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A cat has been hailed a hero after waking up its owners as they slept, unaware their Essex home was on fire. Essex Fire and Rescue Service said the couple were in a flat in Wheatfield Way, Chelmsford, when the fire started in the living room early on Wednesday. The pet cat made so much […]

A BLACK cat lost one of his nine lives after getting stuck in 6ft railings in the Bromford region of Birmingham. After dangling for hours it was rescued with ligament damage and a fractured toe – and may need another amputated. The cat is thought to be about four and the RSPCA wants to trace […]

A COUPLE were saved from a fire in their second floor flat after their cat alerted them to the blaze. Firefighters said the batteries had been removed from the smoke alarms in the Chelmsford property and the incident could have been far more serious had the cat not woken its owners. The couple woke their […]

A Chinese man says his cat can clearly pronounce his own name. Mr Sun, from Beijing, says two-year-old Agui says his name when he gets frightened. “Last year I was helping him take a bath, and he was scared of the water. After couple of ‘miaows, I heard a clear ‘Agui’,” he said. “At first […]

There is a theory in the field of infectious disease—the behavioral manipulation theory—that proposes that some parasites have the ability to control behavior in their hosts in a way that has the effect of increasing their efficiency of transmission. One such example is Toxoplasma infection of rodents. Toxoplasma gondii is a protozoa that reproduces in […]

How did a stray kitten from remote Easter Island, a 5½-hour plane ride from Chile, end up living in La Jolla? The stray kitty, about 3 weeks old and starving, was befriended in late January at an Easter Island hotel by San Diego tourists Mary and Hudson Drake, the former head of Teledyne-Ryan Aeronautical. Mary […]

Timothy Duncan house-trained Archie, a shepherd mix, and taught him how to sit. But Duncan isn’t a suburban dog owner who might be spotted taking his pet for a walk around the block. Instead, Duncan is an inmate at the Maine Correctional Center, and Archie is a participant in the Paws in Stripes program that […]

Who would have ever thought that cat litter would be available in so many different varieties, scents, strengths and styles? Before 1947, most indoor cats had litter boxes that were filled with sand, dirt or ashes. You can imagine the mess made by a cat exiting a litter box full of ash, then tracking it […]

Cats are subtle. This, of course, is the whole point, say their fawning humans. Disdainful of the panting, pawing, woofing neediness of that other species with which they often share domiciles, cats generally are the proverbial still streams. But when they are sick, these consummate stoics also can lead lives of quiet desperation that go […]

South Korean Sara Choi wasn’t planning to stay in Taiwan when she came to study Mandarin years ago, but her love for cats and frustration about the treatment of stray cats here eventually led her to settle down in Taipei and launch a campaign to help them. At first she took in stray cats she […]

FIREFIGHTERS rescued a kitten which got stuck in the inside of a van’s dashboard. The kitten, believed to be around two months old, had crawled free of a box it was being transported in. It then crawled under the dashboard of the van. The kitten’s owner drove to East Greenwich fire station, Woolwich Road, Greenwich, […]

A cat has been rescued after being found trapped under concrete steps at a school. The feline was found under the steps at the Tanbridge House School in Horsham on Sunday night and the RSPCA was called and the West Sussex Fire and Rescue came out to help. RSPCA animal collection officer Steve Wickham tried […]

After rescuing a cat that had been trapped in a Ninth Street sewer since Monday, a group of animal rescue advocates, neighborhood residents, and Bayonne city workers were puzzled yesterday when they heard meows coming from the same sewer moments later. It turned out that another cat was trapped in the sewer along with the […]




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