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Emergency workers rescued 4 legged victims Monday afternoon from a house fire. A passerby spotted smoke coming from a 2 story home and called 911. Police first arrived on the scene and reported that at least one cat and one dog were inside the home. Fire Department Battalion Chief Greg Benson said firefighters arrived soon […]

Two days stuck in a sewer pipe, that is the time a kitten from South End spent in it! Residents on San Juan Street began hearing “meows” on Tuesday and it sounded like a distressed kitten. The Animal Rescue League was called and they were able to rescue the poor animal! Curtis Hanson, of the […]

A couple living in Cumberland County reunited with their lost cat. The cat escaped in the car accident they had.. Jonathan Dennington and and Rachel Dennington, the owners, were living in Parkton when the accident happened, in June. They were going back homeafter a visit to Goldsboro when another car, driven by a teenager of […]

A Tampa feline risked one of its precious nine lives: he SAVED his master from a house fire. John Griffen, the owner of this home, was sleeping peacefully when a fire started in the house. Griffen didn’t have a smoke alarm. His cat Charley, knew something was wrong, literally smelling the danger and woke his […]

On September 23, 2008 a small bobcat and brothers and sisters were hit by an automobile on C470 close to Morrison road. Lakewood animal control, officer Jamie Johnston answered and rescued the only one bobcat that survived. The Division of Wildlife gave their consent for the bobcat to be rushed to the Animal Hospital of […]

The amazing beauty of cats. Aren’t they something? Here’re 49 slides, beautiful slides, of wonderful felines.

Lamont Rhodes, 11, and his friend Bradley Price, 10, both from Bedford Heights, were walking when they heard meows of a cat in distress. After a bit of searching they were able to locate the source of the sound. Looking inside a storm sewer they noticed a kitten was sort of stuck. As fast as […]

Denise Bilowus aways hoped Smokey would come back. Although her hope grew dimmer as time went on, she never gave it up completely. When she moved to another house she made sure her telephone number stayed the same so animal service could reach her if they ever would find Smokey. Then she received a text […]

Some of these photos you just have to wonder; what do cats see that we don’t?

Kittens are like little kids: they don’t want to sleep even if they’re crashing!

“Attention all kitten lovers, please roll up your tongue to prevent drooling. At all times keep your ‘oooh’s and ‘aaaah’s to yourself unless you want to sound like a broken record” :) Ready? Here we go!

From jumping Jack Flash to sleepy reader; 40 moments of utter cat cuteness.

“Well, I mean, cats and humans are so… different, you know? Less… evolved, I would say”, she said. “Uhuh”, I said.

Whenever his master isn’t watching, this cat sneaks a little bit closer… and closer…. and closer.

Mason Buddy from Wonderland Auto found the customer’s comments about the strange purring noise the Toyota made during a test drive odd, to say the least. Handy with cars, obviously, he popped the hood to investigate. The source of the purring engine problem was immediately clear: he found a tiny, thin and by now very […]

Credit: mockstar Grey-white fluffy cat laying on its back looking into the camera. One paw with its pink cushions is visible.

Tiny kittens are among the cutest life forms.

Anabells Kitten at 4 Weeks, originally uploaded by endbradley. I’m ssssssssinging in the flowers, just ssssssssinging in the flowers…. what a wwwwwwwonderful feeling….. I’m *kitten* again….

Maine coon kittens, originally uploaded by eleda. I’m sorry….. I love you….

