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Thanks to the Fire Department, in Burton, a kitten is safe and sound at the Beaufort County Animal Shelter after spending about five days underneath the deck of the Broad River bridge. People visiting the fishing pier began hearing its cries Monday, according to media reports. A firefighter rappelled down near the kitten Thursday, but […]

Published on Wednesday, June 10, 2009 by Wire Service Canada Alberta-Based Company Becomes Canadian Distributor For Environmentally-Friendly Automatic “Smart” Cat-Door Sherwood Park, AB, June 10, 2009 – EIDAP Inc., the country’s largest distributor of companion-animal microchips is branching out its product line to include a state-of-the-art automatic cat-door. After investigating several options, C.O.O. Peter DeNooy, […]

Credit: Biscuit Fund I guess Mr Chaplin wouldn’t take any offense in this:)

by NBC A near catastrophe is over for a 6-week-old kitten. The pint-sized orange tabby cat was discovered by Wareham, Massachusetts resident Myra Amado after she heard crying sounds coming from her back yard. Full story and picture here

By Darcy Lockman Doing acupuncture on cats may sound crazy. After all, your furry pal can barely tolerate riding in a car, let alone somebody poking it with needles. Yet in a feline medical first, researchers recently succeeded in using acupuncture to treat a cat suffering from limb paralysis. Could acupuncture benefit your cat, particularly […]

Origins of Hug Your Cat Day BY APRICAT Hug Your Cat Day is a national holiday via Chase’s Calendar of Events and celebrated around the world. Now I’m sure you think this blog is about me, and in a way it is since I’m the blogger, but you’ve probably heard that when a woman has […]

Credit: dora_marie Is Mimi whispering a secret in his bunny friend’s adorable ear? One thing is sure: they do love to groom each other and nap in the same place…really close together!

WPBF PALM BEACH, Fla. — A kitten rescue that played out in the front of singer Vic Damone’s Palm Beach home Memorial Day could inspire the 1950s and 1960s crooner to write another song, he said. For several days, Damone and his wife said they heard the feral kitten crying, but they couldn’t find the […]

These two guys crack me up!

By BECKI GOTSHALL, Humane League The clear sky, a calm sea, a lovable cat. Blue is the handle of a gorgeous and affectionate girl waiting to be adopted after her owners had to move and could no longer keep her. What is the good news? That could be the pet of your dreams: BLUE

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) ― It was no ordinary rescue when a local woman tried to help a cat that became stuck in a tree for at least four days. Andie Karsh, of Greenfield, discovered the cat while she was walking Wednesday night in the Nine Mile Run section of Squirrel Hill. Then, the next day, the […]

By Bob Luedeman Humor Columnist May 12, 2009 Barking dogs Does any one know how and why a dog barks? I don’t know how, but I know why. Inside of every dog’s brain, depending on its DNA, is a complete set of visual images. Let’s say a dog is looking out of a window, and […]

staff reports • May 11, 2009 Fire damaged at least five apartments in Cool Springs today, leaving one family without a home. Mark Daniel and his family, who were living in a 24-unit building at the Alara Farms apartments on Gillespie Drive, were awoken by smoke alarms just befor 3:30 a.m. They escaped, but due […]

Credit: fofurasfelinas Tell me, what are you thinking about?

Credit: katzarella A penny for your thoughts:)

By CATHERINE WOULFE – Sunday Star Times Last updated 05:00 26/04/2009 It started with a kiss. Hairdressing student Sophie Coker, 16, met labourer Ryan Alexander Frost, 18, through a friend; sparks flew and the pair were together, on and off, for a few months. Sophie says she dumped Ryan in December (“I guess I didn’t […]

Christina Commisso Staff Reporter Staff at the Toronto Humane Society will need to wait a few more days to ensure the kittens rescued from a plastic bag earlier this week have not contracted any serious illnesses. Ten kittens were heard crying inside a No Frills bag close to Vaughn Rd. and Oakwood Ave. on April […]

