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Judith Price, a Birmingham Post reader, from the United Kingdom has been drawn at random to have the honor of naming cuddly German Shepherd puppy which was born into the breeding program of the West Midland Police. More than 300 people came up with names but Judith’s idea to name him Brim after the city […]

Used to be you went out, closed and locked the door and that was that. Let the dog alone until late at night. If he’s destructive, in the bathroom he goes. But as time and manner have have progressed, so does the way we see and treat the pets we invited to live with us. […]

Tillman is an English bulldog. A smart one and sporty! Tillman, you see, likes to skateboard. Yes, you read that right: this dog likes to skateboard and he can skateboard. With three paws on the board he uses the fourth to gain speed. He’s very good at it, being able to steer to both sides […]

In Tampa Florida authorities report that 82-year-old Alice Ferrari and her 83-year-old friend Ted Kolanko stood a big chance of having died in last Saturday’s fire. Unlike his normal behavior the pooch woke the couple up at 4 AM. Exasperated Alice opened the door to let him out. But he ran out and right away […]

After apparently having solved all other serious problems the Israeli city of Petah Tikva, near Tel Aviv, is now ready to move on to more trivial issues such as dog poo. That’s not to say that the matter itself is handled trivially. Nooo… Dog owner are to head over to their nearest vet, have their […]

Attention: Good Animal News is not responsible for any excess production of drool while watching this video of a cute puppy. Nor can we be held responsible for any swooning or fainting or ….

The Scottsdale Police 911 call center received a 911 call on September 10 at about 11:45 AM. The 911 operator, Chris Trott, a veteran police dispatcher, had never had a call like this before. This call was from a dog. On the other end of the phone, she heard the whimpering and barking of “Buddy”, […]

Credit: chadmill Silver-gray Weimaraner with beautiful blue eyes. The way he buries his nose there you just *have* to cuddle him!

This puppy seems to be dreaming.

Puppy Nose, originally uploaded by dakotaduff. Only a puppy can lay this relaxed on the floor

A drunk Cambodian man became embroiled in an unfortunate genital incident when, as he was urinating through a fence, a happy little puppy on the other side bit onto his penis. News reports in Phnom Penh said that Kann Veasna was relieving himself through a hole in the fence after a hard day drinking wine […]

A DOG’S life has been saved by a blood donation from another pet. Rosie, a 10-year-old bearded collie, received a life-saving transfusion hours before an emergency operation to remove her spleen after developing tumours. Owner Lizzie Gault, from Lochwinnoch, Renfrewshire, said Rosie would not have survived the surgery without the blood donation as she was […]

Rarely is a regurgitated turkey gizzard the centerpiece of a charming story. When you add such characters as the overeager Pomeranian and the intrepid schoolgirl, the tale is more easily swallowed. Ten-year-old Tori Grimm’s family was cooking Thanksgiving dinner two weeks ago in their New Albany home. Five-year-old Gizmo peeked with interest over the dog […]

Bill Campbell used to have a near-phobia about dogs based on a bad childhood experience. But after suffering brain injuries from repeated explosions in Iraq and dealing with the resulting mental challenges, he might find that a dog raised by an inmate in New York is his best friend. Even his wife, Domenica Campbell, thinks […]

Police officer Rebecca Rosenblatt has a new partner. His name is Reese, and he cost $9,500. He came to the police department courtesy of the Millbrae Community Foundation. Reese is a 17-month-old German shepherd who is trained to track, search and protect, said Millbrae Police Cmdr. Marc Farber. Reese and Rosenblatt are now on the […]

The next time you see someone pushing a stroller, take a closer look. The occupant might be furry, four-legged and diaper-free. Dog strollers are the newest trend to hit the streets of Toronto. And the reasons range from all-out glamour to the more mundane. “We sell more when the weather gets nasty,” says Mike Fitzpatrick, […]

A dog and his owner have been reunited after last Friday’s horrific tanker crash along Interstate 95 in Waterford. The pit bull in a tractor-trailer struck by a tanker truck on the highway was reunited with his owner over the weekend. As chaos broke out on I-95, a heroic pit bull remained calm, sitting in […]

Izzie the Great Dane had been expecting four new pups, but after going into labour she just kept delivering, and delivering, and delivering. Twenty-four hours later, the new mum was celebrating the arrival of 15 new babies – six short of the world record. It has all comes as something of a shock to owners […]