A cat that had been missing since its owners’ home was leveled by a natural gas explosion has been found alive, according to a local newspaper. David and Valerie Fitzgerald’s other cat, Oscar, was found shortly after the blast at 44 Willowdale St. on Tuesday. Lilly emerged from the rubble as crews cleared charred debris […]

HERE’S a moggie with a look that’s straight from the catwalk. He’s modelling the latest in pampered petware – a wig for your cat. They’re available in a range of colours to suit their owner from a new American website. And are bound to be a hit with dippy owners who already spend thousands every […]

A cat is heading back home to St. Louis after he was found 700 miles away and missing for more than five years. Some animal lovers tell News 4 that they are scratching their heads about this mystery trip. Tracie Quackenbush found a long haired white cat in a tree and rescued him five years […]

Tabitha Cain has fed a feral cat she calls Wild Oats for several years, but now she’s thinking of changing the feline’s name to Survivor. That’s because she says the cat survived for 19 days with a peanut butter jar stuck on its head. “We tried to get her, but being the type of cat […]

A Cedar Rapids woman is crediting her cat with possibly saving her life from exposure to carbon monoxide. For the last week, or longer, Jeanie Probst says her black and white cat named Oreo made a screeching racket every time the furnace in her apartment kicked on. The cat would also constantly look at the […]

Japanese scientists have created genetically-modified mice that, shorn of their ability to sense dangerous smells, will even snuggle up to a kitten, according to a study released on Wednesday by the journal Nature. The mice were engineered to lack specific nasal receptors that respond to the scent of rotting food or predators, in a project […]

A $10,000 cat is back with its rightful owner thanks to a dedicated Florida cop. Mike Brock, of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, owns a dog and three cats. Prior to taking the case, he was jokingly known as the “pet detective.” His nickname is now official thanks to this latest case. The cat’s owner, […]

Roxy is going to be famous in 2008. This Kansas City kitty is featured in “The 365 Kittens-A-Year Calendar 2008,” a picture-a-day wall calendar. Workman, which publishes the calendar, had a “Kittens of Distinction” photo contest to find cats for its pages. Teede Stipich of Kansas City sent in photos of her black cat Roxy, […]

A catastrophe was narrowly averted Monday morning in Black Rock as firefighters battled a blaze in a multi-family apartment house. A woman and her cat were rescued by firefighters from their third-floor apartment as smoke filled the morning sky. The woman, identified as Melissa Belle-Isle, was taken to St. Vincent’s Medical Center suffering from smoke […]

A heroic dog and cat were serenaded by a singing dog during the ASPCA awards banquet today, where they were honored for saving their owners’ lives. The dog, a 2-year-old golden retriever named Toby, performed a modified Heimlich maneuver on his owner, Debbie Parkhurst of North East, Md., when she choked on a piece of […]

Geneticists have mapped the genome of Cinnamon, a 4-year-old Abyssinian cat from Missouri, making felines the latest animal to have their DNA deciphered. Why is this important? Cats are prone to more than 250 diseases, many similar to our own. The better we understand their genetic makeup, the better we might develop treatments for AIDS, […]

A Valley cat can surely cross off one of its nine lives after being trapped next to a car’s engine and taken around town Friday.The cat was picked up by a driver who spotted it on Loop 101 near McDowell Road and thought it had been fatally hit by a car. The cat, however, turned […]

VALLEY COTTAGE – For a week straight, Nancy Deacon-Owens and her neighbors heard a constant meowing at night. Just down the street, a cat had made its way 50 or 60 feet up a tree. It turned out 3-month-old Blackie belonged to Owens’ neighbor, Doreen McQuillan on Christian Herald Road. “I’m assuming either a truck […]

KINGSTON – A stray 6-week-old calico kitten who accidentally traveled from New Jersey to New Hampshire has been adopted. When C.G. Shaffer of Raymond saw a newspaper article about the kitten’s journey up the East Coast in the underbelly of a Ford Explorer, she called the Kingston Police Department the same day. Shaffer was one […]

WHITE PLAINS – When he was 2 years old, Todd O’Neill’s mom remembers, he clambered out of his playpen and disappeared. “I was frantic,” Dolores O’Neill recalled. “I even called the police.” Before they arrived however, a neighbor came over with the toddler in hand. He had climbed over the fence into the yard next […]