Ashley Martin The Dickinson Press Published Monday, April 20, 2009 Stacia and Joel Schatz’s cat Junior made an unexpected journey that was over seven miles long to return home after another family adopted him. Stacia Schatz said the cat had to travel across Interstate 94 and across railroad tracks to make it back to her […]

Credit: dora_marie Too true, indeed. I love that quote!

by Jim Lockwood/The Star-Ledger Thursday April 16, 2009, 8:15 PM Wanda Oughton had nearly eight dozen cats at her Chester Township home and knew each one by name — but these weren’t pampered house pets. The cats were removed from her home after police and officers of the New Jersey Society for the Prevention of […]

By Rajah Maples Thursday, April 09, 2009 You might recall that massive fire in the northwestern part of Marion County near Emerson, Missouri last month. Firefighters from at least three Northeast Missouri fire departments battled the blaze just south of Route M. You could see the smoke from our sky cam here at our Quincy […]

… when so called miracle instruments/objects/products as-seen-on-tv are presented to me. I am the sort of person, like many of you I am sure, who thinks right away: “yeah, right, like this is *the* miraculous next thing that will work”. I’ve been looking online at a lot of advertisements and pub and even read through […]

Mar 31, 2009 DVM NEWSMAGAZINE National Report — Ten U.S. cities clawed their way to the top of the rankings when it comes to feline care, according to the CATalyst Council. Tampa, Phoenix, San Francisco, Portland, Ore., Denver, Boston, Seattle, San Diego, Atlanta and Minneapolis were named the top 10 cat friendly cities last week. […]

Credit: dora_marie Lovely digital scrapbook page.

Credit: Heliotrophe And quite an extraordinary photo. You should go to her photo stream and check that photographer’s talent!

Credit: dora_marie Love is..when your uncle babysits you while your mum is feeding your brothers and sisters!

By Philip Round, Comox Valley EchoMarch 6, 2009 The ancient Egyptians’ reverence of cats will be reflected in a cabaret fundraiser for the Kitty Cat PAL Society tomorrow (Saturday). Belly dancers and drummers from all over Vancouver Island will be performing at the Elks Hall in Courtenay, where the Egyptian theme will also include a […]

Cougar is up for adoption on PetFinder. In the meanwhile, the eyeless foster cat is mothering two foster kittens she met at a pet adoption event. By Addison Taylor KVAL News GLENWOOD, Ore. — Cougar is an almost 1-year-old domestic long-haired grey and white cat. With no eyes. Her story begins in northwest Eugene where […]

Credit: deemacdee Well, it looks like one doesn’t want to be kissed that much:)

Credit: The Dainty Squid

Credit: Erick Loitière (OQP | Busy) Regardez ces yeux bleus!!! Zizou est vraiment un chat adorable!

Credit: mmv824 Sadie is surely convinced that with those beautiful eyes of hers, she can make us do things for her. I think we don’t need to be hypnotized: we would anyway:)

In Melbourne, Dalton Rd residents had been left baffled when underwear left hanging on clothes lines and left in laundry baskets began to vanish, prompting the idea of a pervert prowling the neighborhood. But it was a cat, named Cisco who had been jumping over fences to get his paws on clothes including socks, swimmers, […]

January 19, 2009: Another cat rescues his family from a terrible faith: fire! It looks like the smoke detectors had failed. Meowing, and meowing , he woke up his family: now we are talking extremely loud cries here. At about 4 a.m., the family, now awaken, saw a lot of smoke in the house. Every […]

Credit: dora_marie

Credit: jmvnoos in Paris This cat has the most mesmerizing eyes! The picture has NOT been retouched!

The Cat Adoption Team’s Cat Food Bank will be open on Sunday, Feb. 1, to provide cat and kitten food to cat owners in financial need. Hours are noon to 2:30 p.m. Each owner will get about a month’s supply of food. The food bank has provided 4,499 pounds of kitten and cat food to […]

Most contact lens wearers have had trouble putting them in their eyes at some point (I know, I wear contact lens…) – so the idea of putting them on a cat might seemed quite absurd. But that is exactly what the owners of a cat named Ernest – a 15-year-old black and white domestic cat […]




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