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By ANDY DOLAN ll the clues are there: the whiskers, the purring, the miaowing and even the toy mouse under her front paws. But just in case you were in any doubt as to what sort of animal Polly is, the ten-week-old tabby is happy to help out, thanks to her unusual markings, which spell […]

By Yesenia Robles The Humane Society of Boulder Valley had their second-largest adoption day ever today, placing 106 cats and dogs in new homes. The line of people waiting to adopt gathered even before the doors opened this morning for a free cat and kitten adoption special event. Most of today’s 106 adoptions were cats, […]

Stories of survival for a horse, a dog and a cute cat Have you ever wondered what happened to a certain animal whose story of triumph or tragedy you read in The Province? To satisfy your curiosity, we caught up with three famous fur-bearers: a prancer, a pooch and a pussycat. SUNDANCE Snowmobilers were stunned […]

by Jaymi Heimbuch In the Ubud region of Bali, Indonesia comes a companionship straight out of children’s books. Photographer Anne Young was vacationing at the Monkey Forest Park when she spotted a young male long-tailed macaque monkey that had adopted a ginger kitten, protectively caring for and grooming it while keeping other monkeys away. The […]

Credit: Cuba Gallery Nothing like a window sill to chill out on a nice Summer day!

By Charles Roberts A few days ago, Marybeth Nicola, manager of Victoria Village Apartments in Highland, noticed a small mother dog just over the fence from her apartment complex in the back parking lot of Food 4 Less. She found that the dog was nursing small puppies and then found that she was also nursing […]

Credit: Roeselien Raimond Only a cat can think he can do it..and actual do it..lolol

By SALVADOR HERNANDEZ A kitten trapped in razor wire was rescued by firefighters Monday morning after a resident heard the cat crying between two walls, authorities said. The cat suffered several deep cuts while it hung on the sharp wire and was taken to a nearby veterinarian’s office, said Battalion Chief Kris Concepcion of the […]

By: Lorrie Shaw Lorrie is a very interesting pet blogger! Here is one of her entries: “On Monday, I started service for two clients of mine, who I’ve had for a couple of years now. Their Mama went out of town for a few days and I am fortunate enough to care for two sweet […]

By Bonne VeVea Kirkland, WA In February 1997, Nikko came to MEOW Cat Rescue in Kirkland WA as a 10-month old stray with a long black coat, a slightly flattened face, expressive golden eyes and a flirtatious chirp. He was adopted almost immediately by a retired gentleman named Jack. They left the shelter together, chatting […]

by Jade Wright, Crosby Herald THIS time of year is tough if you’re a baby bird, relying on others for food and shelter, with predators at every turn waiting for their chance to pounce. Domestic cats kill millions of birds a year, but our feline friends and wild birds can live harmoniously in our gardens […]

By Dionna Harris ESCANABA – This is National Pet week and the U.S. Post Office has issued a commemorative stamp encouraging the adoption of pets from animal shelters. In its continuing efforts to raise awareness of social issues one stamp at a time, the U.S. Post Office in Escanaba Wednesday held a special event dealing […]

Sharjah Cat and Dog Shelter aims to create a haven for abandoned and homeless cats and dogs in Sharjah. By Emmanuelle Landais Sharjah: The alarming numbers of stray animals is a big problem in the UAE. Before the hot summer months kick in, animal shelters brace themselves for the exodus of expatriates heading home for […]

All dogs go to heaven and apparently, some cats go to Chicago. A tabby cat from Albuquerque, New Mexico has journeyed over 1,300 miles and ended up in Chicago without his owner. The cat, named Charles, went missing in New Mexico eight months ago while his owner, New Mexico resident Robin Alex, was away volunteering […]

By LaMoine Roth As the time draws closer to moving the cat sanctuary to the new Adopt-A-Pet building, I have spent many hours reflecting on these past 12 years. I have thought of the total commitment that it takes to do this, the genuine love for animals, knowing that you are not “saving” the world […]

Posted by Rich Miller WASHINGTON, D.C. (WFIE) – The U.S. Postal Service has produced a new series of stamps called Animal Rescue: Adopt a Shelter Pet as well as a Stamps to the Rescue promotional campaign aimed at encouraging the adoption of homeless pets. “These stamps continue a Postal Service tradition of bringing attention to […]

BY SUSAN LaHOUD Norfolk rescuers free feline whose head became trapped in storm grate NORFOLK – As one cat learned this morning, even felines have days that can grate on you. Luckily, members of the Norfolk Fire Department were able to remove the source of that irritation – a storm grate – which eventually led […]

Credit: The Wind Master He might be a stray cat but he is royalty!

by John Goddard Staff Reporter Lilly Agar could not ignore the posting. “Franca … has become depressed at the shelter,” read the capsule description of a cat needing a home before Monday, when the Toronto Humane Society will close for renovation. Years ago, when Agar noticed a neighbour’s dog slowly starving, she would volunteer to […]

Credit: www.Flameless-Candle-Holders.com This cat has entered a photo contest too, fell free to vote for him if you wish. But this is not the reason I post this picture; I just adore the colours in its fur, the nice almond shaped eyes, their colour! He is simply a beauty!!!

