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A cat whose owners thought was lost spent nearly three weeks crossing the Pacific Ocean in a shipping container with no food or water and appears to be just fine. The voyage began after Pamela Escamilla lost sight of her 3-year-old calico, Spice, while packing a huge container with household goods in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii. […]

A cat from Oak Ridge who took an unexpected 600-mile trip has been reunited with his loving owner in Beverly Hills, Fla. Ashley Gaines, of Oak Ridge, said the cat, Ike, climbed into a moving truck being loaded in east Oak Ridge on July 7 by her neighbors, the Mayes, who were in the process […]

Years ago, Bonita Springs resident Jenny Brunt was a veterinary assistant, but found herself longing for more human contact. “I liked it, but it really wasn’t for me,” Brunt said. “I liked working with people as well.” So she moved into the publication industry but deeply missed interacting with felines, her true love ever since […]

A Brit driver alarmed over the unusual sound his car’s engine was making was stunned when he found that the reason for the noise was a kitten. According to the BBC, the kitten had climbed inside the engine but had been unable to come out. 61-year old Victor Gallacher, drove his range rover around for […]

A CAT is being hailed a hero after finding his badly injured brother and dragging him home to safety. And his owner says a human who did the same thing would have been given a medal. Hamish, a one-year-old black short-hair cat, is believed to have been on his way home to Bond Avenue, West […]

Meet Miss Kit Cat, a tough little feline with a lot of heart. When the Angora Fire ripped through South Lake Tahoe in California, residents ran for cover but Kit Cat had other plans. “I looked in the rear view mirror and saw the big plume of smoke and got really concerned at that point,” […]

She was baffled by the strange noise coming from the hood of her car. Was it time for a tune-up? Was it serious? Was it – no really, could it be . . . a car bomb? Nope, it was just her cat, Mr. Pink. A flexible South Philly feline maneuvered its way into a […]

A small Illinois kitten has eight lives left after getting itself stuck in a van’s engine. Mechanics working at a Midas muffler shop in Tinsley Park found the kitten wedged beside the van’s radiator after hearing several strange noises. At first they thought the meowing was from a pet store commercial that was playing on […]

A CURIOUS kitten was rescued by firefighters after it climbed intoatoilet and got stuck after squeezing through the U-bend. Its owners are thought to have heard a splash and a cry and raced into the bathroom of their home in Cotham, Bristol, to look for theireight-week-old pet. They soon realised their daredevil cat had not […]

After 10 months the East family had given up all hope they would ever see their missing cat Lewis again. So they were shocked and thrilled when the seven-year-old black moggy returned suddenly to their Old Catton home. Marie East, 28, mum of Ben, three, and Owen, 18 months, said: “Lewis had disappeared on a […]

A poorly cat who was plagued by hay fever has been given a special inhaler after a rape field was planted next to his home. Bruno, who suffers from asthma, nearly died after he succumbed to the wheezing and spluttering that plagues millions of humans during the summer months. Owner Anna Dickie noticed her moggie’s […]

A cat and her five kittens survived a night in a sealed box on the doorsteps of the Oregon Humane Society Wednesday night and now angry officials are doing everything they can to find out who abandoned them. The animals were found by OHS workers Thursday morning inside a small storage container that was wrapped […]

After a series of wildlife rescues that included two swans, one hawk, one vulture and even a false alarm with a plastic duck, coming to the aid of a trapped kitten may have seemed back to normal for the Warwick Valley Humane Society. Chim-chiminey, a tiny gray and white male kitten, was only three weeks […]

A CAT which survived for seven weeks trapped beneath a kitchen cabinet after its owners moved house has been reunited with the family. Lucky 14-year-old Lucy, had been left behind when the Duke family moved from Stone, near Dartford in Kent to the Highland Capital. Unbeknown to the Dukes, or the new owner of their […]

At two weeks old, the five kittens in the Hester household are starting to show some independence. When Emmy, the only girl in the litter, stretches her legs and makes her way out of the box, it’s Bailey who picks her up by the scruff of her neck and carries her back. And it’s Bailey […]

For two nights recently, Nancy Bowker listened to the moanful cries of her cat, Curry. The year-old, gold-and-white female cat was stranded 70 feet up in a hard maple tree. “I didn’t know what to do,” she said. “I called the fire department and the sheriff’s department, and they said there was nothing they could […]

A woman who is six months pregnant and her two young sons escaped injury when a fire broke out yesterday in their South Amboy home, officials said. The family cat was saved using cardio-pulmonary resuscitation. The fire struck the three-story South Pine Avenue house shortly after 5:30 p.m., city Fire Marshal Ed Szatkowski said. The […]

