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By Victoria Lau One of my favorite books, and subsequent favorite feel-good movies is “Marley and Me” by John Grogan. If you’re not familiar with the autobiographical novel, the central character is the family dog – a yellow lab named Marley. Marley is an uncontrollable, high-strung dog that the family just can’t help but love […]

training can be a fun hobby for you and your dog! Is your dog the star of the dog park? Does he move like a speeding bullet? Jump like a jackrabbit? If the answer is yes, and your dog consistently obeys standard commands such as sit, stay, down and heel, then you may be ready […]

by The Daily Dunklin Democrat Dog lovers from around the area are invited to come have a howling good time on Tuesday, Oct. 26, as Sudsy Puppy Grooming Salon hosts a pet costume contest for area canines. The event is scheduled to take place at 6:30 p.m., at the American Legion Building in Kennett. Participants […]

Credit: *CA* What a cute spider!!! Never thought those two words, cute and spider, could be used in thesame phrase..lol

Credit: Svadilfari Thank you for helping, mutt! LOL ( I would not say that in his face though…)

e Last Chance for Animals event that got underway at La Brea Tar Pits in Los Angeles had a high profile visitor. Musician Pink, who made it a point to attend the event, extended her support for the movement’s ‘Adopt, Don’t Shop’ initiative and to celebrate Puppy mill awareness day. The event was launched with […]

By DAILY MAIL REPORTER Isn’t that tweet: Flint the spaniel DOESN’T make a dog’s dinner out of tiny sparrow friend Chicky. They were originally bred as hunting dogs who would think nothing of gobbling up a tiny bird as a tasty snack. But cocker spaniel Flint went against all his natural instincts to befriend this […]

By Aprill Brandon A new grassroots organization is forming in Victoria to help rescue and find homes for as many pets as possible. Although the group is still in the early stages of forming, the Crossroads Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation groupwants to people and businesses involved from the start, co-founder Chyanne Lakey said. On Tuesday, […]

By PETER DOWNS Who said cats are the only ones with nine lives? A Thorold pooch thought to have died in a roaring house fire Tuesday afternoon was eventually pulled from the ashes by firefighters and is on the mend. The dog, an 18-month old golden doodle named Chico, was trapped inside for more than […]

By Yesenia Robles The Humane Society of Boulder Valley had their second-largest adoption day ever today, placing 106 cats and dogs in new homes. The line of people waiting to adopt gathered even before the doors opened this morning for a free cat and kitten adoption special event. Most of today’s 106 adoptions were cats, […]

A 2-month-old puppy left quivering in fear after four teenagers kicked, punched and threw it through a basketball hoop has a new home. The black labrador pup has been adopted by Dave Readings, the police sergeant who was called to the park in Papakura, South Auckland, last weekend after reports the teenagers were abusing the […]

Stories of survival for a horse, a dog and a cute cat Have you ever wondered what happened to a certain animal whose story of triumph or tragedy you read in The Province? To satisfy your curiosity, we caught up with three famous fur-bearers: a prancer, a pooch and a pussycat. SUNDANCE Snowmobilers were stunned […]

Credit: MikQuattro They are absolutely darling!. Who can resist their adorable face!!! They are highly “huggable”:)

By Charles Roberts A few days ago, Marybeth Nicola, manager of Victoria Village Apartments in Highland, noticed a small mother dog just over the fence from her apartment complex in the back parking lot of Food 4 Less. She found that the dog was nursing small puppies and then found that she was also nursing […]

By LISA HONEYBONE Don’t be fooled by his innocent puppy eyes, this golden retriever has a serious job to do. Guide dog puppy-in-training Fintan has been living with Sue Drinkwater and her daughter Sarah since April 21 when he was six weeks old. Kristin School student Sarah volunteered to be a puppy walker for a […]

A Hungarian dog has been reunited with his owners after being sucked into the sky while still in his kennel during a windy storm. Agnes Tamas, 57, said she had chained her dog Bruno – who she has since renamed Lucky – to his kennel when he was swept away by what she described as […]

KTLA News LOS ANGELES — A woman and her daughter who had their Silky Terrier puppy stolen in a violent “fake car accident” robbery were reunited Tuesday with their beloved four-legged friend, according to police. The robbery happened June 14th. That’s when two men and two women collided, allegedly on purpose, with the car driven […]

From staff reports It was a rather easy rescue and certainly a rewarding one for Statesville Fire Department firefighter Rawdy Cox. For his efforts, Cox was rewarded with a couple of licks to the face from the puppy he rescued from a storm drain and with the smiling faces of the children who owned the […]

MANATEE COUNTY (Bay News 9) — Keith Wandell takes dogs no one else wants. The majority of his dogs have had it rough and it shows in their temperament. “I witnessed the guy that was in possession of Rufus Duct taping his muzzle, preparing him to be bait,” said Keith Wandell of Buddies Rescue. Full […]

