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The cameras used for a documentary on polar bears were designed to be as unobtrusive and resilient as possible. Polar Bear: Spy on The Ice used hi-tech “spy cams” to get as close as possible to the bears during summer in the Arctic islands of Svalbard. But while they were built to withstand temperatures as […]

By DENNIS JENSEN Rutland Forrest Hammond, a biologist with the Vermont Fish & Wildlife Department, came upon a strange scene after he was contacted by Ascutney Fire Department Chief Darrin Spaulding early Sunday afternoon. What Hammond found was a black bear with his head stuck inside an old steel milk can, about 100 yards off […]

Who needs meat? Polar bears bite off more than they can chew to get to their frozen fruit and veg By MAIL FOREIGN SERVICE As a carnivorous animal, you wouldn’t expect a polar bear to get excited over fruit and vegetables. They’re usually more concerned with capturing seals than ensuring they receive their five-a-day. However […]

Credit: ucumari Polar bear Willy having some fun. This exhibit has been renovated.

First species of bear returns to Zoo after 40 years For the first time in 40 years, North American black bears (Ursus americanus) are again on exhibit at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. Two female bears recently arrived at the Zoo from the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha and are adapting well to their new home. The […]




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