You’ve heard of dogs being used to sniff out bombs, drugs, even track people when their trails go cold. But how about dogs that can sniff out potentially dangerous mold in people’s homes? One company says it’s true. They say their 3-year-old Giant Schnauzer is a four-legged mold inspector. These days Ebony is making the […]

Boo Boo the Chihuahua is the world smallest dog. At just four inches tall, the diminutive dog in Raceland, Kentucky now has the very big title of smallest in the world. The Guinness Book of World Records made it official. Lana Elswick says her Chihuahua Boo-Boo was born the size of her thumb. Elswick says […]

A Dallas family lost everything when fire ripped through their home around 5:30 a.m. Sunday. The family was sound asleep when an electrical outlet caught fire in the 2600 block of Birmingham Avenue in South Dallas. Clifford Brown and his mother Betty were asleep when the fire broke out. Then their family dog Lucy jumped […]

Dogs have the ability to do some of the most amazing things. They help lead the blind, find missing people, and even help police catch bad guys. You’ve probably never seen a dog who can help detect diabetes in a human. In fact, we may have found the only one like her in the San […]

Two young Chicago boys were honored Thursday for their efforts to enhance the safety of police dogs. Jonathan and David Walker-Moses, ages 5 and 6, were recognized at the Chicago police headquarters. Earlier this summer, the boys held a garage sale and donated all the proceeds to help buy a vest for a Chicago police […]

SAM the German shepherd dog has been given a police bravery award after he was nearly strangled while trying to detain a suspect in Nuneaton. The nine-year-old police dog was on duty with partner PC Ian Head when a car drove past without any lights in September last year. Suspecting the car was stolen, PC […]

A pit bull puppy named Miracle is recovering from burns on her body. The Detroit Free Press reports the 2-month-old dog is the sole survivor of a litter of five who died Saturday night in an arson at an abandoned home in Detroit. An animal rescue service took the bandaged pup to a veterinarian in […]

A border collie in England may redefine “dog tired” after surviving nine days in a car trunk by going into a type of hibernation. Tamer Jones, who owned Gale, all but gave up hope of finding the dog after it disappeared from her farm in Fylingthorpe, the Daily Mail reported Tuesday. It turns out Gale […]

A champion whippet missing from her home on a farm in Damascus for several weeks was reunited with her owners over the weekend. Randy Jaeger said he and his wife, Dianna, were taking their regular walk to look for her, when their whippet, Sunny, came running out of the woods on their neighbor’s farm Saturday […]

A doberman in Australia that was rescued earlier from an animal shelter, repaid his new owners in time by saving their 17-month-old daughter from a deadly snake. Khan, as his new owners call him, picked up Charlotte Svillicic by his teeth and threw her over his shoulder. In so doing, the dog took the bite […]

For almost a year now, RNC. Const. Russ Moores has been bringing his partner home with him at the end of his shift. His name is Rocky, and he’s a bomb-detection dog. The demand for police service dogs trained in explosives detection increased throughout North America after the terrorist attacks of 9/11. When the Royal […]

A motorcycle crash almost took a woman’s life in September, but her rescuer was on his paws and ready to help. On Thursday, Suzanne Fitzsimmons was reunited with her rescuer, Max, a dog who was adopted by Ursula Trudeau two weeks before Fitzsimmons’ crash. “I’ve had lots of dogs but never had an experience like […]

This was a pit bull mauling everyone can cheer. Except Anthony Easley. Easley, 37, was arraigned Thursday on charges of an attempted sexual assault and burglary that took place four months ago in San Jose. It was an attack stopped, and ultimately solved, authorities say, by the ferocious protectiveness of Maya, a 4-year-old pit bull […]

Hooch Chapman, the 98-pound dog struck by a train Wednesday near Verdi, is living another day. The 7-year-old Labrador retriever mix underwent surgery Thursday at Community Animal Hospital in northwest Reno, where he is recovering from massive injuries. “I think it’s going to be pretty good,” Dr. John Koehm said of Hooch’s prognosis. Jay Chapman, […]

Taipei – A 16-year-old dog has become the talk of the town in Taipei after it travelled 50 kilometres to find its way home, only to be abandoned again by its new owner, Taiwanese media and a dog rescue agency said Thursday. The dog, a local mix named Hsiao Huang (Little Yellow), was left to […]

Travis the German Shepherd has swopped walkies for wheelies. The nine-year-old is zipping around the streets of Wigan again after being fitted with his very own specialist canine buggy. Travis suffers from a degenerative spinal illness called CDRM which has progressively robbed him of the use of his back legs. There is no treatment currently […]