A mother cat in China has adopted a mouse, letting it join her family of newborns. The cat was brought into a children’s clothing store to catch mice, reports Yanzhao City News. A mother cat in China has adopted a mouse, letting it join her family of newborns /Lu Feng. Ten days ago, the cat […]

Salem probably doesn’t have many of his nine lives left. Salem, a 7-year-old black cat with spooky green eyes, survived a 75-day ordeal and recently was reunited with his owners, Jon and Kathryn Snowden of Franklin. After Salem ran away on March 31 — a common occurrence — they expected him to return the next […]

On his recent visit to the Providence Volunteer Fire Company’s station on Providence Road, Moosecoons BB, a big, friendly Maine Coon cat, seemed disinterested in the miniature oxygen mask that was pressed gently against his face for demonstration purposes. What Moosecoons didn’t know was that in certain circumstances that mask could save his feline life. […]

For Smitty the cat, Monday night was exciting, terrifying and unusual. Warren Animal Control Officer Heidi Garrity found the animal on a roof next to Warren Town Hall, and with the help of the Warren Fire Department, Smitty, formerly known at the Warren Animal Shelter as “Cookie Dough,” was rescued. “There were some dogs in […]

Call it a case of puppy love — or maybe kitten love is more appropriate. Sprinkle, a 1-year-old white Chihuahua owned by Westminster resident Teresa Coale, considers the newest addition to the household her new puppy. Her new “puppy” is actually a 2-week-old black kitten. Sprinkle regularly grooms the kitten, licking its face and body. […]

Told that she was not old enough to volunteer at a local shelter, animal lover Molly Knox and her parents devised a unique way to help kittens in trouble. They collected socks donated by family and friends, filled them with catnip, sealed them with hot glue and attached ribbon to create toys for the felines. […]

They say cats have nine lives – so meet Des, who has 26 toes. While most pet cats have 18 – five on their front paws and four on their rear – the 10-year-old boasts seven on his front and six on his back paws. The extra digits have left owner Alison Thomas, of Felindre, […]

For three days, a cat was stuck in a tree in front of my apartment complex. All of the neighbors and I tried to get her down but she wouldn’t budge. We tried talking to her, tried food, even throwing things just to scare her down. We called the Fire Department. They told us they […]

Chris Miller may not have nine lives, but the one she has is devoted to saving as many stray, deserted and homeless cats that she can. Miller, who lives on Chestnut Street in a 2,500 square foot home with a large garden and garage, is sharing just about everything she has with 30 cats she […]

An effort to save a rare species of rabbit in the Florida Keys has led to a showdown between two apparent loves of Hugh Hefner: stray cats and Playboy bunnies. The species, which references the Playboy magazine founder in its Latin name, Sylivilagus palustris hefneri, is an endangered marsh rabbit named for the mogul after […]

It took more than five hours to rescue two kittens from a sewer pipe, but in the end, the Fontaine family saved the day. For Michael Fontaine, 13, the effort was worth it. “How would you feel if you were down in a sewage drain, trapped and starving?” asked Michael, who will be a seventh-grader […]

The way Krissie the cat is filling in for Miranda the dog, she just might just warrant a Mother of the Year nomination. Miranda is a dachshund, one of 31 dogs recently plucked away from a Union Grove dog hoarder. Twenty-seven of the dogs were discovered March 25 crammed into dog carriers in a locked […]

Every morning, Mr. Zi runs to the footstool where his leash is kept, drags it to the floor and sits there impatiently, making demanding noises, until owner Camilla Gresham puts his halter on. Then it’s out the door they go. Just like a well-trained dog, Zi walks by her side, usually in the perfect heel […]

After Eric Congdon opened a crate from China and discovered a cat inside, coming up with a name for the furry stowaway was easy. China the cat had chewed through one of the boxes before it left Shanghai on April 3 and spent at least 35 days on a ship inside the container filled with […]

On April 26, Minden dog breeders June Holland and Doris Burke got quite the shock when their great dane gave birth to 16 puppies. Zora was scheduled to give birth to nine pups sometime in May but surprised her owners with almost double the number of offspring. The expected mother went into labour at 6 […]

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon when Maiden Rescue Squad got the call: A kitten’s head was wedged underneath the brake pedal of a truck. The kitten and his owner were returning home from a veterinarian’s visit when the kitten wandered his way to the driver’s side floorboard, as was told to Maiden Rescue Squad […]

A Siamese cat is lucky to be alive after getting stuck in a fan belt. Coco apparently climbed into the car to seek shelter from the cold. She had no time to react when the owner turned the ignition. “We got a call from the Charleston area, and someone had heard this racket,” said Bill […]

