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Credit: *volar* Look at that beautiful fur!!!

Credit: Laurie Lopes What a nice shine his fur has!!!

Credit: Cajaflez The look of a star:)

by ksdk.com At first, Nancy Lupia’s husband thought she was nuts but after 5 years, he’s warming up to the fact that his wife turned their basement into a cat rescue group “He agreed that we could get a cat, then we had 2 cats, and now he’s actually my biggest support with regards to […]

Feral cats spend their whole lives outdoors, and can be found all over the country, in every type of landscape. They are not socialized to humans, preferring to live amongst their own in family groups called “colonies.” As the winter months near, there are a few simple things you can do to help the outdoor […]

Credit: *Michelle*(xena2542)-on/off flickr Beautiful cat! Such wonderful green eyes!

Credit: viking.girl3 LOVE IS ALL YOU NEED:)

Credit: MilkyFactory SUGAR PLUM DREAMS?

Credit: invisghost Have a purrrrrrrrrrrfect holiday time!

By: Nathan Hansen The rescue didn’t go down quite like it was supposed to. The bucket truck was there. So was someone from Lakeville’s animal rescue. But when the treebound cat finally decided to come down, it took the fast route Wednesday, dropping 30-some feet to the ground and running off through the downtown Farmington […]

Credit: *Toia* ..et Bonne Année!

MANKATO, Minn. (AP) ― A cold kitten found a warm home in Mankato, but it wasn’t easy. The cat was rescued after darting into the warm engine compartment of a car. Police tell The Free Press it happened Wednesday when Nicholas Nelson braked to avoid running over the kitten, which was hunkered down in the […]

by PetSmart Charities Milestone Number of Lives Saved Through PetSmart Charities® of Canada Adoptions PHOENIX, AZ–(Marketwire – December 14, 2009) – A five-month-old kitten named Calli in Thornton, Ontario has found her forever home, thanks to Street Cats Animal Rescue and PetSmart Charities of Canada. But Calli is no ordinary kitten. She represents the 100,000th […]

by The Associated Press MANKATO, Minn. (AP) A cold kitten found a warm home in Mankato, but it wasn’t easy. The cat was rescued after darting into the warm engine compartment of a car. Police tell The Free Press it happened Wednesday when Nicholas Nelson braked to avoid running over the kitten, which was hunkered […]

Credit: Viola Life Joyeux Noël, Merry Christmas, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad!

BY ANNIE VAZQUEZ Adoption: Spread some howli-day cheer this year by adopting a new BFF. Miami-Dade Animal Services has rows and rows of purebred and mixed breed puppies and adult dogs that would make a long lasting gift for years. The fee for a puppy is $75 and for a dog is $65 Full article […]

Credit: dora_marie And a purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect Happy New Year 2010! Tigger

The often underestimated significance of a pet in the life of a human has been brought forward in a growing body of research that suggests that a household animal can provide a range of relational benefits. Dr. Froma Walsh poured the research in two articles, entitled “Human-Animal Bonds I,” (focused on the benefits of companion […]

By Hayley Kappes Correspondent Published November 30, 2009 GALVESTON — A police officer rescued a cat from a power line Sunday afternoon after residents’ repeated calls to CenterPoint Energy, which owns the line, proved fruitless. The cat was stuck on the wire in the 5200 block of Avenue N½ sometime Saturday night, Caroline Dorsett-Pate, executive […]

Credit: big ian2009 LOL Too cute:)

By Sharon L. Peters You might imagine that a little shelter already filled to the rafters with discarded dogs and cats wouldn’t exactly launch itself into code-blue alert to save a long-shot homeless cat. You’d be wrong. This is the story of a skinny, scraggly, half-frozen cat picked up by animal control during a nasty […]

A stray cat which won the hearts of staff at the Shropshire Star’s head office has finally been reunited with his owner following an appeal in the paper. The black kitten, named Star by employees at the paper’s Ketley office, was taken in and given a temporary home by telesales worker Mandy Batchelor on November […]

Credit: Gattou/Lucie Mostly there in weekend Yup, macadam, her fur friend, is somewhere under the comforter:) My idea is that the bulge under his paw must be kitty:)

Seen on North West Evening Mail: A MYSTERY benefactor has come forward to help a single mum pay vet bills after her cat was mauled by two dogs. Tipsy the two-year-old cat was left with a leg hanging off, teeth smashed out and damage to her bladder. She has since had to have a back […]

Gabrielle, the kitten set on fire twice in Baltimore last month, is continuing to heal and may be headed to a new home in the next few weeks, the Baltimore Sun’s Unleashed blog reports. Full story here

Credit: jaimuima As long as you hold the handle:)

By George Derringer / swampscott@cnc.com Sat Aug 15, 2009, 11:52 AM EDT MARBLEHEAD – One more recycled glass bottle would have killed Gloria. But that didn’t happen. An alert employee at the Stop & Shop Supermarket in the Swampscott Mall, the Swampscott Police Department and, most of all, animal control officer Diane Treadwell saved Gloria’s […]

SPCA rescues animals from Sayre St. home By Harold McNeil News Staff Reporter SPCA Animal Rescue workers Thursday removed 32 cats, many of them in poor health, from a urine- and feces-littered house at 33 Sayre St. in Buffalo’s Riverside neighborhood. Lindsey M. Styborski, an investigator with the SPCA Serving Erie County, said the cats […]

Credit: kilikkitee Cats take these positions that make them looking like royalty!

Credit: Sara Sue Burton That was a good one!

by Andrea Martin Last week, we blogged about a man who stole 37 cats from the Rockingham County Animal Shelter. He was trying to buy them some time before they were euthanized. The cats were returned to the shelter and the man, Edward McIrvin, turned himself into authorities yesterday. Full story here

BBC News Cats have a vocal way of manipulating their owners into doing their bidding, according to a study. Karen McComb, a researcher from the University of Sussex, was inspired by her own cat, Pepo, who continually woke her up in the mornings with an “insistent and rather annoying” purr that reliably motivated her to […]

July 8, 2009 · Published By Editor Author Hopes “Floppy Cat” Can Help Children Overcome Challenges Watching her cat Floppy simply try to cross the farmyard inspired Kari Kay. “He was born with very little balance control which made his daily life very difficult,” she said. “He had two other siblings that were born with […]

Credit: epicnom ying yang kitty:)

Credit: Fullofheart Ain’t he darling!!!

Credit: dora_marie Now that cat loves to nap with the Guinea pigs: and they live happy like that:)

Credit: Sayra. The picture is in B&W but this kitten sure will put colors in your life!

Credit: Gattou/Lucie A cat on top of the other one…who is napping under the covers..lol Criquette, you are too funny!




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