The central Ohio organization, Ohio House Rabbit Rescue (OHRR), would like to open and run a house rabbit rescue and adoption facility. The Pepsi Company is currently sponsoring an online grant program where the grant winners are determined by online voting. OHRR has submitted a grant application in the neighborhood category for $250,000. Our grant will “rescue abandoned pet rabbits and find loving families to adopt them.”

To win this grant, we need your help.

We need you to go to the Pepsi site to register and then vote every day in February for our grant. Any person 13 years or older can vote. You will get 10 votes every day to vote for 10 different grants. You can only cast one vote for any one grant each day. It would be most valuable for us if you vote for only one grant, ours.

To vote for our grant, go to the website listed above. Then “sign in” at the bottom left hand corner of the site. Then click on “Vote for this idea.” Voting begins February 1st and continues everyday until February 28th. Be sure to sign in every day before voting.