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WESTLAND, Mich. – A woman and her cat are safe after being rescued Friday morning from their burning condo in Westland. Patricia Stanton said she was alerted to the fire in her condo building on Spring Valley Drive by a neighbor. “A neighbor called, I was sleeping, and she said, ‘You got to get out […]

Written by Sasha Lilly of Ontario, Canada A few years ago, I lived in a rather rough neighbourhood in Toronto, Canada. There were many feral and abandoned cats there, the result of people “freeing” their unwanted pets or simply not spaying or neutering them. The cats suffered terribly througout the winter, and sadly, many died […]

A cat was rescued Thursday morning from the rubble left after a fire ripped through a condo building in Winnipeg on Wednesday. Damage from the blaze is estimated at $3 million. The cat was taken to the Winnipeg Humane Society for emergency care and is recovering. About 20 people were inside the condo building in […]

By Jack Fichter A successful cat trap, neuter and release (TNR) program will continue in the borough. At a Tue., Nov. 22 meeting, Borough Council amended an ordinance to continue the program that was scheduled to expire Dec. 31. The ordinance also prohibits the “feeding of wildlife and strays.” Volunteer Sue Keene, who has overseen […]

By Sandhya Gorthi If you are expecting a new baby in the family and you are unsure of how your cat will react to the new member, here are a few tips for that purr-fect bond. Try and see the impending arrival of your baby from your cat’s point of view. This will help minimise […]

by JetSetCD Early in September, American Airlines hired a pet detective. While that sounds hilarious, the reason for the new hire is decidedly not; American accidentally lost a cat traveling with a passenger at New York’s JFK Airport back in August (the cat’s cage door came open). Since then, airport staff have been keeping their […]

By KERRY MCQUEENEY He might have been a little down in the whiskers after arthritis left him unable to get up the garden fence. But this cat is now on top of the world since his owners built him a special spiral staircase to help him get out on the tiles. Now Tom the ginger […]

By Ben Lee A cat has recovered from a 120-foot drop from the 12th floor of a building. The feline was allegedly thrown off a block of flats in the West Midlands, England and found at the bottom by people on the third floor who heard something hit a window, the Daily Mail reports. The […]

by Tom Henderson A 10-year-old boy and his playground companions came to the rescue of a kitten who was allegedly being beaten to death with a baseball bat in a Florida park June 10. The Tampa Tribune reports a woman and her two young sons had already killed one kitten and discarded its body in […]

Photo by BÜŖăŚΉΐđ..

A CAT which needed life-saving surgery after being trapped in an illegal snare is settling into his new home in Pleasley. Chad readers helped pay the vet bills of more than £1,000 to carry out skin grafts on Herbie’s body earlier this year. The two-year-old tabbie was found in Creswell and vets believe he could […]

By DAILY MAIL REPORTER It’s a scene that would make Edward Lear proud. This owl and pussycat really have become the best of friends – and they’ve attracted almost half a million fans thanks to their YouTube video. The amazing footage shows Fum the cat and Gebra the barn owl playing together in the open […]

San Gabriel Valley Humane Society: Abigail Meet adorable Abigail. She’s a sweet Dachshund/Chihuahua mix puppy, only 3 months old. Her breed mix makes her absolutely irresistible. Abigail is the smallest of three siblings (her brothers are John and Quincy, who are also at the shelter). She is very sweet and lovable, and would be the […]

By Harriet Marsh PETAL the cat had strayed a very long way from home when Poole residents found him in their garden. They were hoping to adopt the grey and white puss, when a microchip revealed he actually belonged to the Mayor of High Wycombe, in Buckinghamshire. The three-year-old wanderer was reunited with owner Jane […]

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After nine years, Stephanie Fulkerson, of Otis Orchard, Washington, was reunited with her missing cat. She received the unexpected and exciting call recently from SpokAnimal C.A.R.E., where her cat Rusty was waiting for her. Years earlier she had Rusty implanted with an identifying chip, so once he was found in the wild near Felts Field, […]

Photo by XENA: original and more beautiful pictures can be seen here

Credit: علي الحسين A marvelous picture!

