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On April 11, visitors at Big Morongo Canyon Preserve were gathering for the Wednesday bird walk. While everyone stood watching the feeders, a small jewel of a bird flew in to one feeder. Its head and throat were turquoise, its breast brick red, and its belly white. It was a male lazuli bunting, the preserve’s […]

AN unusual bird made an appearance in a Sale car park on Wednesday – but luckily was rescued by the RSPCA. The golden pheasant, which is normally found in dense woodland or forestry plantations, was found in the car park at Sainsbury’s and rescued by RSPCA inspector Paul Heaton. The bird, which was uninjured, will […]

Parents wishing to bypass the violence in video games can’t go wrong with “Snapshot Adventures: Secret of Bird Island.” This unique game enthralls children in a mystery while teaching them about birds and how to photograph them. Although this may not sound like the makings of a great game, it is. It is published by […]

Bloomington-Normal is becoming a haven for nature – at least that’s how it seems lately. First, there was the pair of peregrine falcons that hung around town a year ago. A nesting box was put in place atop Watterson Towers, the closest thing we have to a cliff around here. A peregrine falcon, perhaps one […]

The Dutch Embassy is to sponsor BirdLife Malta’s scientific research work on bird migration over the Maltese islands, BirdLife said yesterday during a visit by Ambassador Jan Heidsma to the Ghadira nature reserve, which is managed by BirdLife. The money made available by the Dutch Embassy will help the organisation to purchase and customise important […]

ONE of Scotland’s most enthralling wildlife spectacles debuts as the centrepiece in a new Ardnamurchan visitor attraction – and may mean a substantial economic boost for the area. Nature enthusiasts will be able to get up close and personal with golden eagles in their natural habitat among the craggy glens on the peninsula’s wild, western […]

While the peak bird migration occurs during April and May, many species have already passed through on their way to summer breeding grounds farther north. For example, of the 24 species of ducks that occur in Augusta County, only two nest in our area: wood duck and mallard. We may see a few waterfowl from […]

At least 10 nests of the highly endangered white-bellied sea eagles have been sighted in Orissa’s Bhitarkanika National Park. While four nests were sighted in the Bagagahana area of the park, about 170 km from the capital Bhubaneswar, the others were spotted in the Eakakula and Barahamundia areas, divisional forest officer Ajay Kumar Jena said. […]

Bald eagle populations plummeted in the mid-20th Century, the result of mass poisoning by DDT, and long-term effects of human predation, harassment and development. Today, the resurgence of the Pacific Northwest bald eagle population rewards efforts of conservationists. “From a biological standpoint, they are not an endangered species anymore, there are enough individuals for the […]

Coast Guard helicopters are used for lots of rescues, but they’re not usually like this. A Texas man’s expensive pet bird got loose, so he climbed about 60 feet up a pine tree to retrieve it. Then they got stuck. After the man’s sister called 9-1-1, firefighters discovered they couldn’t back up their truck to […]

For those who enjoy bird watching, The Old Farmer’s Almanac All-Seasons Garden Guide suggests several bird-attracting plants. Aster: This plant’s late summer to autumn daisylike flowers develop tasty seed heads sought by cardinals, chickadees, finches, nuthatches, and many other seed eaters. Goldenrod: Goldenrod’s showy panicles of golden-yellow flowers appear from late summer to fall on […]

When it comes to bird-watching, it’s not just about binoculars and an identification guide anymore. The newest technology is used in modern-day birding — Global Positioning System units, BlackBerrys, iPods and bird-alert services. And for the not-so-faint-of-heart, there’s extreme birding, a combination of birding and roughing it in the outdoors. “(Birding) can be great exercise, […]

BIRD-LOVER Robert Knox is in a right flap after his beloved red-tailed buzzard made a bolt for freedom. The hefty bird of prey, named Inca, streaked into the sky after being scared by a motorbike near Welham Green woods last Sunday. And even though his feathery friend has been spotted a few times over the […]

The twin brothers have never served in the military, but they said they felt a patriotic call to duty Friday when they discovered “America’s bird” was in peril. Joe and Jon Barbara, 51, found a bald eagle in Erie on Good Friday and transferred it to Monroe raptor specialists Dave and Scott Hogan for rehabilitation […]

A bird from Indonesia that’s never been seen in Australia before, has turned up in the country’s northern city of Darwin. Birdwatchers have flown in from around the country to take a look at the rare sight. A rare Javan Pond Heron has put Australian bird enthusiasts in a bit of a flap. The bird […]

A pair of adult bald eagles has staked claim to a wooded hill overlooking Lake Michigan, preparing to make history this spring. After finishing a broad nest of large branches in a white pine in early March, they’ve been taking turns sitting on the nest for at least three weeks, indicating to observers that they […]

