If all dogs really do go to heaven, their final resting place would probably involve lots of tasty treats, squeaky toys and mailmen to chase, among other doggie favorites. But nowadays, a pooch’s paradise is not far from Earth.

Today, pet owners can buy just about any toy, goody or gadget that suits their furry friend’s fancy. Nothing demonstrates this better than the Global Pet Expo, an annual pet industry trade show, which was held in late February in Orlando, Fla.

Closed to the public, the event offers pet merchandise buyers the chance to explore all kinds of pet products, from the best-tasting treats to self-cleaning litter boxes.

Who better to promote the pet pampering industry than America’s favorite Collie, Lassie? The latest incarnation of Timmy’s best pal made an appearance at the expo as the official spokesdog for Lassie Natural Way’s line of all-natural ingredients dog food. With her was veterinarian and “pet parenting specialist” Jeff Werber, host of an upcoming American Public Television series “Lassie’s Pet Vet.”

“When you think about it, Lassie really started the whole trend of people bonding with their pets,” says Werber, whose show will feature stories about people and their dogs.

Without a doubt, famous pets receive special treatment and attention, but they aren’t the only ones. According to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, people are spending more on pet services and products. Last year, consumers spent $38.5 billion. This year the tally is expected to top $40 billion.

The APPMA says the reason for such an increase is not only because people are adopting more pets, but also because they are treating them more like members of the family. Health products such as special foods, sports drinks and supplements are big trends in the industry.

Safety also is a major concern of pet owners, and many are buying devices such as the Tru-Fit Smart Harness, a seatbelt for dogs. For people who don’t want to lose their dog in the dark, Lisa Speroni invented a glow-in-the-dark pet ID collar.

Other new products:

– When venturing out for a walk, there are Doggles, 100 percent UV protective sunglasses made especially for dogs. Good luck trying to keep them on, though.

– Cat lovers can keep their kitties safe, too. The Cat’s Den pet enclosures keep feline friends from running in front of cars with tunnel-like cages that can lead outdoors. The Cat’s Den allows cats to see “the best of both worlds,” without the worry of them running away, the manufacturer says.

– Convenience was another common theme at the expo. Pool Pup makes steps for dogs to climb out of swimming pools. The Bamboo Feed & Toss food bowls eliminate the dinnertime cleaning process. Whether they’re the best way to save the environment is another story, but at least the plastic bowls are recyclable.

– For fish lovers, the biOrb fish bowl likely was the most convenient (and attractive) pet accessory. The makers of the globes say they are self-cleaning.

– Pork Chomps, a new brand of dog treats, offers all kinds of new doggie munchies.

– The expo offered bejeweled and custom clothing for furry critters, a popular choice for people wanting to spoil their pets.

After all, a bowwow with “bling” can put a smile on almost anyone’s face.