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By Jeff Murray • jdmurray@gannett.com • Staff Writer • April 14, 2009 Rehabilitated bird’s takeoff draws a crowd at Seneca Lake. WATKINS GLEN – Dozens of people gathered at Clute Park along Seneca Lake on Monday to watch a bald eagle that was grounded for five months take to the skies again. Advertisement Quantcast Children […]

By Marcia Davis The first purple martin – a purplish-black male -arrived Feb. 22 at Sue and Clifford Snider’s Madisonville martin colony. Even earlier on Feb. 12, migrating tree swallows appeared in Clinton. On March 7 a pair of Carolina wrens used their long, pointed bills to harvest moss from my lawn. Making multiple trips […]

Credit: EOGON Them too like them nuts:)

By Linda Goldston Mercury News Posted: 02/16/2009 03:48:34 PM PST San Jose’s favorite love birds are back. Clara and Carlos, a pair of rare peregrine falcons, once again are soaring in the skies above City Hall, and Clara has been seen in the nesting box the duo used last year to hatch their three babies […]

ONE of England’s most endangered birds of prey, the hen harrier, could be released into the wild in the New Forest in a matter of years. With just ten breeding pairs counted in England last year, Natural England is drawing up plans to reintroduce the bird into its former ranges. You can read the rest […]

Credit: EOGON Monsieur Jean De la Fontaine wrote a very nice fable about this animal: Le Héron Un jour, sur ses longs pieds, allait je ne sais où, Le Héron au long bec emmanché d’un long cou. Il côtoyait une rivière. L’onde était transparente ainsi qu’aux plus beaux jours ; Ma commère la carpe y […]

Credit: gardawind These birds are always so majestic! They seem to come directly from a fairy tale!

In Audubon Connecticut, it seems that this park was identified as an important bird area for thousands of raptors and land birds that pass over the area in migration each fall. Amazing how creatures can adapt isn’t it? An important bird area in the middle of a big city like New Haven! The plan was […]

We all have seen stunning images of wildlife’s struggle, a tiny bird pecking at seeds from a frosted thistle, a branch of a tree, a place on the ground, a bird feeder maybe? This is not rare in our Winter Wonderland and bird feeders seem to increase in numbers with the years passing by. Birds […]

Credit: katinha_n This bird was photographed by katinha_n. If seems to be so intrigued by the camera! Thank you for the nice picture girl! katinha_n’s photostream on Flick r: http://www.flickr.com/photos/katinha_n/

Somebody had to think about this. And that somebody sure is a bird owner and wants his feathered friend to be flying around without *bombarding* the whole place. This is surely a great thing. Now, I wonder if the diapers are environment friendly? LOL

The Matakana dotterel, a bird specie from New Zealand’s and most endangered , is returning. The bird, extremely rare now, was seen nesting this summer in the Coromandel, Waihi, Matata, and Ohiwa, in the Bay of Plenty. The bird’s return was the result of a 17-year-long partnership between DOC and the Matakana Island community to […]

Right there in your backyard, bird-watching with children might surprise you with a number of unexpected results! Because early experiences in children lives affect how their brains develop and lay the foundation for all we know we need:intelligence, emotional health and moral development, according to the National Association for the Education of Young Children. Healthy […]

A new partner has been found for a rare ostrich-like bird left widowed after her partner was shot last week. Chris Ottoway found his male rhea after it had been shot in the leg. Unfortunately, the poor animal had to be put down. An owner of the same specie of bird, a grey male rhea […]

When New Yorkers mention wild turkey these days they’re not referring to Kentucky bourbon. They’re talking about Zelda. The Thanksgiving season seems the right time to tell a story about a brave bird who has defied the odds of survival and mesmerized the city with her avian allure. No one knows exactly where this female […]

The zoo of EDINBURGH Zoo is playing a very important role in a bid to save one of the world’s rarest birds: the Socorro dove. Only a few birds did survive in private collections in Britain and Germany, where breeding pairs have been formed to help sustain a population in danger on extinction. Edinburgh Zoo […]

