Some people are just back from the barn where they keep abandoned animals in a town east of Québec City. They do not have the S.P.C.A. It is the same man who is in charge and most probably the same crew since the 80’s they said.
There were only 4 dogs and about 1 dozen of cats, 2 gerbils and 1 mouse:)
Ii always make us smile and happy to know that in some places, animals have more chances of being adopted. Makes us have hope in the human kind.

They did their donation for this year: they brought them (from their list of needs):
cleaning material,
rubber gloves,
dog and cat collars and leaches,
dog and cat treats,
bun treats,
polar fleece blankets,
and a few other things they mentioned but I forgot.

I hope this example will inspire people all over this planet . This is amazing what people can do when they set their mind to it!

At GOODANIMALNEWS, We do what we can and add our drop, and that drop is important in the sea of goodness!