Stories of survival for a horse, a dog and a cute cat

Have you ever wondered what happened to a certain animal whose story of triumph or tragedy you read in The Province?

To satisfy your curiosity, we caught up with three famous fur-bearers: a prancer, a pooch and a pussycat.


Snowmobilers were stunned to come upon two abandoned horses huddled together in a remote area of Mount Renshaw just before Christmas 2008. In the 12 days that followed, volunteers from nearby McBride and BC SPCA cruelty investigators toiled long hours in heavy snow shovelling a one-kilometre trench so that Sundance, a 14-year-old Belgian/quarter horse gelding, and Belle, a three-year-old mare, could walk to safety. The horses were finally freed on Dec. 23, 2008.

“He is the absolute love of my life,” says Catie Ward, Sundance’s new guardian.

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