Wings of Wonder, a nonprofit conservation group, which focuses on birds such as eagles and other raptors, will set free a 2-year-old female eagle Saturday at 3 p.m., from the parking lot of the Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore visitor’s center located in Empire. Rebecca Lessard is the director of Wings of Wonder. The splendid […]

Here’s the situation; you find a bird but you don’t know the owner. But your vet might know somebody who is missing a bird. So now what? Well accountant Sue Hill, from the UK, that telephone number of the possible owner and… put the bird on the phone. Hearing her owners voice the bird at […]

For two weeks Lightning has been sending Patricia Fisher, the woman who nursed her back to health, a wordless message. It’s time to let her go. Lightning, a bald eagle, was severely injured in June of 2005 when the tree holding her nest in Waushara County was struck by lightning and started on fire. Lightning […]

After making its way slightly off nature’s beaten path and into Wisconsin, one little green-breasted mango has found its way to safety, with the help of the human hand. Neighbors in the area of Sandale Drive in Beloit – who had been receiving regular visits from the hummingbird since July – lured it into a […]

Ask your feathered friends over to dine this winter. Birds are easy guests. Set the table with a feeder full of seed at a place in your yard where you can watch from a window. Finish off the table setting with a birdbath full of water nearby. Before too long, the birds will recognize your […]

As many as 130 species of birds were spotted by teams of bird lovers in a day-long ‘race’ held in Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam. The exercise was held as part of the HSBC India Bird Race organised by KeralaBirder, a bird lovers group on the Internet. In Thiruvananthapuram, the race was organised by the green groups […]

Though the days of sun drenched hours are gone for a while, the birds of the air are still abundant in the skies of their middle Tennessee homes, including those in Bedford County. Their sonnets of song glide on the autumn breezes as the leaves sail the currents they share with the winged friends. For […]

The trials and tribulations of one of Britain’s largest colonies of terns have been captured for a BBC wildlife programme tonight. The 1,300 pairs of terns – or sea swallows – at Cemlyn nature reserve were filmed over a breeding season for The Nature of Britain programme. The birds travel thousands of miles from Africa […]

Strangler figs, live oaks and gumbo limbos shade the graves of Confederate soldiers and Florida pioneers. At Fort Lauderdale’s Evergreen Cemetery, a few fragments of history linger in a city overrun by strip malls. The old graveyard also provides a haven for a vast variety of warblers, tanagers and other birds trying to navigate ancient […]

Flying north for its annual fall return to the colder regions of the northern hemisphere, an eyebrowed thrush took a wrong turn and found itself in Jerusalem at 6 am on Sunday. The thrush was identified at the Jerusalem Bird Observatory of the Society for the Preservation of Nature in Israel’s Urban Wildlife Site by […]

Incidents of a seabird preying on colonies of another species at night may be unique to a remote islands archipelago. Ecologist Will Miles said initial research of great skua preying on Leach’s petrel on St Kilda found the behaviour was unlikely to be common. The National Trust for Scotland (NTS) has been recording “alarming” falls […]

Preliminary information from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service reveals more than 71 million people watched, fed, or photographed wild birds in 2006, the latest figures available. They spent $45 billion pursuing their hobby. That makes feeding wild birds one of the most popular outdoor activities in the United States, with widespread and evenly-distributed fans […]

New official statistics on the UK’s wild bird population show no significant changes to the pattern of the last 37 years. The government’s indicators cover breeding seabird and woodland bird populations and wintering wetland birds, and assesses progress against the government’s Public Service Agreement target for breeding farmland birds in England. The all-species indicator shows […]

Perched atop a tree branch draped between two walls in a small flight room, a red-tailed hawk at the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center stared intensely into the eyes of the few humans standing in the room. Although just a few feet separated the predatory bird from the humans, the 1-year-old bird did not […]