One does not expect to discover a bird species new to science while wandering around the continental United States. Nor does one expect that such a species would provide much insight into how coevolutionary arms races promote speciation. On both fronts a paper to appear in The American Naturalist proves otherwise. Julie Smith, now at […]

National Park Service volunteer Terry Lincoln has been monitoring nesting sites for the past 11 years in Theodore Roosevelt National Park. “I started on my own time. I really enjoy hiking and camping and watching animals. I checked in with the folks at the park, asking them what I can do to help out,” said […]

A baby eagle that was removed from its nest a week ago near the Orlando-Sanford International Airport has a new home on Thursday. Two full-grown eagles perched atop the nest tree as if they knew something was going on, WESH 2 News reported. The mission was to bring down the baby already in the nest. […]

A confused cockatoo at a wildlife centre has spent the last two weeks trying to hatch a bowl of Easter eggs. The 17-year-old bird, called Pippa, adopted the chocolate eggs when her owner put them out just before Easter as a treat for visitors to the centre in Nuneaton, Warwickshire. Thinking they were her own, […]

A rare Large-Billed Reed Warbler, thought to have been “lost” by ornithologists, has been spotted in India after 140 years. “Except for a single bird found in Sutlej Valley in Himachal Pradesh in 1867, the Large-Billed Reed Warbler has not been sighted in India since, Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS), a city-based research group, said […]

A bird of prey spotted flying over Larne Lough has been confirmed as the first sighting of the rare Montagu’s harrier in Northern Ireland. And the birdwatcher who caught sight of the harrier believes climate change may have played a part in bringing it to more northerly climes. It was initially thought that the bird […]

A miracle golden eagle that the National Aviary of Pittsburgh nursed back to health from near-death was released to the wild this morning. The bird flew off on strong wings from New Creek Mountain near Scherr, W.Va. The golden eagle has been fitted with a tracking device. It is expected to join other migrating golden […]

The nest of a rare migratory bird to the UAE, the White-tailed Lapwing, was spotted in Dubai for the first time. “This indicates the bird’s successful breeding in this part of the region,” said Dr Reza Khan, Head of Dubai Zoo, who spotted the nest recently in a Rhodes grass field off Al Warsan near […]

When the black-capped chickadee chirps out a warning of predators closing in, not only its closest feathered friends pay attention. The red-breasted nut hatch, another small native North American songbird, is also listening in and can interpret the finer points of the chickadees’ early warning system. “They can figure out how dangerous the predator is […]

Everybody knows the saying “birds of a feather flock together,” and it couldn’t be anymore true when applied to the Tri-County Bird Club, whose members meet once a month to share their love and expand their knowledge of birds. The club consists of approximately 60 members from Worcester, Wicomico and Somerset counties, who have a […]

The Inca dove is a small tropical dove found in arid habitats. It can be seen in Washington County in the St. George area. The Inca dove population is expanding its range into urban areas of the Southwest, extending from Southern California to western Louisiana and southward to Costa Rica. It is a small dove, […]

Ducks and geese are on the move, shore birds are close behind and the dazzling rainbow of color that is the warbler migration is just a few short weeks away. Mid-Missouri is an avian spring wonderland with dozens of special spots to welcome the migrants for their summer stay or to greet them in passing […]

One does not expect to discover a bird species new to science while wandering around the continental United States. Nor does one expect that such a species would provide much insight into how coevolutionary arms races promote speciation. On both fronts a paper to appear in The American Naturalist proves otherwise. Julie Smith, now at […]

More bird species in the United States are ranging farther north and even staying there for the winter in a possible sign of adaptation to global warming, ornithologists and conservation groups say. Some indicators come from the recent Great Backyard Bird Count, which found more swallows, orioles and other common birds in uncommon locations. “We’ve […]

It’s fitting that in the city where the Declaration of Independence was adopted in 1776, America’s living symbol has again found a home. Wildlife authorities have found the first bald eagle nest in Philadelphia in more than 200 years. And they’re hoping the occupants will produce offspring. Pennsylvania Game Commission officials are not disclosing the […]

This list, put together by Tim Joyce of Wild Birds Unlimited in Glenview, Ill., tells you what you need to know about bird-feeding essentials. • Black oil sunflower is the one seed that attracts the widest variety of birds. • Safflower seed is disliked by grackles and starlings, yet cardinals, house finches, chickadees love it. […]

Conservationists are crossing their fingers that birds will once again alight at Lake Martin after mysteriously abandoning the popular rookery last year. The birds have begun returning this year to the St. Martin Parish lake, but the test will be if the egrets and herons stay long enough to raise a brood of fledglings. Last […]

