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What a shaggy sheepdog tale!

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The lamb raised alongside springer spaniel who thinks he’s a canine:


A sheep that was rescued as a lamb and brought up with a springer spaniel is now convinced he is a sheep dog.
Jack is so sure he is a canine he fetches sticks, wears a collar and a lead, jumps up on his hind legs and even tries to bark.
The six-month-old pet doesn’t even recognise his own species and tries to herd sheep when he is put in the field with the rest of the flock.

Read more here (photos too and a video)

Patches the Coolest Horse

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by Laura S.

On a Tuesday afternoon, there’s no better spot than the garbage dump. The smell of rotting trash and mud on my boots are quickly overpowered by the yearning to begin a rescue operation. You see, garbage dumps offer a place of survival for dogs and cats who have no home, no food and no safe place to go. No matter where you live in this world, if you pay a visit to the dump, you’re bound to find them there. And if the animals are lucky, really lucky, perhaps you’ll have the heart to do what we do. Please enjoy this account of one little garbage dump dog who repaid his adoptive “mom” in the most extraordinary way.

The Rescue Begins for Buddy The Garbage Dump Dog

Read more here (picture too!)

Cats are known as selfish, dogs as loyal, fishes as dull. What about rabbits? Rabbits are superheroes!
Anchorage, Alaska, night. A house full of smoke and only one animal ready to do what needed to be done.
The brave home rabbit woke up his owner by scratching her chest, and when she realised the house was full of smoke woke up her daughter and fled the house (with the rabbit).

Read more here ( plus photo of our hero)

Visitor – Bird

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Birds are also very interesting little creatures.

Visitor - Bird


He might have been a little down in the whiskers after arthritis left him unable to get up the garden fence.
But this cat is now on top of the world since his owners built him a special spiral staircase to help him get out on the tiles.
Now Tom the ginger Tabby will be able to join the rest of his feline friends in style thanks to the contraption, which helps him get up the eight-foot fence.

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