Dewey: The Small-Town Library Cat Who Touched the World is a bitter-sweet book: 99%sweet, 1% bitter.

Author Vicki Myron is one of the main characters of this book: the story has really happened.

Years ago as Vicki came to work she and a co-worker found an almost frozen stiff cat in the returned books dump. Someone clearly didn’t want this fine cat anymore.

Vicki lobbied for the cat to stay: in the library! And stay he did. Dewey would walk around, sit next to a new kid at each week’s reading, drop in on the meetings.

As if by clockwork, every morning he appeared at the front door just a few minutes before opening times as if to greet the early readers.

His story could have stopped there, easily and successfully. He had touched the heart of many, made tender many of us.

But Dewey’s fame was to go beyond the small town. Newspapers got hold of the story. Local TV. Then state TV. Soon the national media flocked down on the little town. A Japanese movie company even made a movie about him!

“Find your place. Be happy with what you have. Treat everyone well. Live a good life. It isn’t about material things; it’s about love. And you can never anticipate love”
Vicki Myron, author, about Dewey’s lessons

Alas, all good things must end: Dewey appears to have some serious health problems. No eyes will stay dry, I guarantee you, and you’ll be good to have a box of Kleenex ready!

As the book winds down, comes to an end, so seems to come an end to the special life that is a small town. You’ll long for that place that’s Home…

The book is wonderful. It’s written with tender love and in such a way that, certainly in the winter time and certainly around Christmas, it paints a Charles Dickens’ like time, town and atmosphere.