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Some rare guests, feathered friends in need, are making their home at least for a few weeks at the International Bird Rescue Research Center in Fairfield. “I’ve worked here seven years and I’ve never seen an white faced ibis,” said assistant rehabilitation manager Megan Prelinger. But now, the research center has 78 white faced ibis […]

IT’S BEEN a bumpy journey for little terns. But a record number of terns now adorn the Hartlepool and east Durham coastline – despite the nests coming under attack from hedgehogs. More than 100 little tern chicks, one of Britain’s rarest sea birds, have hatched on a breeding area at Crimdon near Hartlepool. And after […]

A well-known tourist destination is preparing to welcome 250,000 overseas visitors. Every year, migrating birds from as far away as Iceland, Scandinavia and Russia flock to Southport’s Ribble Estuary (UK) to rest and refuel. A quarter of a million birds visit the estuary every year and the huge numbers and variety of birds make the […]

An albatross, found on a Somerset beach by a walker, has been released after a check-up by animal rescuers. The bird, believed to be either a yellow-nosed or black-browed albatross, was discovered, apparently uninjured, on the beach at Brean on Friday. After a once over by staff at the Secret World Wildlife Rescue Centre, near […]

It takes just a few simple steps for bird lovers to attract their feathered friends to their yards. Making some minor adjustments to properties will help attract different varieties of birds, particularly songbirds, according to a press release from Cornell University’s Cooperative Extension. With growing recognition the climate is warming, native plants are the best […]

A fairy pitta, a rare bird in the avian world, was spotted in Geoje, Gyeongnam Province, singing its distinctive mating call. The migratory bird, which comes to Korea in the summer, was designated as Korea’s 204th natural treasure, but has not been seen in the country since. A dead fairy pitta was found in 2002, […]

Like a cat on the prowl, the ‘hunter’ was stalking toward a drying water hole. The ground was littered with fallen twigs and leaves and he had to step carefully. Bending to avoid a thorny branch, he momentarily lost concentration and ‘thud..’.. a mistaken step on a stick alerted his prey. With a loud flutter, […]

Researchers at the Methodist Neurological Institute (NI) in Houston and Weill Cornell Medical College in New York City used functional MRI to determine that songbirds have a pronounced right-brain response to the sound of songs, establishing a foundational study for future research on songbird models of speech disorders such as stuttering, as reported today in […]

UNALASKA, Alaska – A bald eagle perches atop a pole near the road. Standing 50 feet away, I slowly aim my camera and fire. The bird barely budges. Creeping two steps forward, I shoot a second frame. The bird doesn’t move. I edge forward, approaching and firing in two-step increments. Finally, about 15 feet away, […]

Here are 10 reasons your own backyard may be the best place for bird-watching — especially during the summer. 1. You don’t have to endure oppressive heat or pesky mosquitoes. Backyard bird-watching is a pain-free way to enjoy the sight of a bird like a blue jay standing regal on a fence or indecorously dunking […]

A wild hen turkey does not mind socializing with humans, as Mel and Donnie Kelly have found out. The bird just literally came knocking on their front door of their home near Yountsville about two weeks ago. “The first night she was here she pecked on the door as if she wanted to come inside,” […]

Environmentalists are excited by the discovery of an endangered sea bird 10,000 kilometres from where it was tagged by scientists off Cape York in far north Queensland more than 20 years ago. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says the herald petrel that was tagged on Raine Island in 1984 has been seen off the coast […]

Students from the Grayson County High School donated their time and hardwork to build birdhouses and birdfeeders for the Grayson Manor in Leitchfield. Larry Fleenor’s woodworking class built eighteen birdhouses. The employees of Grayson Manor then painted each of them to reflect each others different personalities. Larry Baker’s metalworking class built six bird feeders and […]

The capercaillie – one of the UK’s rarest birds – may be on the verge of a recovery. The RSPB believes last year’s breeding season for the birds was the best for 15 years and says the population may even be expanding in some areas. There are currently only 1,000 breeding pairs of capercaillie in […]

Dubai: A large nesting colony of Bank Myna, a variety of the common Myna or Pied Starling, has been spotted off Al Warsan. It is known as one of the largest breeding grounds of the bird in the country. “The nests were spotted in a desert area, off the Dubai Municipality’s Sewage Treatment Plant in […]

Are there some hikes in your spring and summer plans? If so, make sure you pack your binoculars and field guide. Extra weight is frowned on when you are deciding what goes in the backpack, but I have a reason for encouraging hikers to carry binos and a book. Anyone going into the high country […]

A little aquatic bird without name has piqued the A. MUSTAFFA BABJEE, so he has turned two years of and recording into a documentary for nature lovers. WHAT partly inspired me to devote two years of study on a little aquatic bird was that it had no Malay name. My journey took me to villages […]

