As a La Cañada resident walked across her backyard on Sunday she noticed something she had never seen before, a bobcat staring back at her.

“I was just going out to do some yard work,” said Athel Herman, who lives in the 500 block of Knight Way. She first noticed her neighbor’s cat and walked over to say hello to the pet. Then, she noticed a bobcat who was enjoying the cool shade under some nearby grapevines. Herman froze. She wanted to stay with the neighbor’s cat, not knowing what the bobcat might do if it was left alone. Then, another neighboring cat came over to her, also seeking affection.

Herman and the two domestic pets, as well as the wild cat, all sat there in her backyard watching each other for a while, then the bobcat just got up and walked away.

“I don’t know how the bobcat left, it may have gone through our fence or over it,” Herman said.

Herman had never seen a bobcat in the area before but was told by a friend that they have been seen on the riding trials that crisscross La Cañada. Although the encounter was calm, she worried about the children in the area.

“I am close to Paradise Canyon Elementary,” Herman said.

She wants La Cañadans to know that bobcats have been known to attack people and they are out there and walking through neighborhoods.