Baltimore’s animal shelter is cutting its adoption fees for the holidays, hoping it will entice people to adopt more pets and for the animals, meaning finding nice homes.

“We’re being inundated with healthy, adoptable animals,” said Jennifer Mead-Brause(She is the executive director of Baltimore Animal Rescue & Care Shelter).

Adding to the usual number of all kinds of animals that end up at the shelter, more pets are being surrendered because people can no longer afford to keep them, she said.

Through Dec. 31, the shelter has waived adoption fees for dogs and cats that are 2 years and older, and is offering dogs and cats ages from 7 months to 2 years for $10.
The poor economy has presented a double problem: Fewer people are adopting animals, and smaller rescue groups, facing financial difficulty, cannot afford to take in as many of the shelter’s animals as they normally would, she said.

Mead-Brause said ideal adopters are people who have already been talking about getting a pet and want to make a careful decision on adopting.

And, for those who are uncertain about choosing a pet for someone else, the shelter will offer a gift certificates with the same reduced rates.

Remember: an animal is a long time commitment and you shouldn’t make an hasty decision.