On Tuesday our family dog Roxy, was attacked by a swarm of hornets. She was tied up outside our house and got tangled around a vine and stepped on the nest. Roxy was stung hundreds of times. The police were called and rescued the dog from the bees and brought her to the Byram Animal […]

Imagine waking up to darkness. An estimated 10 million Americans wake up every morning in darkness, according to the American Foundation for the Blind, and with an American going blind every seven minutes many more people will learn to live in the dark, the foundation said. But they are getting four-legged help. The world famous […]

Words can barely explain the gratitude felt by a Calgary woman towards four firefighters who came to the rescue of her 15-year-old Chihuahua accidentally locked in the car. This past summer, Charlotte Barber was popping up to drop something off in her southwest apartment when she realized she had locked her keys in her car […]

The fire began Early Saturday morning in the 2800 block of Homewood Drive. Elizabeth Wilhelm was awakened by the barking of “Puppy no Name”. It’s the name she gave the dog after it showed up on her doorstep last February. “The dog was up on my front porch here. It was skin and bones and […]

Speedy Gonzales may be “the fastest mouse in all Mexico” but he’s got nothing on another tiny terror with roots south of the border – Maddy the Chihuahua from New York City. The 2-year-old, 4-1/2-pound pup won the title of America’s Fastest Chihuahua yesterday, leaving 14 rivals in the dust as she covered a 35-foot […]

Last July the staff of “Go North!” visited the KARE 11 morning shows to explain their educational adventure . and to invite viewers to name a husky puppy. Three thousand suggestions later, the puppy has a name – and so do five of her brothers and sisters. That puppy – now much bigger – joined […]

Gisborne’s newest guide dog puppy has been born, with no shortage of appetite. “Coastie” was brought into the world on July 10, immediately scurrying under his mother’s belly for a feed. He is the first puppy to be born and raised with money collected by Gisborne Bayleys Real Estate. The name may change as Coastie […]

Mark Rinkel is spending his summer selling lemonade to raise money for his 9-year-old brother, who has Type I diabetes. Jason Rinkel is in line for a service dog that would alert him or a family member if the boy’s sugar levels drop to an extremely low or high level. “It is unpredictable,” said Marisa […]

A woman hours away from death was saved by her pet dog when it woke her sleeping husband as she fell into a coma. Nursery nurse Sandie Forbes, 53, owes her life to pet Molly after the early morning drama. It was only the Jack Russell’s yapping which alerted Mrs Forbes’ husband that she was […]

Missouri State Water Patrolman Ryan Zeller’s partner can really cause a reaction when they are out and about patrolling. At about 65 pounds and two-and-a-half feet tall, Timmy has been patrolling area waters with Zeller since April and is only one of two water patrol dogs in the state. The other dog is at Lake […]

Freesia is not only soft, friendly, pretty and a good kisser, but she is also a very smart worker. Freesia is one of two dogs with the Vermont State Police Explosives Detection K-9 units. She lives and works every day with her handler, Trooper Robert Lucas, a certified bomb technician, out of the Middlesex barracks. […]

A dog swims more than 4km every day to nurse her newborn puppies who are stranded on an island. The dog, already a celebrity in Chongqing city, is called Huahua by local people. She gave birth to four pups at Shanhuba, which has become an island in the Changjiang River due to the heavy rains […]

Seventeen months after Delta Dawn’s disappearance, Amanda Williams admits she had lost hope. “I had a gut feeling I would never see her again,” Williams said of the Boston terrier that turns 7 today at the Rhodes Drive home where she lived until she was 5 and scooted out an open gate. Described by Williams […]

DIVINE INTERVENTION is the registered name of the white shepherd puppy delivered to Ashleigh Mill’s door yesterday. Sydney dog breeder Angela Sneddon gave the $1000 nine-week-old puppy to Ashleigh, 15, of Boronia, after reading about her on the dog-lover website dogzonline.com.au. A family friend, dog trainer Glenn Cooke, had posted a message on the website’s […]

Bob the Dog has been found and is safe at the Woodbridge Animal Hospital where he waiting for his owner J.D. to come and get him. A woman saw Bob wandering on Interstate 95 Sunday night, rescued him from the highway and took him to the animal hospital, said Tracy Cloninger who was on duty […]

Quinte West’ OPP canine is better protected thanks to the efforts of a 10-year-old Quinte West girl. Drew Ayotte, of Murray Ward, presented Quinte West OPP Const. Albert Deluca with enough cash — money she raised herself — to purchase six canine first aid kits. The $425, which was raised through Ayotte’s school, and church, […]




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