Here is the full story told by our bunny Noisette:

Félicité is very pretty but you should have seen her when Gram brought her home: light as a feather, still on meds.

Gram went to the shelter one day to verify if they had a bunny.

The silly woman should not go there!!

Now she comes in and what does she see?

On her left, in the draft and in a filthy cage, a too small kitten.

She asked what was this poor kitty having. They had found her 10 days before in the snow, on the side of the road. Most probably her wild mom lost her while moving her babies. The kitten was no more than 7 weeks old.

She was caked with diahrroea, and on the verge to die, it was obvious. This is when Gram looked at the employees and asked why she hadn’t been washed and put in a warm place! They said they had no sink. She replied but don’t you have running water? They said yes. Then she said but you should have put water in a bucket and clean her and hydrate her!

They were silent. I asked why the vet didn’t take care of her: they told me that the vets rarely came because they could not aford it and that the vets were not doing pro bono things. Gram was sadden.

She told the guy to put straw and hay in a carton box, to give her an old towel and that she would take the kitty. The guy did this than asked for the some $, Gram gave him such a look… She threw a 10 $ on the counter and told them: that is what she is worth and the vet bill I am going to get will be for hundreds of dollars so,…

They told her to take her.

Gram meanwhile had her car started, warm and drove straight to the vet. They know her. They love her: she brings to them an important source of income..lolol

They took the lil kitty in emergency. Gram had tests run on the kitten for ringworm, etc and told the vet to keep her in quarantine for a couple of days. Which they did. But on the Saturday morning, they phoned to have our permission to do another stool sample exam.

The thing is, Gram hadn’t told GRAMP yet about the lil kitty girl coz she was not sure it would survive. So GRAMP answers the phone while Gram is in dreamland when suddenly she feels a lil tapping on her shoulder: Gramp was holding the phone.

He said:” it is for you, the vet wants to know if he can do another test on our FEMALE kitten”….

Gram was caught bright red like a little girl, for 5 minutes: she answered the phone and then Gramp , smiling (he knows his wife) said: you wanna tell me about the female kitten I know we don,t have? See, the two cats we had were

Gram told him the whole story and of course, Gramp shook his head then said: “let’s go see that girl”.

Gramp , of course (Gram knows her husband) felt in love with her the minute he set eyes on Félicité.

And this is why she got that name too because she brings so much felicity to this household!

She is now in good health, thanks to the vet, a couple of hundreds of dollars of care and a lot of TLC.

She will remain smaller though: probably her growth has been stopped by all this misery she had before. So she is a Dwarf Domestic Kitty:) She weighs about 4 pounds:) And will remain this small:)

And I love my kitty:

We play tag, hide and seek, nag the dog , racing and we love to groom each other and nap together:)
That is the story of my sister Felicity:) and she is my best friend!

Noisette Bunny Graceful Lily

n.b.: this story is true and all actors in the story are real and nobunny has been harm during the story process:)