Two cute white tiger cubs were born at Lowry Park Zoo last October. They are now venturing into the public, giving morning visitors at the zoo a glimpse, if they are lucky, of the rare baby tigers.

The 7-week-old cubs were kept safely behind closed doors until they started exploring more of the Asian Gardens area. Their mother and father, Nikki and Yala, are with them and keep a close watch on their babies.

The family is doing really fine, the cmother bonding with her cubs is a beautiful thing to witness. As the babies grew older,the zoo staff has begun the process of offering access to the outdoor world, in a yard they have for them, for short intervals as the family establishes a new pattern of behavior.”

The cubs, which have yet no names, a male and female, are the second litter for that mother (Nikki) at the zoo. Born on the 4th of October, the male cub weighed 3.6 pounds and the female cub 2.5 pounds.

Even if the mother and father are an established couple, zoo officials say, Yala , the father of the babies, will be separated for the time being from his cubs for their safety.

The cubs recently have been allowed and presented into the public exhibit for periods of time kept short with zookeepers present, said Rachel Nelson, a spokeswoman for the zoo.

“Some guests have gotten a sneak peek by walking by the exhibits during those moments,” Nelson said. The cubs “appear to be adjusting well and will start a regular routine this week.”

White tigers originate from Bengal tigers and are not albinos.

“They have blue eyes, a pink nose and white fur covered with chocolate-colored stripes,” according to the zoo. “Wild white tigers are very rare because their white coats provide poor camouflage, making them easily spotted by prey.”