An Oma arrived very early this morning at our house.

I have to explain: an Oma is an old person, the mother of Gramp, and the Grandmother of Little Girl.

She smells different from the house here. She fire! I think it’s that…

Gram started to giggle when I wrote that (the woman keeps upsetting me these days…): she said it is because Granny smokes. Smokes? SMOKES? GRANNY IS ON FIRE??? CALL THE POLICE/FIRE STATION/ALARM/ALARM!!!!

Gram hold me close to her heart as mine was racing. She calmed me down but she can’t wipe that smile off her face (maybe I should nip her..). She said some people put a piece of white hay filled with special hay in their mouth , set the tip on fire (already this sounds pretty insane) and inhale the smoke.
She said these persons are called smokers. That usually these persons began smoking at a very young age, before they knew it was something dangerous to do for their health. Gram told me that even her was a smoker before ( that explains a couple of things…). And that it is very very extremely hard to stop smoking. Smokers try to stop smoking and don’t always succeed, just like me trying to resist a piece of nanner except the nanner is good for one’s health. We have to understand and help them.

Gram said that Granny is now close to her 80’s ( I thought we were in the 2000’s???) and is not likely to change her habits now.

I asked if she could get sick from it? Gram said, it could be or not : you never know. She said that at the age of Granny, she can do whatever she wants, even wear a red hat if she wants…that one, I don’t get… She wanna be Santa? Humans talk in parables…

She said Oma is a very special dear Lady and that she is an elder ( ooooooooo, that I get, she is like a chief in a burrow filled with buns!!) and she is the mother of my Grandpa!

An Oma seems a very funny thing:) She doesn’t look like Grandpa, but Gram shown me something: pictures of Oma when she was a young girl. I said: but that is LITTLE GIRL, NOT OMA!!! Gram smiled (there she goes again!) and said it is because Little Girl looks like Granny a LOT. That one day, Little Girl will look like Oma is looking now.

I now looked at Oma, then at Little Girl and I UNDERSTOOD!

Oma is a Little Girl hidden in a Oma body:) So an Oma is a Little Girl too!!

Boy, I hope she loves bunnies:) Coz I wanna be friend with her:)

She calls me konijnje : ko-nine-yeh..means tiny bunny Gram said. I like Oma:)

signed: Noisette, the Dwarf Rex Bunny