MUMBAI: A thief who agilely climbed the walls of a six-storied building to steal from a flat on the 5th floor lost his balance when a dog
barked at him. The thief who fell from a height of about 50 feet is now trying to make sure he didn’t steal his own life away at Sion Hospital.

These events occurred on Thursday, in the morning, at Govandi’s Kinjal Housing Society: the Prem Jyot Complex. “The complex has 15 housing units and mainly occupied by people belonging to high income group. The thief, who managed to clamber up with the help of window grills, had managed to reach the fifth floor and was resting on a concrete slab below the window when advocate Raymond Monteiro’s Pomeranian started barking,” told us senior inspector of Shivaji Nagar police station, Shivaji Nimhan.

Monteiro, in his declaration, told the police that at first,he thought that the dog may have spotted a cat. “But when our pet kept on barking continuously, I and my family members decided to open the window. We were shocked to see a man crouching on the concrete slab below,” Monteiro’s said.

“When the thief realised that he had been spotted, he may have tried to climb down and escape. However, he lost his control and fell down,” Nimhan said.

The security guard on duty, Hari, who saw a person in the pool injured, blood flowing around her, alerted the police. Some policemen then rushed the man to Sion hospital. “He is admitted to the ICU and has sustained multiple fractures,” the police said.

The guard said he was on his night rounds when he listened and heard a loud thud. Nimhan said, “A case of attempt to commit theft will be registered against him once he recovers. We are trying to gather details about the thief’s identity.”