A HEDGEHOG who had this very new surgery consisting in rebuilding its face has recovered completely and has been sent back home to her babies.

The operation was carried out by Dr Jonathan Hadley. The surgery is thought to be the first one done in such a local place. The hedgehog had its surgery at Buckley House Vets Surgery, in Hucknall, last month.

Mrs Robinson’s, the name of this lucky lady hedgehog, had her face ripped off and the decision to perform surgery was made to give her an extra chance for being reunited with her six little babies.

“She is doing very well and met up with her hoglets today. Her graft is healing in a splendid way and she has also just got over a bout of the flu.”, Mr Hadley said.

Lady hedgehog was returned to the Cedar Wildlife Sanctuary located on Cedar Avenue in Kirkby-in- Ashfield today. Mrs Robinson will be looked after during the long winter months that are coming up.