Volunteers with Pacific Wildlife Care report that they have found a permanent home for a visually impaired golden eagle they have been rehabilitating for several months. Zoo to You, a conservation educational organization based in Paso Robles, will pick up the bird today. It will be used in the group’s educational outreach programs, said Kelly […]

As if regaining her bearings, a rehabilitated bald eagle stood by the White River on Thursday and uncertainly flapped her wings. After a few minutes, she glided gracefully across the river and perched in a treetop, as the group of people who saved her life applauded. An area fishing guide found the injured eagle about […]

THURSDAY November 1 will see the start of the biggest ever bird survey to hit the UK. The British Trust for Ornithology is mobilising an army of 50,000 birdwatchers to undertake a stock-take of the UK’s birds with the aim of understanding how recent changes to our climate and habitats are affecting Britain’s birds. Bird […]

The tiny Kaua’i creeper, a rare four-inch-tall bird, is still trying to get on the endangered species list as its numbers have dwindled to 1,500 worldwide. The Kaua’i creeper, also called the ‘akikiki, is threatened by habitat loss, avian disease and nonnative mammals. It’s found only on Kaua’i, and it has been listed as a […]

The new University of Oklahoma Press biography of George Miksch Sutton, Norman’s favorite birdman, mentions the help he got from the Cleveland County Bird Club. It’s now the Cleveland County Audubon Society, but this column is about the earlier days. In the early 1960s the State Highway Department (now Transportation Department) was about to let […]

EGLIN AIR FORCE BASE – After almost disappearing from the American scene, the bald eagle’s comeback is complete, thanks in part to the Defense Department. Interior Secretary Dirk Kempthorne and other officials made the announcement on Thursday at a ceremonial event held at the Jefferson Memorial in Washington. “Today, I am proud to announce the […]

At 6:30 p.m. Thursday, a one-year-old bald eagle flew gracefully toward the wild blue skies before about 350 people on Sauvie Island, some kneeling so those standing behind could witness its release. The scene came a week after the bald eagle’s comeback took it off the U.S. endangered species list. There are about 10,000 pairs […]

I appreciate the leisurely, laid-back tempo of summer, but this week life slowed to a geriatric snail’s pace. Friends have left town, some not to return for weeks. Children have fled for jobs out of state. And that 10-day vacation in August we’ve planned for months seems light years away. Suddenly, my mate and I […]

Bird watching has quickly become one of the most popular hobbies in the World. What at one time was just a backyard interest has now grown into extensive bird watching vacations. When looking for a bird watching vacation, you can choose from one as simple as a weekend getaway or you can elect to go […]

Bird watching enthusiasts flock to Delaware as the fall migration begins. The fall migration starts early, well before what visitors normally think of as autumn. The first southbound arrivals show up the last few days of June, and by mid-summer, many shorebirds can be spotted as they make their way back from the Artic nesting […]

Mason Neck State Park in Virginia is close to the largest rookery of great blue herons in the mid-Atlantic region and Virginia’s biggest freshwater marsh. But mostly, people come for the eagles. The U.S. Interior Department’s decision last month to remove the bald eagle from the list of endangered and threatened species after 40 years […]

FOREST GROVE, Ore. – A bald eagle is recovering after a muddy misadventure. A waste treatment pond at a Stimson Lumber wood processing facility in Forest Grove had been drained of water. What was left was sludge, about four feet deep, with the consistency of cold chocolate pudding. The eagle apparently misjudged the situation, and […]

Ohio’s bald eagle population is flying high with a record 164 nests in 45 counties this year, according to tallies by the Ohio Division of Wildlife. Of the record raft of nests, 115 were successful in fledging young, with current reports indicating 186 eaglets. That production is down from the record production of 205 eaglets […]

This is an important summer for kori bustards at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo. Four chicks of this threatened African bird have hatched in June and July. Along with the bumper crop of baby birds is a bumper crop of new information for scientists working to preserve the species, thanks to an electronic egg that transmits […]




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