By Kaitlin Urka Lambrini Lukidis KENTWOOD, Mich. (WZZM) – Five week old Maddie is adjusting well to her new home. Maddie, a puppy, was given to the Abel and Denise Soto by a WZZM 13 viewer. “I can see she’s going to be a good dog already, and we already love her to pieces,” said […]

Turns out, he’s a baby fox By The Ogden Reporter 2010 Sammi Blair, 7, of Ogden, approached her grandma and said, “Nanna, there’s a dog in our garage.” “I went out and saw what looked like a puppy,” her grandma Barb Clay said, “but when I picked it up I realized right away it was […]

By ERIN MATHEWS Salina Journal A Marquette teen is accused of punching a 9-year-old boy in the face and stealing his German shepherd puppy Tuesday. The boy’s mom said it might be a new low for Salina. “I was born and raised here, and I have never in my life read in the Salina Journal […]


Credit: ntisocl French Boston terrier: aren’t we the most precious lil thing ever!

Most dog owners would do anything to save their beloved pooch from harm. What we often don’t realize is that our canines would do the same for us, too. That’s just what happened when Ben Heinrichs, who lives with his mom and dad in a desolate and wooded area in Alaska, unintentionally set off a […]

Dogs retrieve all sorts of things. Add litter to the list. Since this coming Thursday is the 40th anniversary of Earth Day we had to mention EVIE the yellow Labrador Retriever who is the mascot for Keep Evansville Beautiful. Her mission in Evansville, Ind., according to her owner Susan Harp, is to keep people from […]

Credit: toocraze The gentle big family dog!

“Been” the dog survived three gunshots to the head and is now the loving caretaker of four motherless kittens, even bathing them and putting them to bed. The New Zealand pig-hunting dog was found at least two days after being shot in the the head and left for dead. He was 10 kilograms, or 22 […]

Posted by Rich Miller WASHINGTON, D.C. (WFIE) – The U.S. Postal Service has produced a new series of stamps called Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet as well as a Stamps to the Rescue promotional campaign aimed at encouraging the adoption of homeless pets. “These stamps continue a Postal Service tradition of bringing attention to […]

Credit: Muggins’ Lover Can we go walk now, hu? hu?:)

A very touching story! by Barbara Hijek In 1983, Amy Louise Annelle was abandoned, stuffed in a cereal box with her placenta in a large trash bin in Daytona Beach. She was hours old when rescued from a garbage truck’s trash compactor by trash collectors, reports the Daytona Beach News Journal. At the time Pat […]

Hotels, parks, bakeries and more cater to canine clientele By Kim Hogstrom A remarkable trend is developing across America and Houston is on top of the wave. We’ve become a country of pet lovers. Yes, yes, we know — most people like animals, but it’s gone well beyond that. Statistics report that the number of […]

By ROBB FREDERICK WESTFIELD, N.Y. — A scared dog spent the night on an ice floe before New York sheriff’s deputies scooped it into a rescue helicopter and carried it to shore Tuesday The dog, a shepherd mix named Koozie, was being treated at the Village Veterinary Clinic in Westfield, according to the staff there. […]

Rocky is 100 percent lab. When we got him he was 6 years old and we were his 3rd family. He was way over weight, and had an infection in his paw that took 3 surgerys to fix. I am not sure what his first owner was like but I know the secound one did […]

Hurt dog wanders into emergency room; gets treated and sent home The dog’s family has been found FARMINGTON — An unlikely patient walked into the emergency room at San Juan Regional Medical Center on Saturday night. Hospital staff and patients were surprised when the automatic doors opened and a dog with blood on its nose […]

At some point in evolutionary history dogs diverged from wolves thanks to domestication by humans. But just where did dogs first become man’s best friend? Robert Wayne and his team have many years invested in answering the question, and their newest findings, published this week in Nature, suggest that the answer is the Middle East. […]

Credit: Higher Standards Nice photo of a very cute Standard Poodle!

Credit: Alaskan Dude In my mind, the most beautiful dogs in the world! And this race is the most extremely hard one I know of!!!

“Only for true dog-lovers, not breed-conscious people”, says Aparna Bhatt, when she looks for a home for her rescues. Aparna and her husband founded KARMA (Kulture for Animal Rehabilitation & Mass Awareness), a grassroots organisation that fosters homeless Indian puppies until a family adopts them. Her way of working is a stark contrast to that […]

By Jeremiah Stettler Hundreds of cats owe their lives to dogs in Salt Lake County, where an innovative adoption program is giving those furballs a better chance than ever at finding homes. The county saved the lives of an unprecedented 1,600 cats last year, more than double the nearly 800 that typically avoid euthanasia. And […]




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