THERE are plenty of kangaroos in South Australia but not many of them like cider, playing footy, watching TV and sitting at the table for breakfast.

But Beemer, the red kangaroo, does. Each morning he eats a plate of grass with a side of Vegemite toast watched by his adopted mum, Julianne “Julz” Bradley, in her Glendambo home in the Far North.

He also loves dry cider but Julz – who saved him after a road accident 18 months ago – doesn’t let him overindulge. Something he’s allowed to do every day is to muck about with a football, his favourite pastime.

On Tuesday nights, Beemer has a nap after dinner and wakes up in time to watch his favourite TV show, Skippy, which is on very late.

“He just stands there and watches it. He relates to it, he loves the theme music and dances to it,” said Julz, 50, who lives alone.

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