If you have ever taken a photograph of a wild bird, the chances are about 99 percent that you have been frustrated. Birds are difficult to photograph – extremely difficult most of the time. Just for starters, they seldom stay in one spot for more than a few seconds. And they are wary about letting […]

One thing I enjoy about working at Wild Birds Unlimited is playing bird detective – attempting to help people identify the birds in their yards. Usually, they describe what they are seeing, and I ask lots of questions. “Was it smaller than a crow, bigger than a breadbox? Did it have wing bars? What shape […]

San Diego County bird lovers warmly welcomed the long-absent California condor yesterday, saying the Boeing 747 of birds is something every enthusiast wants to see. They were reacting to the announcement that a female condor took a spin around San Diego County’s mountains this week after flying up from Mexico. As of Wednesday, the 3-year-old […]

Turkey is one of the most spectacular countries on earth, with an extraordinary rich cultural and natural heritage. The main reason underpinning this richness is Turkey’s location. It intersects three old world continents: Asia, Europe and Africa. Over thousands of years, many species of birds, plants and other biodiversity have found their home in this […]

The cardinal may be Ohio’s state bird, but the fowl spotted most in a recent count is considered by many to be its No. 1 pest. The aggressive, messy Canada goose is so annoying that even the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium doesn’t want it around . Because of its location along the O’Shaughnessy Reservoir, a […]

US coastguards had to use a helicopter to rescue a man who climbed a 60ft pine tree to retrieve his pet parrot. William Hart, 35, from Montgomery County, near Houston, Texas, followed his £1 000 white cockatoo Geronimo after it escaped its cage. After he got stuck, about 30 Sheriff’s deputies and firefighters converged on […]

The man who solved one of New Zealand’s ornithological mysteries in Kaikoura more than 40 years ago was recognised with a prestigious award on Saturday. Christchurch man Geoff Harrow, 80, has won an Old Blue award from the New Zealand Forest and Bird Protection Society for outstanding contribution to conservation for his efforts in protecting […]

Call him the Mona Lisa of the bird kingdom. The rare recurve-billed bushbird, recently rediscovered by scientists in Colombia after a 40-year absence, sports a curving beak that gives the illusion of an enigmatic smile. The elusive species had not been spotted between 1965 and 2004, due to its limited range and remote habitats. It […]

The State Journal-Register in Springfield, Illinois Article written my Mr Chris Young The first bald eagle successfully hatched in Sangamon County in recorded history flew off the nest last week, just as its species was on the brink of flying off the endangered-species list. Helicopter pilot Steve Young, Illinois Department of Transportation bureau chief of […]

An injured bald eagle found earlier this month is slowly recovering at Wildlife Prairie State Park. The eagle, discovered June 11 in a private Fulton County lake, has regained strength while living in an enclosure and taking antibiotics for a week, said park naturalist Joe Hand. “He was pretty weak when he was found,” Hand […]

Three nests of the rare Kirtland’s warbler have been discovered in the state, which wildlife authorities say shows recovery efforts for the endangered species are working. “It’s a historic moment not only for the conservation of species,” said Sumner Matteson, an avian ecologist at the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, “but a historic moment in […]

Nature serves as an inspiration for many technologies, and researchers in the College of Engineering at New Mexico State University are taking their inspiration for a micro air vehicle (MAV) design from the hummingbird. The researchers are using a scale model that can mimic the wing motion of an actual hummingbird, allowing accurate measurements and […]

The Center for Biological Diversity released a report today showing the bald eagle population in the lower 48 states and the District of Columbia is 11,040 pairs in 2007. This is a nearly 1,300-pair increase from the 2006 estimate of 9,789 pairs. Just 417 pairs remained in 1963. “The bald eagle’s recovery from the edge […]

Fifteen White-tailed Sea Eagle chicks are to be released in Ireland’s Killarney National Park as part of a five-year breeding experiment to re-introduce eagles to the Irish countryside. The chicks will be reared with minimum human contact and monitored closely by a team of experts. The White-Tailed Sea Eagle was once common in Ireland but […]

Tourists on board an 80-foot boat watched an unexpected avian rescue when a baby Caspian tern was found drowning in a harbor. The 20 passengers cheered when lifeguards, who had responded to an emergency call, scooped up the bird out of the water near a steel barge anchored about a half-mile offshore. The bird was […]

About three weeks ago, Lindsay Shaver was handed four baby birds who had been abandoned by their mother. A neighbour of the 12-year-old Long Sault girl heard the young starlings squawking in the Shaver’s garage and retrieved the animals. The neighbour handed the birds to Lindsay, who has cared for them ever since. Since that […]