There is a special something that happens in the soul when a human looks up to see an eagle soaring. Some American Indian cultures are built around eagles and the American founding fathers made the bald eagle the symbol of the country, despite the contrary opinion of Benjamin Franklin. Now comes word that Sussex County’s […]

Developers and wildlife officials are keeping an eagle-eye on a bird nest that might hinder construction plans at the former Philadelphia Navy Yard. The first bald eagle nest in the city in more than 200 years is on a South Philadelphia site targeted for a $150 million wholesale produce market and a massive maritime terminal. […]

Have you noticed the change in the air? Spring officially has arrived with the Vernal Equinox, and you don’t need a calendar to tell you. The birds in your backyard tell you with their song. The quiet of a winter day is due partly to the absence of bird song. During the non-breeding portion of […]

Bird festivals have become increasingly popular in Washington, a chance to mingle with experts, see birds that can be added to your life list and get outside after this winter’s challenging weather. One of the most jam-packed festivals is the Sandhill Crane Festival, a great gathering that gives folks a look at the cranes, which […]

You could argue that a birdhouse lends so much charm and even color to a garden that it doesn’t need feathered tenants to make us happy. But how much more satisfying it is to have songbirds around, and to see them flitting back and forth in May with insects for their young, knowing that you […]

Bird enthusiasts from around the world are taking a holiday in Australia to catch a glimpse of a bird which seems to have been blown off course. Cyclone George is being blamed for forcing the Javan pond-heron in the wrong direction which saw it land in Darwin, Australia instead of its native Indonesia. The arrival […]

Wildlife authorities have found the first bald eagle nest in the city in more than 200 years, the Pennsylvania Game Commission said Friday. Officials are not disclosing the exact location of the nest to avoid disturbing the site, but agency personnel and volunteers are monitoring it closely, the commission said. ÒWe don’t know if the […]

Would it surprise you to learn that some of the favorite places to watch birds in Costa Rica are at small roadside eateries? In the central mountain range north of San José, on the highway between Vara Blanca and San Miguel, sits the Mirador de la Catarata San Fernando, meaning balcony overlooking the San Fernando […]

As hundreds of fans collect for the annual Eckert Crane Festival this weekend in southwestern Colorado, birdwatchers have spotted a lone crane they believe could be Baby, the species-confused sandhill crane, flying above and sitting along the Fruitgrowers Reservoir where she was set free Monday. If the bird is Baby, there’s good news: Rather than […]

SOUTH Africa‘s national bird has paid a surprise visit to the Port Elizabeth beachfront. Arnold Slabbert, chairman of the wildlife conservation NGO Wildline, said yesterday he had received a call on Sunday to say a blue crane was “wandering around 6th Avenue in Walmer”. Because he was in Cape Town, he was unable to respond […]

A RESCUE mission has been launched to save one of Britain’s most threatened birds. The twite, also known as the Pennine finch, is a small brown bird that lives mainly in mountainous areas of Scotland. But it can also be spotted darting around the moors of Rochdale and Oldham. Since 1990 numbers have declined by […]

The National Aviary announced today that it brought a “miracle” golden eagle back from the brink of death and will release the bird back to the wild next week. The 3-year-old male golden eagle was found Jan. 5 in West Virginia caught in a leg trap meant for coyotes. The trap had cut through the […]

Planning and worrying about the future has always been considered an exclusively human activity, but now at least one species of bird has also been found to plan for tomorrow. The finding, from scientists supported by the Swindon-based Biotechnology And Biological Sciences Research Council, also raises the intriguing possibility that, like humans, birds may get […]

Alex Haywood didn’t know much about birds before a special project began at his school. Now the fourth-grader has learned a lot about the feathered critters – and looks forward to learning more. “I like the bird project because … now I am having a terrific time learning about different birds, their habitats and what […]

A flight was delayed for several hours after a tiny bird flew into the cockpit of the plane and refused to leave. The bird came in through an open door of the plane as passengers boarded at the Ben Gurion Airport, near Tel Aviv. All 178 passengers of the Israeli airline EL Al flight to […]

A CHANGE in climate could be the cause of the early arrival of orange-bellied parrots to the south-west. Co-ordinator for the South West Orange-Bellied Parrot Working Group, Dianne Davis, said one of the rare birds was spotted with a flock of blue-winged parrots on a property at Killarney last week. The birds nest in Tasmania […]

Birds may be able to fly vast distances without getting lost because of sensors in their beaks, according to a study. German scientists said they found tiny iron oxide crystals in the skin lining of the upper beak of homing pigeons, laid out in a three-dimensional pattern that might help the birds to read the […]




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