Happy news about animals


A mini tourism boom has been created in Darwin by a bird that may have been blown in from Indonesia by cyclone George. Local bird watchers say enthusiasts are flying in from all over Australia hoping to catch a glimpse of a single javan pond-heron that has taken up residence in a drain in Darwin’s […]

Bird-watching is the second-most popular outdoor hobby and the fastest growing of all outdoor recreational activities in the U.S., involving about 70 million, according to Don and Lillian Stokes, authors of the Stokes Nature Guide series of books. Longtime Sandy resident Donna Thorum got hooked in the 1960s when she started throwing crumbs out on […]

Michael Lariviere rattles off a long list of places he has traveled hoping to see bald eagles. “Yellowstone, all over the Washington State area, Mount Rainier, all through Montana, Rocky Mountain National Park, Yosemite. My wife and I travel all over the country. We’ve got pictures of elk, moose, grizzly bears, all kinds of hawks.” […]

HE should have been in India or the Ivory Coast – but this chirpy little chap landed in deepest Irlam. Birdwatchers flocked to rural Salford to catch a glimpse of the first ever desert wheatear to appear in Greater Manchester. The species is spotted in Britain in spring – but only once or twice a […]

Sometimes an animal can make a big difference in a human’s life. CBS 11 News was introduced to Owly, an Alaskan bird who won a national award and the woman who’s stuck by him for many years. Owly is a very special Alaskan bird. “You’re beautiful, you’re showing your wings. Isn’t that nice,” said Barbara […]

Bird watchers are flocking to a state park in the southeastern United States to view a species discovered for the first time on U.S. soil. In Miami, VOA’s Brian Wagner reports that experts believe the Loggerhead Kingbird may have arrived from Cuba. South Florida is home to immigrants from across Latin America and other parts […]

Students at Pacific Coast Charter School were given a lesson Tuesday in environmental conservation. Glenn Stewart, a research associate with the Predatory Bird Research Group at UC Santa Cruz, did most of the talking, but all eyes were fixed on his assistant, Curtis. Curtis is a 6-year-old peregrine falcon raised in captivity. Stewart and the […]

A Quaker parrot named Bobber, who weighs less than a quarter pounder, rules the roost in my house. Every gram of bird is manipulative. Right now, Bobber is feigning illness. He wants to go to the bird hospital, a place I call the spa. Life there includes sunning to music, high-class human and avian companions […]




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