A 75-year-old woman who felt threatened by a wild cat rented a trap for $55 and caught the animal.

But what’s in the cage? A rogue feline or a cat who just needs affection? A Cedar City animal-control officer compared it to Morris, the cat who appeared in TV commercials for pet food.

“There’s nothing wrong with that cat,” Lisa Haller said. “He’s a wild cat, but he’s not a rabid cat. … If we can adopt it out, we will.”

A maintenance man at the apartment building where the cat was captured won’t be taking him home.

“It looks like something out of ‘Pet Sematary,'” said Jason Murray, referring to the 1989 horror film.

Nola Burkitt said she trapped the cat after it jumped through an open window last week and attacked her cat.

“I made a lot of noise and chased it out the door,” she said. “Ever since then, I’ve been locked in my house. … I’m glad to get rid of that thing.”