… when so called miracle instruments/objects/products as-seen-on-tv are presented to me.
I am the sort of person, like many of you I am sure, who thinks right away: “yeah, right, like this is *the* miraculous next thing that will work”.
I’ve been looking online at a lot of advertisements and pub and even read through and through at the site where they sell THE FURminator.
Since I was skeptic, there was just one thing to do: order one and see if the thing really does the good deshedding it was supposed to do.
I was extremely and happily surprised that this brush/deshedding tool (whatever you want to call it) is really really doing the job!
Not only did it took massive amounts of shedding hair out of my pet’s fur but it also did it in less time than when I used another type of comb.
I posted here on the blog a video showing how it worked on our Siberian Husky, Amarok. You will see that I am just a regular person, very happy with the tool she got and the result she obtained while using The FURminator.
I was so happy I also used it on my long haired cat, Mimi. And it worked as well! I know the FURminator comes in different sizes as well. Maybe a medium one would have been more appropriate to get the job done on this cat here. I’ll let you be the judge of that.

p.s.: there is going to be a few places where I talk French: what can I say, the Quebecer in me resurface naturally:)
p.p.s.: pour les québécois qui liront mon blog: ça marche en bebitte cet outil-là!