By LaMoine Roth

As the time draws closer to moving the cat sanctuary to the new Adopt-A-Pet building, I have spent many hours reflecting on these past 12 years. I have thought of the total commitment that it takes to do this, the genuine love for animals, knowing that you are not “saving” the world but knowing that you are making a difference not only to the cats and kittens that have been brought into the shelter but also the people that you have dealt with in all of those years. The many wonderful people who rescue these cats from roadside ditches, hiding under cars in parking lots, even along lonely river banks. These are the people who make up for the other people who leave their cats in ditches, parking lots and along lonely river banks. They go out of their way to stop and pick up a cardboard box full of tiny kittens, they see a kitten hovering close to the center line of a lonely stretch of blacktop, they stop and scoop it up. They come to my door all hours of the day and evening. They not only rescue the cat but are most often generous with a donation to care for the cat or kitten that they have rescued.

The relinquished cats are another aspect of the shelter. Many are relinquished for selfish reasons, too busy, we’re moving can’t take him/her along, etc., but there are many that are for heart wrenching reasons. In the last month I have had one lady who was moving to an assisted living and she could only take one of her two cats.

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