Zoo workers may take a closer look at an eagle egg at Miller Park Zoo if an eaglet doesn’t hatch before Friday, zoo director John Tobias said Tuesday. Tobias said he may “candle” the egg, a process in which light is shined through the shell to see what’s inside. Closer examination also will reveal if […]

Where in Northern Nevada do the Red-necked Phalaropes roam? And at what lake can residents creep up on Brown Creepers? Find the answers to that plus the best spots to spot Sooty Grouse, Ruddy Ducks, Calliope hummingbirds, bald eagles and a flock of other fowl in the new edition of “A Birding Guide to Reno […]

A RARE songbird has tripled in number in 13 years and returned to Wales, The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds said yesterday. But the Dartford warbler’s population increase can only be sustained and improved if the Government protects the birds’ natural habitat, the RSPB said. The UK population of Dartford warblers increased from […]

A bird is bringing a lot of attention to a family that just wanted to cut down a tree. A family that lives near the Gastonia Municipal Golf Course wanted to have a pine tree taken down because of problems with bird droppings. The company realized that there was a nest of a bird of […]

At 4 feet high, with handsome gray-blue feathers, a long yellow bill and a dramatic black head plume, the great blue heron is a striking bird. And the only way a backyard birder used to be able to spot one would be if it flew overhead on its way to a nesting site. Herons are […]

After gloriously soaring to freedom over Falmouth on Sunday, a rare yellow-nosed albatross is back in captivity, thousands of miles from its South Atlantic range. Jane Dolph and her son were driving in the pouring rain Monday afternoon when they were startled by an enormous waddling bird in the middle of the road, under a […]

Hummingbirds, with their flighty nature and iridescent plumage, are celebrated visitors at windowsills and bird feeders across North America, even more so if they ever slow down long enough to pose for a photo. But the Bellaire family from Corbeil discovered earlier this week that when a male ruby-throated hummingbird stays still for too long, […]

A bald eagle pair has become the first of their species to become parents in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park in 70 years. Rangers are encouraging humans to keep their distance from the birds, which have set up housekeeping high in a large tree. Pedestrians have been banned from the railroad tracks near the nest, […]

The Topeka Zoo announces that hatching of two Golden Eagle Chicks. The zoo says the birds hatched on April 27 and May 1. Both chicks are being kept in the nest by their parents and are not visible to the public yet. Zoo staff says the chicks will be very dependent on their parents for […]

A bird that is on the protected species list, a killdeer, makes a home in a very unusual place, a work site. It’s located on Suburban Road off South Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo. Work at that site has come to a halt while the expectant bird waits for her eggs to hatch. For […]

Scientists at the Woods Hole Research Center, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center and the University of Maryland have taken a novel approach to studying biological diversity by making use of laser remote sensing (lidar). Lidar data provide unique measurements of the 3-dimensional structure of vegetation, an important aspect of habitat diversity. Habitat heterogeneity and complexity […]

The bald eagle rescued by two brothers near the Michigan-Ohio border on Good Friday will be taken to a veterinarian’s office on Thursday night to have the pins removed from its broken wing. “If everything goes right, the pins will come out Thursday,” said Dave Hogan, a bird rehabilitation expert who is taking care of […]

Wyoming’s bald eagle population has reached a new high of more than 185 breeding pairs. The rebound has staggered ornithologists who predicted much lower recovery rates when the birds were first granted federal protection in 1967. The bald eagle population is soaring nationally, as well, with the number of breeding pairs in the lower 48 […]

A new blue-and-green-throated hummingbird species has been discovered in a cloud forest in Colombia, and already needs protection from human encroachment, the experts who found the bird said yesterday. Called the gorgeted puffleg, the new species is easily twice as big as the thumb-sized hummingbirds found in the eastern United States, measuring between 3.5 inches […]

Where did the warblers go? North Jersey, it seems. While roughly a third of the warblers and other bird species that breed in the United States have suffered declines, several top birders in Bergen and Passaic counties say there have been above-average sightings locally this spring. At Garret Mountain in West Paterson, one of the […]

The appearance this year of an eagle on Kaua’i, an osprey on O’ahu, a harrier on Maui, and reports of peregrine falcons on several islands suggests either that there’s something strange going on, or that visits by these Mainland birds are far more common than most folks know. Bird watchers regularly make note of the […]

The Windber Hospice was the first hospice program in Pennsylvania, and now it is the first to offer bird feeders to its patients as part of the Hospice Signature Bird Feeder Program. Hospice volunteer Linda Quinn, who has been spearheading the program along with her husband Mike, also a hospice volunteer, said the idea for […]




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