Baby elephant Russelchen seemed to be getting on with the tusk at hand – enjoying his first day with his family at the Hagenbecks Zoo in Hamburg! Four-day-old Russelchen – which means ‘little trunk’ in German – had great fun exploring the elephant house, and is set to be a massive hit with the public. […]

Rocky is 100 percent lab. When we got him he was 6 years old and we were his 3rd family. He was way over weight, and had an infection in his paw that took 3 surgerys to fix. I am not sure what his first owner was like but I know the secound one did […]

Sussex charity launches “Feline Oscars” – enter your magnificent moggie today! The hunt is on to find the UK’s top cat as Cats Protection, which is based near Haywards Heath, launches its prestigious Rescue Cat Awards – and organisers are on the prowl for entrants. Dubbed the ‘Feline Oscars’ the awards are designed to celebrate […]

By: WDAY Staff Reports hief River Falls, Minn. (WDAY TV) – A cat in Thief River Falls is making an amazing recovery. A family found a stray cat they have been caring for at their door with an arrow through its body. On Saturday the Engen family brought the cat to the Pennington county human […]

Credit: mmv824 You are so purrrrrrrrrrrrrrfect!!!

By Jeremiah Stettler Hundreds of cats owe their lives to dogs in Salt Lake County, where an innovative adoption program is giving those furballs a better chance than ever at finding homes. The county saved the lives of an unprecedented 1,600 cats last year, more than double the nearly 800 that typically avoid euthanasia. And […]


Credit: brokenbiscuits2004 “Nofin like tasting friends before playing with them”?

Credit: Zulpha RARE BEAUTY!!!!!!!!!!

Credit: hehaden (away for a few days) Lulu est une chatte magnifique!!!

By Julie Crothers The shrill barking of nine Labrador retriever puppies Thursday gave way to blissful laughter from their new trainers: 18 inmates at the Plainfield Correctional Facility. One by one, the 8-week-old pups were pulled out of their crates and introduced to the men who’ll care for them and help them learn to assist […]

Credit: law_keven Something to reflect upon?:)

A CAT risked one of his nine lives by leaping from a 40ft building. Tigger the tabby survived his death-defying act, but only after a fire crew had been assembled to rescue him. The lucky moggy had been missing for 11 days when he was spotted on the roof of a house in Moorend Park […]

Credit: dora_marie Love knows no boundary…

Credit: Tjflex2 He was lucky: a no kill shelter rescued him and treated him!!! May God bless all people doing some good to others, humans and animals, on this planet!!!

By MICHELLE ROBINSON A Birkenhead home narrowly excaped going up in flames thanks to the instincts of a cat. The male occupant of the Onewa Rd property was alerted by his cat to a fire that started in a wall cavity, Birkenhead fire officer Grant Mitcheson says. The Birkenhead fire crew attended the blaze that […]

By Brandon Rush John Jones of Wichita is one relieved cat owner. That’s because his missing cat Ebenezer, or “Ebby,” as he’s called, finally turned up in — of all places — a school in Newton. The cat had been missing from his home in Wichita since Dec. 18, and somehow remarkably made his way […]

A new artificial kneethe world’s first in a catsaves a feline life. By the Telegraph Missy, an 8-year-old cat in appropriately named Petworth, West Sussex, learned her worth in a dramatic fashion. She has received the world’s first feline artificial knee, according to an article in the Telegraph. After being hit by a car, Missy […]

by JANET WINIKOFF VERO BEACH — Hi, my name is Felicia and I am a 3-year-old female Ocicat mix. I lot to talk and talk…and talk. I just love attention and am willing to talk to you to get it! I’d rather live with someone who is home all day so that I know you’ll […]

WICHITA FALLS, Texas — Puppy love for an Archer City boy meant asking for animal-friendly birthday presents that he could donate to a rescue group. Keelan Coit on Saturday celebrated turning 6 and had a party where the presents included bags of dog and cat food, kitty litter, cleaning supplies, paper towels and cash. The […]




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