaps herself – that her cerebral palsy will never slow her […]

You could call it the Ritz-Carlton hotel approach to boarding and kenneling your dog – doggy condominiums for the pampered pooch. Bend Pet Resort earlier this year introduced the first doggy condos to Central Oregon after dog owners continually requested something more upscale. “People would bring me their dogs and ask me, ‘Can’t you just […]

Pet food’s been a hot topic as of late. There’ve been product recalls, contaminated wheat gluten, salmonella-laced pet treats, and lots of recipes for “homemade” pet food. When we heard the news on our ranch, we didn’t have to rush out and check the label on our dog food. I guess you could say our […]

At two weeks old, the five kittens in the Hester household are starting to show some independence. When Emmy, the only girl in the litter, stretches her legs and makes her way out of the box, it’s Bailey who picks her up by the scruff of her neck and carries her back. And it’s Bailey […]

When man’s best friend goes missing all stops are pulled out to reunite the two – but one north Suffolk woman has gone further than most, chartering a helicopter to find her missing pets. Sabrina Wheetman has spent anxious weeks scouring the south Norfolk and north Suffolk countryside since Spook and Buffy escaped her garden […]

If you thought that outsourcing was true of just the IT industry, you need to live a dog’s life to know how not true it is. Dog owners in Mumbai are fast discovering the comfort of a new phenomenon called “dogsourcing”. With most dog owners finding it difficult to spend quality time with their pets, […]

Jango, a Belgian Malinois, and Rocky, a German shepherd, have stood up to armed criminals for years with no protection. Until now. A ninth-grader from Shaler has raised $5,000 to purchase bulletproof vests for the two pooches, as well as for two other trained dogs that work for the Allegheny County Sheriff’s Office. “This is […]

A miracle dog from Missouri is making a big difference for thousands of abandoned animals in the Triad. Quentin managed to survive a trip to the gas chamber in 2003. Now he’s convincing local leaders to shut down theirs. “There’s this dog standing on a pile of dead dogs,” says Quentin’s adopted dad Randy Grim. […]

PROFOUNDLY deaf Trevor Larke did not think a hearing dog would make much difference to a life he had almost given up on. That was until the former Greene King brewery worker and his wife Jean were introduced to Megan – a specially trained terrier cross who has utterly transformed their existence and on one […]

Ever have a pet that was lost? A lot of people know the feeling of what it is like to have their pet be lost, it is hurts emotionally to know that they might be hurt somewhere and you cannot help in any way, shape, or form at that moment in time. Mickey, the Boston […]




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