Celebs like Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton and Rihanna have set a trend for fluffy fliers, appearing for boarding carrying the latest designer travel bag complemented by its very own designer doggie. Given the global inclination towards all things celeb related, pet lovers everywhere are following in their flighty footsteps. And why not – if the stars can travel with their pups why shouldn’t you?

Cheapflights.co.uk, the UK’s leading flight price comparison site, guides consumers with its Flying with Pets tips page comprising the ins-and-outs of flying with pets.

The page includes details of obtaining a pet passport under the PETS scheme which allows animals from certain countries entry into the UK without a six month quarantine period. Provided they have been micro chipped, vaccinated and blood-tested, they will be cleared for travel and issued with their very own EU passport, a process which can take up to seven months.

Moreover, depending on the traveler’s airline of choice, pet frequent flier programs are also available. Virgin’s Flying Paws allows animals to win gifts for themselves and air miles for their owners, while other international airlines such as British Airways, KLM, and Lufthansa allow pets either on board or in the hold (depending on airline policy and pet size). Cats and dogs are the most widely accepted travel companions, however Virgin Atlantic will take ferrets and American Airlines accepts birds during domestic flights.

Nadine Hallak, Travel Expert for Cheapflights.co.uk says, “Owning a pet is similar to having a child, they are an integral member of the family and just as precious. So if you’re like me and can’t leave home without your favorite fur ball, call the airline before flying to reserve your pet’s travel and check which animals they allow. Travelers may also want to find out whether pets can go as hand luggage or not – some owners may not want their canine classified as cargo.”

Cost-wise there are always administrative charges, and if you’d like to go the low-cost airline route, try Flybe and Germanwings who allow pets in the hold.

For more information have a look at Flying with Pets. And if you’re ringing round to book your pet’s ticket, you won’t want to waste time with an automated telephone service. Speak to a human being and take advantage of Cheapflights.co.uk’s Telephone Cheat Sheet.