There was strange discovery in east Lubbock late Monday morning, when Lubbock Animal Control received a call that a leopard or cheetah was perched in a tree on East Brown Street.

The call came from the 1800 Block of E. Brown Street. When animal control arrived on scene, they found the large cat sitting in a tree.

Animal control tells NewsChannel 11 it’s a bobcat, and our cameras caught them trying to corral the cat. It took them about two hours to get the animal into safe keeping.

bobcat.jpg“The cat was not harmed at all. Animal control did a very good job taking this cat into custody,” Director of Lubbock Animal Service Kevin Overstreet said.

Overstreet tells us the cat will not be placed at the shelter. He says they’ll most likely keep it at a private facility for exotic animals that they contract with.

Overstreet tells us they had an expert check out the bobcat. He says it was malnourished, and may have come into the city looking for food.