A cat that went berserk, jumping on its owners’ bed and meowing wildly as carbon monoxide filled a home, may have helped save a couple and their son from death. Eric and Cathy Keesling said their 14-year-old cat, Winnie, played a crucial role in saving their lives March 24 after a gasoline-powered water pump in […]

When auto mechanic Don Doucette opened the hood of an SUV on Wednesday, he saw a fur ball staring back at him. A cat, likely, a stray, was stuck in the engine block. The owner of the vehicle brought the SUV in for servicing when she smelled a strong odor of cat urine. “I just […]

THIS is Lucky, the four-week-old kitten taken from from his mother and rescued with only 24 hours to spare. Now the RSPCA is to step up security after two women called at the RSPCA shelter, in Redcross Street, on Saturday afternoon and immediately took an interest in the tiny kitten. They were told he was […]

A tiny kitten cheated death after he was snatched from his foster mother at an animal shelter. RSPCA staff in Rochdale have now named him Lucky after he was rescued dehydrated and with less than 24 hours to live. Security is to be stepped up at the Redcross Street shelter after two women showed an […]

On the prowl for a purr-fect weekend outing? Head over to the Springfield Exposition Center Saturday and Sunday for the ultimate cat’s meow. Courtesy of the Lakes Country Cat Fanciers organization, it’s the 12th annual Cat Show. Whether you’re a cat fancier, breeder or owner, this is most definitely the place to be, says Gail […]

She outlasted two thunderstorms, half a dozen firemen and her very worried owner, but now, we’re happy to report the “Echo” in Minden can finally be held and not just heard. Echo is the cat that stayed in a tree for 13 days. That’s the longest anyone here has ever experienced. Sandra Byerly has never […]

Formed in 1996 by founder Judy Quinliven,and operated out of her house iRecycled Critter Rescue (RCR) is a small shelter in Northglenn, developed from a need to save healthy, good natured cats and dogs from certain death. Whether on the street or in a shelter, the likely end for most of these animals is an […]

One Valley kitten had a happy ending Friday afternoon thanks to a group of caring schoolchildren and firefighters at Challenger Charter School in Glendale. According to Daniel Valenzuela of the Glendale Fire Department, the children were outside the school at the beginning of the day when they heard a faint mewing from a kitten stuck […]

PET lover Paul Bennett got the shock of his life weeks after taking his new male cat home. For Gadget, a ‘neutered male’ cat bought from Leigh Animal Sanctuary gave birth to kittens weeks later. Paul took the rescue cat, to the vets when its stomach became swollen, fearing it was sick only to be […]

Fire officials are crediting a working smoke detector for helping to alert a woman to a blaze in her home Monday evening in Brandon, allowing her to safely escape the building with her baby. The fire, mostly contained to a bedroom in the home on Van Cortland Road, was reported around 6:20 p.m. Monday. More […]

A CUMBRIAN cat whose disappearance left his owners heartbroken has mysteriously returned after a six-year absence. After Biggles went missing one summer afternoon, Gillian Gibson thought the big, bushy-tailed animal may have perished. But when Gillian and her husband, David, returned from a trip to Mexico, they found the much-loved cat, now bearing a large, […]

THE world’s most endangered cat, the Iberian lynx, may be making a comeback. Five Iberian lynx were born in captivity in Andalusia in southern Spain over two days last week, reviving hopes that Spain’s increasingly successful lynx breeding program may pull the species back from extinction. A further three captive lynx are pregnant, prompting lynx […]

Public works employees last week were credited with saving the life of a kitten that was caught in a storm drain. Thomas Nicholls, public works director, said a pedestrian heard the cries of the kitten on 82nd Avenue near 50th Street at about 4 p.m. She called firefighters, who just happened to be at Station […]

WILSON of Somerset West has an incredible story to tell about a cat rescue which will inevitably evoke mixed feelings of amusement and disbelief from her audience. For obvious reasons, dates and names are omitted to protect those involved. Towards the end of last year, Maricha, her husband Greg and two children, Monique (12) and […]

Betty the cat may be only a few months old, but she’s already used up a fair number of her nine lives. The tiny tortoiseshell managed to wriggle her way into the engine bay of a Rakaia woman’s car and arrived in Ashburton 20 minutes later, singed, sore and terrified. The woman parked her car, […]

A VALUABLE American-bred Bengal cat has been reunited with his owner in Brisbane. Nicknamed Bruce, after Bruce Springsteen who wrote the hit song Born in the USA, the Bengal had been claimed by his owner Nigel Smythe who was given the cat by his employer, the RSPCA said today. A breeding pedigree male Bengal cat […]




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