After picking up her paycheck from Allen’s Cleaning Service, Donna Brown got into her 2001 blue Pontiac Grand Am at 11 a.m. on Friday and began to drive her husband, Albert, to an auto parts store. Albert, who lives with his wife, their daughter, LeEssa, and his wife’s mother, on Niles School Road in Pownal, […]

A sleeping 12-year-old girl who was home alone fled a burning flat and then ran back in to save her cat. A smoke alarm woke her after a car battery caught fire in the kitchen. Kingston and Surbiton fire crews were called to the flat at Bramley House, Crescent Road, Kingston on Wednesday, August 1 […]

People who are allergic to cats may not have to get rid of their pets to find relief, if the findings of a new study hold up. Tolerance to cats can be built up in allergic kids by placing increasing doses of standardised cat dander extract under the tongue, according to Spanish researchers. In the […]

A tiny kitten rescued from a car engine is set to get a new home. The BBC Scotland news website revealed how the ginger kitten was found by driver Victor Gallacher when his engine was not making its usual purr. Thought to be about eight weeks old, the kitten had climbed inside the bonnet in […]

Where there’s a paw there’s a way. That’s what business owner Janna Burhop has learned about rescuing cats. Burhop started a cat rescue in the back of her vintage clothing shop 12 years ago and has been saving animals ever since. Her stockroom has grown into a non-profit shelter called Touched By A Paw Cat […]

A microchip inside Dagney the cat led him back to his owner’s arms Wednesday after four years on the street. “There it is, my angel baby,” Kelly Damron whispered to the cat as the other felines in the SPCA of Wake County Lost & Found Pet Center meowed, as if watching their own fantasies come […]

For nine agonizing minutes, Gresham resident Barbara Belgrave struggled to breathe while trapped on the second story of her burning house until Gresham firefighters rescued her early Sunday, July 15. “I didn’t think I was gonna make it, to be totally honest,” said Barbara, 51, over a cellular phone the day after flames destroyed her […]

Liz Lerch loves cats, but not having to clean their mess out of a litter box, or spending hundreds of dollars on litter over the life of a cat. So when she got two 4-month-old kittens from a shelter, she vowed to train them to use the toilet in her Lombard home. Following advice from […]

Two Rottweilers and a cat in the same room is hardly a recipe for a happy home. But Sky and her tiny charges are a proud mum and pups with a difference. For this almost unidentifiable bundle of fur is a rather special family unit and is set to take many people by surprise. A […]

Ike, the 3-year-old gray Maine Coon cat that hitched a 600-mile ride from Oak Ridge to central Florida, has been reunited with his owner. “He waltzed right on up to us,” owner Ashley Gaines said in a phone interview Friday from her Beverly Hills, Fla., hotel room. “He just walked up all leisurely, and I […]

As La Cañadan residents, Shannon Griffin and Jennifer Barke enjoyed a walk down one of the bridle paths near the 4200 block of Oakwood Avenue early Monday morning, when they heard the lone cry of a tiny kitten. They discovered that the small “meow” was coming from a grey striped kitten stuck in a the […]

By all accounts, Tahoe is a typical kitten: cute, sleepy and hungry. But his eating habits are far from typical, as the stray’s been nursing from a 3-year-old dog named Lillie. Ever since the kitten was found under the hood of Eunice Collins’ running Chevrolet Tahoe a few weeks ago, he’s been feeding from the […]

From Persians to Siamese, Bengals to Burmese, the cats of the world come in all shapes and sizes. But the ancestry of every one can be traced to the same incredibly specific source, say scientists. All domestic felines are descended from a group of around five in the Middle East around 130,000 years ago, a […]

There’s nothing like a mother’s love, even in the animal kingdom. 3 year-old Muffey, a Shih-Tzu in North County, has taken on the role of mother to four nursing kittens. The mama cat died of heart failure two weeks after giving birth and Muffey took over. Muffey had a litter of pups a couple years […]




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