His life was saved by veterinarians at the Humane Society of Indianapolis after he was found shot and hit by a car. Now, “Big Bob” the Russian blue cat is getting a new home. By News Staff Indianapolis — His life was saved by veterinarians at the Humane Society of Indianapolis after he was found […]

By Sheila Stroup When Heidi Revere went to work for a Madisonville veterinarian in the fall of 2009, her mother issued a warning. “I told Heidi, ‘You’re going to come across a lot of situations when you’re going to want to bring an animal home, but no animals are coming home,’” Angela Revere said. Heidi’s […]

PALM BAY — Purring contently, the 2-year-old silver tabby closed her eyes and arched her back while Dr. Paul Sikoski scratched her neck and ears. Despite the cat’s easy-going disposition, the veterinarian considers it miraculous she’s alive after enduring a ghoulish ordeal. On Dec. 9, Palm Bay police and a Brevard County animal control officer […]

By tuija2005

By: Sylvia Strojek EDMONTON – She was a young, homeless single mom trying to raise a family of five, but true to the spirit of the season there was room for one more. Esperanza had been badly injured when she was hit by a car, but the young shepherd-cross with the thick white coat was […]

By Jeffrey Alderton — FORT ASHBY, W.Va. — Taking care of 130 cats at Dawn’s Cat Sanctuary at Dawn View is tough on the best day. But it’s become even tougher since an electrical fire disrupted the operation early Sunday morning. Dawn Billmyre has operated the cat rescue since 2004. She even built four additional […]

LIONS TIGERS – Big cat christmas!envoyé par BigCatRescue. – Découvrez plus de vidéos d'animaux.

Credit: Roeselien Raimond Look at this baby! Who can resist it!!!

http://www.mycentraljersey.com BRIDGEWATER IN KEEPING WITH after-Thanksgiving specials, the Somerset Regional Animal Shelter is having a black Saturday/caturday cat adoption event today. The normal $100 adoption fee will be waived for qualified adopters. All cats are spay/neutered, vaccinated and dewormed, and this special applies to all the cats at the shelter — kittens, adult cats and […]

Credit: KrazyBoutCats THANK YOU TO EVERYONE Purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect Thanksgiving kitty photo:)

By Victoria Lau One of my favorite books, and subsequent favorite feel-good movies is “Marley and Me” by John Grogan. If you’re not familiar with the autobiographical novel, the central character is the family dog – a yellow lab named Marley. Marley is an uncontrollable, high-strung dog that the family just can’t help but love […]

By RICHARD SHEARS A two-day-old kitten in Australia was dramatically rescued by eight fireman over the course of four hours after the pet was flushed down the toilet by his toddler owner. Alannah Merleto, three, had a habit of flushing things down the loo so when her mother Ammie asked her where the kitten was […]

By Neil Elkes THE political rivals of millionaire Birmingham MP John Hemming have set up a Facebook group to find his love child’s missing kitten. Labour activists in Moseley, led by former city council deputy leader Andy Howell, have launched the Friends of Beauty The Kitten group and promised to help search for the missing […]

By Craig Wilson When Spencer, Iowa, librarian Vicki Myron wrote about an orange tabby kitten who came to live at her library one winter’s day in 1988, little did she know she would have a best seller on her hands. Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World (2008) has sold more than 1 […]

on Buzz Blog Along with his colleague and former grad student Konstantin Novoselov, Andre Geim has won the Nobel for the pioneering work the two performed on the arduous path towards an invisible hammock for cats (not a hammock for invisible cats, that would be crazy). Bear in mind, we’re not there yet. All Geim […]

Credit: Roeselien Raimond The world is a big scary place when you are a small little kitty!

By DAILY MAIL REPORTER A woman who sparked international outrage after allegedly dumping a cat into a wheelie bin was today charged with animal cruelty. Mary Bale, 45, hit headlines after she was apparently caught on CCTV stroking four-year-old tabby Lola before throwing her into a bin. Read more

By Aprill Brandon A new grassroots organization is forming in Victoria to help rescue and find homes for as many pets as possible. Although the group is still in the early stages of forming, the Crossroads Pet Rescue and Rehabilitation groupwants to people and businesses involved from the start, co-founder Chyanne Lakey said. On Tuesday, […]




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